10 Scrapped Lost Plot Lines That Would’ve Changed Everything

10 Scrapped Lost Plot Lines That Would’ve Changed Everything


  • Misplaced suffered from modifications in its authentic plans, resulting in combined reactions from audiences and sure unresolved questions. Operating a TV present for six seasons is a significant problem.
  • Jack’s character was purported to die within the pilot, however the plan modified because of actor availability. His dynamics with Locke created a few of the present’s greatest drama.
  • Kate was initially deliberate to be the chief of the survivors, however the change in plot left her with restricted storylines and criticism for being immature.

Because the present unfolded, it grew to become clear that Misplaced wasn’t deliberate from starting to finish at first, and a few of its earlier concepts would’ve modified the present drastically. For six seasons, Misplaced saved its huge viewers on their toes, always throwing new mysteries into the pot whereas viewers had been nonetheless making an attempt to piece previous ones collectively. When the collection lastly ended, the reactions had been combined, as audiences felt that sure questions hadn’t been resolved.

Find it irresistible or hate it, it is plain that most of the authentic plans for Misplaced fell by way of, and the present suffered in some facets due to it. Operating a TV present for six seasons is a significant problem, and a number of unavoidable elements labored towards Misplaced. Whereas some modifications labored towards the present, different writing choices truly benefited the collection.

10 Jack Was Supposed To Die In The Pilot

Jack Shepherd is the hero of Misplaced, from the present’s opening sequence, to the ultimate battle. Funnily sufficient, J.J. Abrams’ authentic plan was for Jack to die within the pilot, hoping to shock audiences with an early plot twist. Earlier than Matthew Fox starred within the function, Michael Keaton was truly within the function. After the plan to kill off Jack was modified, Keaton misplaced curiosity, as he wasn’t into committing to a full TV collection. Jack wasn’t at all times the fan-favorite in Misplaced, however he is undoubtedly integral to the collection, significantly in his dynamics with Locke that create a few of the present’s greatest drama.

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9 Kate Was Going To Be The Chief

Evangeline Lilly as Kate on Lost

When Jack was meant to be killed off, the plan was for Kate to be the chief of the survivors. Following this variation, Jack remained the star of the present, and Kate by no means took on a main management function. Kate grew to become the goal of a lot criticism towards Misplaced, because it appeared like she by no means actually had a lot to do. Actor Evangeline Lilly even expressed that she discovered Kate obnoxious after some time. Kate basically grew to become recognized for her romance plot traces with Jack and Sawyer, and was criticized for being immature and inflicting pointless bother.

8 Claire Was A Surrogate Mom

Jack and Hurley help Claire in Lost

Initially deliberate to be a surrogate mom for 2 mates, Claire’s story modified to her having her personal child, which was to be put up for adoption. Mentioned within the season one DVD extras, the plan for Claire modified someday across the begin of manufacturing. Whereas it looks as if each plot traces would’ve resulted in Claire having to determine to turn out to be a mom, surrogacy would’ve added to the present’s philosophical questions on destiny. Within the collection, Claire had some battle about whether or not she needed to maintain her child. If she was a surrogate mom, she may not have had this battle, however would’ve been compelled into it by circumstance.

7 Ben And Desmond Have been Restricted Roles

Lost Desmond Season 4

Two of the most effective characters in Misplaced, Benjamin Linus and Desmond Hume, had been added in season 2. In accordance with the Official Misplaced Podcast, these additions had been truly solely meant to be on the present for 3 episodes every. Nonetheless, each characters and actors obtained extraordinarily optimistic responses. Ben was introduced again for 5 extra episodes that season, and Desmond returned to be the flashback character within the season 2 finale. With Desmond’s flashbacks, Penny and Charles Widmore had been additionally launched, who would turn out to be extra essential afterward. Whereas episodic tv has its flaws, with the ability to regulate to viewers response mid-season is definitely a optimistic.

6 Nikki And Paulo Had A Greater Storyline

Nikki And Paulo in the jungle in Lost

Nikki and Paulo had been launched to Misplaced in season 3, with the premise that that they had been a part of the survivors camp the entire time. This was met with backlash from followers, as they felt needlessly shoehorned in. Whereas season 3 launched robust characters like Juliet, Nikki and Paulo had been broadly hated, and killed off fairly rapidly. Whereas there was initially a much bigger story deliberate for the characters, their flashback episode “Exposé,” grew to become their remaining look, that noticed the 2 gruesomely buried alive.

5 The Coronary heart Of The Island Was Going To Be A Volcano

The Heart of the Island from Lost

Within the third season DVD extras, Misplaced producers mentioned the episode “The Man Behind the Curtain.” The episode sees Ben’s upbringing for the primary time. Within the episode’s DVD commentary, the island’s volcano was described to be essential. The unique plan was for the Coronary heart of the Island, the glowing cave the place the Smoke Monster is created, to really be within the volcano. On high of that, Jack and the Man In Black’s remaining struggle was purported to occur within the volcano, with magma spewing round them, akin to Lord of the Rings or the Star Wars prequels. This did not occur because of price range causes.

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4 Extra Flashbacks Have been Deliberate

Miles Straume Lost Character Guide

Because the flashbacks of older characters started to develop boring, Misplaced launched new characters to disclose backstories for. Season 4 of Misplaced was reduce quick because of the 2007-08 author’s strike, which sadly resulted within the science crew of Daniel, Miles, and Charlotte all having their flashbacks condensed into one episode. Additionally revealed within the Official Misplaced Podcast, there was a plan for a Rousseau flashback as properly. Whereas Daniel and Miles had their flashbacks in season 5, Charlotte and Rousseau by no means had theirs.

3 Eko Was Supposed To Be Finish Recreation

Mr. Eko on LOST

Mr. Eko was one of the vital fascinating characters launched from the tail-section of Oceanic 815. Initially deliberate to be on the present for not less than 4 seasons, actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje determined to depart the present. Mr. Eko was initially the character that may start having psychic visions, a plot that may ultimately go to Desmond as a substitute. Eko’s supernatural skills had been teased in season 2, when he dreamed of Ana Lucia’s gunshot wounds earlier than discovering out about her dying. The character was meant to have a multi-season arc to find his spirituality, changing into massively essential to the story and island’s mythos.

2 The Smoke Monster Was Initially Mechanical

An image of Eko confronting the smoke monster in Lost

The monster was one of many present’s largest mysteries, each earlier than and after audiences knew what it appeared like. Finally confirmed to be a pillar of black smoke, and later to really be the Man in Black, all audiences initially knew was that it had a definite, mechanical sound. The monster was initially meant to be a mechanical assemble constructed by the Dharma Initiative. Whereas that is definitely neat to ascertain and undoubtedly would’ve constructed on the present’s science fiction parts, the mechanical sound results on a mystical creature are an incredible juxtaposition.

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1 Walt Was Vital

Michael and Walt on a boat in Lost

Probably the most well-known inconsistency in Misplaced is that Walt was made to really feel extremely essential in season 1, then was basically written off the present. Whereas the main points of what Walt’s storyline would’ve been are unknown, he was established in season 1 with the concept he would develop some form of psychic energy. Not like most exhibits the place one season is one yr, the primary 4 seasons of Misplaced solely spanned about 100 days. Walt’s actor, Malcolm David Kelley, had an enormous progress spurt in between seasons, making it troublesome to deliver him again as a daily within the early seasons, as he not appeared 10.

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