10 Biggest Rick Grimes Fails In The Walking Dead

10 Biggest Rick Grimes Fails In The Walking Dead


  • Rick’s crafty methods usually led his group to security, however he nonetheless had some huge fails that brought on issues for his group.
  • Not all of Rick’s failures had been his fault, as some plans had been foiled by sudden circumstances or different individuals’s incompetence.
  • Regardless of years of survival, Rick’s failures present that people nonetheless make errors, even the fearless and smartest survivors.

All through The Strolling Lifeless, Rick Grimes usually led his group to security by means of his crafty methods; nevertheless, even he had some huge fails. At some stage in the present, Rick was seen as some of the fearless and smartest survivors in all the franchise. As time went on, he turned extra ruthless and strategic, with loads of quotes proving Rick was The Strolling Lifeless’s greatest chief. Regardless of this, he nonetheless managed to have loads of fails all through the present, typically pondering too emotionally or having plans foiled by sudden circumstances. The sequence’ protagonist has proven that regardless of years of survival, people nonetheless make errors.

Not each failure proved to be Rick’s fault. Usually his plans would have labored had it not been for another person’s incompetence, but Rick was the one it could all backfire on. Whereas he cannot be blamed for all of them, Rick Grimes wasn’t with out his dumb selections that usually brought on huge issues for his group, be it instantly or down the road. Given the accountability placed on his shoulders, it’s no shock Rick had his share of failures. Whether or not the errors had been his or not, Rick is usually pressured to take the blame. Listed below are the worst instances he screwed up.

10 Rick’s “No Means Out Escape” Plan

Ron holding a gun in The Strolling Lifeless No Means Out

The high-risk diploma of Rick’s “No Means Out” plan makes it top-of-the-line within the sequence. Protecting themselves in walker guts to sneak their method by means of a horde had labored for Rick’s group earlier than, this time was somewhat totally different, nevertheless. Sam’s scared nature causes him to have a breakdown in the course of the horde, leading to his dying in addition to Jessie’s. Ron then attracts a gun on Rick after watching his mom and brother die, blaming Rick, who additionally killed his father. When he goes to fireside, he’s impaled by Michonne’s katana and as an alternative shoots Carl within the eye, cementing this plan as a failure.

9 Main A Horde Away On His Personal In Strolling Lifeless Season 9

Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes during The Walking Dead's bridge scene

After a squabble with Daryl that almost prices each their lives, Rick makes an attempt to guide a horde away from the survivors on his personal. Rick ignores Daryl’s recommendation of luring them to the bridge that might doubtless collapse, stopping the walkers from attending to the group. As a substitute, Rick desires the bridge they constructed to remain intact and tries his personal methodology. This proves to be an enormous failure, as Rick finally ends up impaled and leads the horde away whereas nearly bleeding out. Finally, he is pressured to lure them to the bridge anyway, blowing it up and practically dropping his personal life, being saved by Jadis, who trades Rick to Strolling Lifeless‘s CRM.

8 Leaving Sophia Behind To Deal With The Walkers

Sophie stands in front of a wooden door after being turned into a walker.

In principle, Rick’s concept to distract the walkers from Sophia to permit her escape was an excellent one. In actuality, although, it led to catastrophe. Rick was nonetheless inexperienced on the time by way of combating walkers and with out a weapon, defending Sophia proved extraordinarily tough. With little time to assume, Rick guided the walkers away from Sophia and informed her to return to the freeway. Whereas Rick did efficiently lure the walkers away, Sophia by no means made it again to the group and was bitten as an alternative. This failed plan was made much more heartbreaking when she emerged from Hershel’s barn as a walker.

7 Main The Group To The Strolling Lifeless’s CDC Facility

CDC The Walking Dead

In The Strolling Lifeless season 1, the CDC facility appeared just like the group’s greatest shot at surviving the apocalypse. Because of this, Rick guides the group there, managing to efficiently enter the power the place they met Edwin Jenner. At first, the CDC looks like an excellent location, even permitting the group to bathe and shave. The group quickly finds out that Jenner plans to lure them within the facility and blow it up, believing life within the apocalypse to be pointless. Rick and the remainder of the survivors narrowly escape, whereas Jacqui stays behind, sharing Jenner’s perception. This plan practically price all the group their lives.

