10 Live-Action One Piece Scenes We Can’t Wait To See In Season 2

10 Live-Action One Piece Scenes We Can’t Wait To See In Season 2


  • Season 2 of Netflix’s One Piece will introduce new Straw Hats, villains, and obstacles, promising an thrilling continuation of the beloved collection.
  • Ace’s entrance in season 2 makes a flashy debut that sees him saving the Straw Hats.
  • Emotional moments like Chopper and Nico Robin becoming a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, in addition to intense fights for Zoro and Sanji, will make season 2 a must-watch.

Netflix’s live-action One Piece units up its story and characters in season 1, introducing viewers to Luffy D. Monkey (Iñaki Godoy) and his quest to turn out to be the Pirate King — however season 2 guarantees to adapt much more thrilling scenes from the beloved anime. The primary batch of episodes see Luffy gathering the preliminary members of the Straw Hat Pirates and defeating Arlong. It is a robust begin for the Netflix collection, however primarily based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga and the One Piece anime, season 2 will likely be even higher.

One Piece season 2 is already confirmed, and it guarantees to introduce new Straw Hats, villains, and obstacles for Luffy on his journey to uncovering the legendary One Piece. If the collection sticks to the supply materials, it ought to not less than adapt the Arabasta Arc within the coming episodes. Contemplating Arabasta is one among One Piece‘s finest arcs, there’s lots to look ahead to. In fact, some scenes spark extra pleasure than others.

10 Ace Saves The Straw Hat Pirates

Luffy’s Brother Is A Extremely Anticipated Character

One character lacking from Netflix’s One Piece season 1 is Portgas D. Ace, Luffy’s chosen brother. Ace is a fan-favorite One Piece character, so his entrance in season 2 is very anticipated. It will be made higher by the truth that he will get to avoid wasting the Straw Hats throughout his first interplay with them. After Luffy will get in between Ace and Smoker — a personality already teased for One Piece season 2 — Smoker and the Marines observe Luffy again to the Straw Hats. Ace makes room for them to flee, marking a flashy debut for the One Piece character.

9 Chopper Becoming a member of The Straw Hat Pirates

Chopper Turns into One Of The Finest Crew Members

Ace is not the one thrilling character becoming a member of the solid of One Piece season 2, and Tony Tony Chopper is a much-anticipated addition to the Straw Hat Pirates. The crew’s physician, who’s half-human and half-reindeer because of a Satan Fruit, Chopper could also be troublesome to convey to life in live-action. Nevertheless, the efforts will likely be worthwhile, as Chopper is a necessary a part of Luffy’s gang. Like most of Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates, Chopper’s recruitment proves additionally extremely emotional. If the live-action One Piece succeeds at bringing Chopper to the small display, his season 2 character arc is sure to be a tearjerker.

8 Nico Robin Becoming a member of The Crew

The Straw Hat Pirates Greet Her With Emotion & Humor

Emotional recruitments aren’t arduous to search out within the One Piece anime, and Nico Robin becoming a member of the Straw Hat Pirates will likely be a heartfelt affair in season 2. On the whole, her introduction will likely be a enjoyable one to witness, as her Satan Fruit powers are among the many most original within the collection. It will be attention-grabbing to see how the live-action present handles her powers, in addition to her journey to redemption. When Nico Robin agrees to affix the Straw Hats, a number of the different members are lower than thrilled. It is a scene that mixes comedy and drama effectively, and with a bit of luck, One Piece season 2 will nail it.

7 Zoro Combating The Baroque Works

This Combat Is Positive To Be Flashy In Stay-Motion

Zoro standing over the Baroque Works agents and holding out his sword in the One Piece anime

One Piece is Mackenyu’s finest anime adaptation, and his efficiency as Zoro is a standout a part of season 1. For sure, it will be thrilling to see Zoro develop as a swordsman because the live-action One Piece continues. And assuming season 2 adapts the Arabasta Arc correctly, viewers will get to look at Zoro tackle 100 Baroque Works brokers on his personal. If achieved effectively, this struggle is sure to be the most effective scenes of One Piece season 2. It additionally units up a later confrontation that is much more gripping.

