10 Best Seeds For Speedruns In Minecraft 1.20

10 Best Seeds For Speedruns In Minecraft 1.20

Speedruns in Minecraft will be tough with out utilizing the perfect world seeds to generate the sources you have to to achieve the Ender Dragon sooner than anybody else. The proper seed may let you could have the fitting Stronghold near your spawn or be near beginning tools with out having to mine for it. The 1.20 replace has included much more distinctive environments that will enable you get to the credit quick.

One key to speedrunning comes from touring to the Nether quick by harvesting Obsidian blocks from lava and water interacting with one another. That is so you may craft sufficient Eyes of Ender from Blaze Rods in Minecraft to activate the Finish portal discovered within the Stronghold. The very best seeds for quick runs can have swimming pools of lava you need to use to construct a Nether portal, which teleports you near Blaze mobs while you journey between dimensions.

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10 Cherry Blossom Village

  • Seed
    : -1954962231574696778

Villages are all the time useful for a Minecraft speedrun since some homes have chests with helpful sources. This seeds spawns you within the new Cherry Blossom biome near a small settlement with a home belonging to a Blacksmith, an vital mob to seek out for his or her uncooked supplies. Iron, Gold, and an Iron Sword will be discovered right here to jump-start your journey with sufficient supplies to interrupt Obsidian blocks for a fast Nether portal.

9 Ruined Lava Portal

Minecraft Ruined Lava Portal for Easy Speedruns in Specific World Seed
  • Seed
    : -569919664172379455

One other village will be discovered close to the spawn location of this seed, however the principle attraction here’s a small mattress of Obsidian blocks organized to resemble a Nether portal in a pool of lava. Positioned above floor, your personal Obsidian from chests within the village can be utilized to make a portal from the already-arranged blocks. In the event you convey some water and iron instruments, you’ll have a approach to the damaging fireplace realm very quickly.

A part of the ruined portal is constituted of Crying Obsidian, which sadly can’t be used as a chunk to assemble an precise gateway to the Nether. Fortunately, an Iron Golem mob discovered close to spawn from this seed will enable you get iron instruments to mine the opposite blocks.

8 Desert Temple Ruins

Minecraft Desert Temple Ruins found in one of the Best Speedrun Seed Worlds
  • Seed
    : 638141143732715702

Whereas it could not seem like it at first, this seed holds virtually something a Minecraft speedrunner may want, in keeping with content material creator TheAetherGamer. Once you seem in a savannah/desert hybrid biome from spawn, journey to a close-by Desert Temple hidden within the sands. From right here, you’ll discover not less than three chests containing quantity of Iron and different sources that can assist jumpstart your run.

7 Icebound Blacksmith Village

Minecraft Icebound Blacksmith Village Seed Chest Containing Obsidian for Speedrun
  • Seed
    : -2095471597570576945

These searching for a village devoted to Blacksmith mobs will succeed by way of this seed, which spawns them in a snow-covered space with the situation they need proper throughout a frozen lake. Chests right here maintain 5 Obsidian blocks in Minecraft, the quantity you have to to finish close by Nether portal ruins in the identical biome. There’s even one other chest at these ruins with a Flint & Metal to assist activate the portal.

6 Desert Pillager Outpost

Minecraft Desert Pillager Outpost from World Seed with Resources for Speedrun
  • Seed
    : 4621516844364984175

Pillager Outposts are normally too harmful to contemplate for speedruns, however the Iron Golem trapped in a cage at this seed’s bandit den allows you to keep away from any threat. Merely assault and kill the Golem with out frightening enemy mobs to gather some free Iron in Minecraft. As well as, one other Blacksmith Village accommodates virtually 14 Obsidian blocks with half a set of Iron Armor that can assist you towards enemies within the Nether.

5 Twin Iron Villages

Minecraft Village Home from World Seed with Two Settlements Filled with Iron for Speedruns
  • Seed
    : -822484008302087253

The winter forest you end up in utilizing this seed locations you in not one however two Blacksmith villages positioned proper subsequent to one another. The mixed sources present in each areas are staggering, with virtually a full set of Iron armor, Iron instruments, and Iron ingots you need to use to craft different gadgets. Digging down right here in Minecraft additionally reveals a big lava pool that shall be an ideal begin to constructing your Nether portal.

4 Sunken Treasure Ship

Minecraft Sunken Ship Filled with Treasure Spawned from Speedrun World Seed
  • Seed
    : -2835955152058382683

Underwater treasure can usually be uncommon in Minecraft, however this seed ensures you’re close to a destroyed vessel as quickly as attainable. From spawn, you may be close to a typical village with every part you might want to go swimming for the chests inside the ship beneath the physique of water proper beneath the grassy biome. Stuffed with Iron and as soon as once more near a supply of lava, this seed has one thing ingredient to your speedrun.

3 Home of Diamonds

Minecraft World Seed with Blacksmith House full of Diamonds for Speedruns
  • Seed
    : 6790734861381482413

Instantly from spawn on this seed, your character shall be inside a village, just about proper on high of a Blacksmith’s home in Minecraft. This will get you off to an ideal begin, with the chest inside this house having three Diamonds and a number of Obsidian blocks. With a lava pool shut by, the Diamonds can be utilized to craft the strongest armor within the sport to maintain your self alive as you problem Blazes and, ultimately, the Ender Dragon.

2 Isle of Buried Treasure

Minecraft Buried Treasure found in World Seed Under an Isle with Items for Speedrun
  • Seed
    : -821696136519134748

Whereas anybody utilizing this seed may suspect the 7 Obsidian blocks and 2 Diamonds discovered at a Blacksmith village to be the principle spotlight, there may be way more to this world. Three buried chests will be found across the island you spawn on with treasure past a speedrunner’s wildest desires in Minecraft. 4 extra Diamonds, 6 Gold, and 44 Iron Ingots make up the loot from these containers, a superb discover in any world.

One more reason why this seed is wonderful for speedruns in Minecraft is how one other village has not solely a lava pool for a simple Nether Portal however the location of the Nether fortress previous the rift between dimensions. Constructing your Portal within the second village places you subsequent to the Nether fortress, letting you farm Blaze Rods to your coronary heart’s need.

1 Bastions of Nether Loot

Minecraft Nether Treasure Bastion in World Seed Best Used for Speedruns
  • Seed
    : 3120335704963501264

There is no denying this world seed is the perfect for a speedrun, with 4 Blacksmith villages inside arm’s size from while you spawn. Almost each useful resource you may ever want is obtainable straight away, with two buried treasure chests offering round 5 Diamonds to reap. Even while you construct your Nether portal in any one of many villages, the Fortress shall be very near the place you teleport in Minecraft.

Nonetheless, there are much more by way of two Piglin Treasure Bastions discovered across the Nether Fortress that provide up much more supplies to your inevitable encounter with the Ender Dragon. A full set of Diamond armor is awaiting you at these areas, providing you with essentially the most highly effective protection within the sport. Anybody making an attempt for his or her finest speedrun of Minecraft can have no bother beating the ultimate boss with the sources discovered on this seed.

Supply: YouTube/TheAetherGamer

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