6 Herding The Walkers Away From Alexandria

The Walking Dead Walkers reaching for Glenn

That is one other case of a strong Rick plan that failed due to different individuals. An enormous horde of zombies was positioned in a quarry close to Alexandria which Rick needed to herd away from the settlement. After a rock collapses releasing the walkers, Rick has to place his plan in movement early. Having killed Pete, one among Rick Grimes’ biggest enemies, his authority was questioned by the Alexandrians, significantly Carter. Carter winds up dying attempting to execute Rick’s plan which was practically a hit, however an assault from the wolves brought on a horn to go off, luring a few of the walkers proper to Alexandria.

5 Leaving Andrew To The Walkers

markice moore andrew walking dead

For a seemingly minor character, Andrew performed a giant function in The Strolling Lifeless. He triggers the occasions of season 3’s “Killer Inside”, permitting walkers to infiltrate the jail. Whereas he’s killed later within the episode, this all may have been averted had Rick killed him earlier within the season. Having sided with Tomas in “Sick”, Andrew is pursued by Rick, who flees into the courtyard. Slightly than end him there after which, Rick leaves Andrew to be killed by the walkers. Andrew is ready to escape, nevertheless, and his survival brought on T-Canine to be killed by the invading walkers and not directly causes Lori’s dying, Rick’s spouse.

4 Making an attempt To Maintain The Saviors In Sanctuary

Negan leaning on a banister in TWD.

Throughout the All Out Warfare arc, Rick and the survivors lastly appeared to have the higher hand when the Saviors had been trapped in Sanctuary. The Saviors took assets from different communities, permitting Negan to make the Saviors such a big group. When a big group of walkers prevented them from leaving Sanctuary, Rick posted snipers exterior to attempt to maintain them in there. He did not persuade his closest allies this plan was one of the best concept, although, with Daryl driving a truck by means of Sanctuary’s partitions and permitting the horde to invade. The Saviors defeat the walkers and go away Rick bemused as to what occurred.

3 Trusting The Scavengers (Twice)

Rick in underwear and chains, held captive by Jadis and The Scavengers on The Walking Dead.

When Rick was betrayed by the Scavengers the primary time round, it was a shock to everybody. Rick needed to recruit the group to affix their struggle towards the Saviors solely to be betrayed and knowledgeable they’d a greater deal. This made it much more stunning when Rick tried as soon as once more to persuade the group who could not be trusted to modify sides. The Scavengers as soon as once more betray Rick and the survivors, turning their weapons on them throughout All Out Warfare’s large battle. This was one among Rick’s worst selections in all the sequence and highlighted how even this far into the apocalypse, he was nonetheless able to huge failures.

2 Making an attempt To Negotiate With The Governor

The Governor holds his gun in The Walking Dead

When The Governor killed Hershel in The Strolling Lifeless season 4, it was an indication that nobody was protected. Whereas it was one of many present’s most memorable moments, it was a reminder of Rick’s naivety again within the early seasons. After a battle stemming practically two seasons, all of it climaxed when The Governor rolled up the jail with a tank and Hershel as a hostage. Rick tried to carry peace, giving a speech that indicated they might all stay on this world collectively with none bloodshed. Making an attempt to attraction to The Governor’s humanity, nevertheless, proved an enormous mistake as he referred to as Rick a liar and killed Hershel immediately, sparking conflict.

1 Attacking The Saviors Outpost In Strolling Lifeless Season 6

Negan threatens people with Lucille in Walking Dead.

When Rick assaults a satellite tv for pc outpost consisting of the Saviors, he may by no means have imagined the repercussions. In an try and cease the Saviors from discovering them first, the group launches an assault on the outpost. It’s a ruthless assault that ends in success initially till they’re finally discovered by the Saviors. Being lured right into a lure, the group meets Negan for the primary time, who delivers some brutal retribution and kills off two of the sequence’ most vital characters. That is simply Rick’s greatest failure, not researching who they had been messing with and making a conflict with one of many deadliest teams in all The Strolling Lifeless.

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