6 Sanji Combating Mr. 2

The Stay-Motion One Piece Can Play Up The Choreography

Sanji and Mr. 2 fighting in the street and doing flips in One Piece

Zoro will not be the one one with a struggle on his palms early in One Piece season 2, and whereas not one of the different Straw Hat Pirates have confrontations as thrilling as his, Sanji’s face-off with Mr. 2 comes shut. Though Sanji and Mr. 2’s kicking match does not carry a lot emotional weight, it accommodates loads of humor. And if One Piece season 2 handles the choreography effectively, it is prone to be some of the gripping motion sequences of the following outing. Moreover, Mr. 2 will issue into the Straw Hat Pirates’ success in a while.

5 Luffy Shedding To Sir Crocodile

One Piece Season 2 Will Characteristic Luffy’s First Large Loss

Sir Crocodile punches a hole through Luffy's stomach with his hook hand on an orange sky in One Piece

One Piece season 1 largely sees Luffy overcoming the chances, however season 2 will function his first main defeat. Sir Crocodile is poised to be the Large Unhealthy of One Piece season 2, and if the live-action present follows the anime, Luffy will face him a number of occasions within the coming episodes. Sadly, their first struggle does not go so effectively for the Straw Hats’ chief. Sir Crocodile is extremely robust and wields a Satan Fruit that makes it troublesome for Luffy to hit him. The villain leaves Luffy dying within the desert after their preliminary encounter, and it is a harrowing second — although it builds to a satisfying conclusion later.

4 Zoro Combating (And Beating) Mr. 1

Mackenyu Can Elevate This In Stay-Motion

Zoro fighting Mr 1 in One Piece

Zoro’s struggle with the Baroque Brokers is sure to be flashy, however his later face-off with Mr. 1 will likely be much more intense. The murderer is a strong Satan Fruit eater, and the truth that Zoro is not capable of slice via metal makes Mr. 1 a large problem for the Straw Hats’ swordsman. Zoro barely survives his encounter with Mr. 1, however that makes it all of the extra satisfying when he is capable of defeat the One Piece villain and take a large step towards his aim of turning into the best swordsman. With Mackenyu’s performing abilities, this scene is bound to hit arduous in One Piece season 2.

3 The Straw Hat Pirates Discovering The Bomb

This Will Be One Of Season 2’s Most Tense Scenes

Pell flies away with the bomb in One Piece

Towards the tip of the Arabasta Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates are tasked with discovering and disarming a bomb earlier than it will probably destroy Arabasta’s palace plaza. The ultimate moments earlier than they handle it are among the many most intense from this arc, and the live-action collection can ramp up the strain. Because the crew fights to assist Vivi attain the bomb, they showcase how far they’ve come as a group. And even after they attain the weapon, it appears all hope is misplaced — till Pell makes a sacrifice and saves the day. This scene is charged from starting to finish, and its live-action counterpart ought to be no completely different.

2 Luffy Beating Sir Crocodile And Liberating Arabasta

An Epic Showdown Will Conclude Season 2

Luffy putting his foot over Crocodile's while fighting in One Piece

The most important and most fun scene to look ahead to in One Piece season 2 is Luffy’s struggle with Crocodile, which concludes with the Straw Hat chief liberating the folks of Arabasta. This end result alone will undoubtedly be emotional, and Godoy’s confirmed he can pull on viewers’ heartstrings through the later episodes of One Piece season 1. Even with out the emotional influence of this struggle, it is an awesome motion sequence that can spotlight Luffy’s development. Luffy’s ultimate confrontation with Arlong might have been considerably anticlimactic in season 1, however his showdown with Sir Crocodile will likely be an epic conclusion to One Piece season 2.

1 The Straw Hats Parting Methods With Vivi

One Piece Season 2 Will Finish On An Emotional Word

Vivi and Karoo will function prominently in One Piece season 2, they usually’ll possible steal viewers’ hearts earlier than the sophomore outing is thru. In fact, this can make bidding farewell to the duo that a lot tougher. On the finish of the Arabasta Arc, Vivi stays behind to assist Arabasta recuperate from its civil conflict. Nevertheless, she’s devastated to say goodbye to the Straw Hat Pirates. Their technique of bidding her farewell is extremely emotional, and it leaves issues on a heartfelt and hopeful observe. That is prone to have the identical influence within the live-action One Piece season 2, ending this chapter of the present effectively.

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