12 Funniest Gags & Moments

12 Funniest Gags & Moments

Warning: This text incorporates SPOILERS for Rick and Morty season 7, episode 6.


  • Rick and Morty season 7, episode 6 returned to the present’s comedic misadventures after a darkish and plot-heavy episode 5.
  • The episode featured sharp satirical gags and political commentary, even in its lighter and extra standalone episodes.
  • Rick as soon as once more proved his wit and creativity by fixing puzzles and successful in opposition to adversaries with out relying solely on devices and weapons.

Whereas episode 5 was a show-shaking outing for the sequence, Rick and Morty season 7, episode 6 was a return to wild comedic misadventures for the titular duo. Rick and Morty season 7, episode 5, “Unmortricken,” shook up the present’s lighthearted season with a sequence of untamed revelations. Not solely did Evil Morty return to the sequence, however he helped Rick kill Rick Prime in a bombshell episode that ended a narrative which began again within the present’s season 5 finale. This was an enormous tonal shift after the comparatively foolish early episodes of Rick and Morty season 7, which centered on standalone adventures and largely ignored the present’s lore.

Whereas Rick and Morty season 7 hinted on the Rick Prime plot earlier than “Unmortricken,” few viewers may have guessed the surprising course that the mid-season episode would take the sequence in. Rick and Morty season 7’s future tales may go anyplace after the surprising demise of the present’s main villain, however episode 6, “Rickfending Your Mort,” is way from one other grim, canon-centric outing. As an alternative, this madcap episode noticed Rick audit Morty’s claims about their adventures with some assist from the Observer, an omniscient being who proved to be an actual ache as soon as the method bought underway.

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12 Rick and Morty Revealed Rick’s Destiny After Rick Prime’s Loss of life

Rick’s Response To Rick Prime’s Defeat Was Funnier Than Anticipated

The primary massive chortle in “Rickfending Your Mort” got here within the first moments of the episode’s chilly open. After the ending of “Unmortricken” left viewers to marvel how Rick would react to lastly killing Rick Prime, “Rickfending Your Mort” wasted no time earlier than revealing the reply. It turned out that Rick had been mendacity round getting drunk and blowing raspberries on the storage ground. After the extraordinary ending of Rick and Morty’s Rick Prime storyline, this comically immature revelation was a welcome reprieve from the present’s darker tone.

11 Rick Criticised Policing Issues

Rick & Morty’s Satirical Wit Remained Sharp

As Morty tried to money in his adventures, Rick demanded an audit of the credit that Morty had accrued. This required the providers of the Observer, an omniscient being who may replay these occasions for a price. Rick introduced that the Observer had seen every thing that ever occurred, evaluating him to police physique cams in the event that they couldn’t be turned off earlier than beating up minorities. This darkish gag proved that even Rick and Morty’s lighter episodes characteristic sharp satirical gags and political commentary.

10 Rick & Morty’s Reality Or Dare Journey

Rick Creatively Solved An Age-Previous Riddle

Rick bursts through a door dressed like Blade in Rick and Morty season 7 trailer

Rick’s ingenious answer to the traditional puzzle whereby one guard at all times tells the reality and the opposite at all times lies seems to be asking one whether or not he ever slept with the opposite’s spouse. This instantly brought about some violent in-fighting, proving that Rick actually can depend on his wits when devices and weapons received’t minimize it. After Rick and Morty season 7, episode 5 nearly killed him off, it was a enjoyable shock to see Rick successful once more.

9 “Most Overdrive With Garments”

Rick And Morty Cued Up An Absurd Stephen King Spoof

Rick and Morty recreated Stephen King’s notorious killer automobile quick story “Vans,” tailored because the film Most Overdrive, in one among Morty’s adventures. Nevertheless, they have been attacked by sentient garments as an alternative of sentient vehicles, and spent a lot of the section debating whether or not this was a greater or worse destiny. This grotesque horror film parody was the primary of two Stephen King spoofs within the episode.

8 Rick Recreated His Most Notorious Antics

Rick And Morty Season 7 Mocked the Notorious Pickle Rick

Morty walks away in disgust as Rick reveals he has turned himself into a talking leg in Rick and Morty's season 7 trailer

In “Leg Rick,” Rick repeated his season 3 antics with a gag that clearly parodied each season 3, episode 3, “Pickle Rick,” and the fan base’s response to that well-known episode. What made this self-referential gag work so effectively was the character’s response to his personal joke, as Rick thought “Leg Rick” was as ingenious and hilarious as “Pickle Rick.” The gag additionally recurred later within the episode, failing to sway a jury when Rick and Morty have been on trial.

7 The Observer Turned On Rick And Morty

Rick And Morty Forgot Their Personal Sci-fi Premise

Jerry, Beth, Rick, Morty and Summer having dinner in Rick and Morty season 7

In a traditional Rick and Morty sci-fi parody, the Observer turned on the present’s heroes after they bad-mouthed him within the kitchen. He performed again the footage of them insulting him, which they quickly realized was an inevitability, since they already knew he may see and listen to every thing. Enraged, the Observer then began sowing discord by enjoying embarrassing secret reminiscences involving all of the Smith members of the family.

6 Morty Discovers Rick’s Morty Bets

The Ricks Had A Pool Going On Morty’s Gullibility

Rick in a spaceship in rick and morty season 7 episode 5

In a single mortifying video, Rick satisfied Morty that licking the within of an Apeborg’s nostril was by some means the one strategy to save the day. It quickly transpired that the Ricks had a whole wall of outlandish bets detailing the gross and absurd issues they needed to trick Morty into doing. Whereas Rick and Morty season 7, episode 4 noticed Rick look out for Morty, this reminiscence proves he’s no hero.

5 Rick And Morty Received Caught

Rick And Morty’s Lies Did not Final Lengthy

Rick advised Morty to disguise their unintended homicide of the Observer, just for the scene to chop to a jury filled with different Observers watching this footage. This instantly proved their guilt and prompted Rick and Morty to as soon as once more admit that they didn’t suppose this plan by. Nevertheless, the pair have been nonetheless capable of escape their lethal destiny after being caught.

4 Morty’s Many Weapons

Morty Repeatedly Proved He Could not Deal with Lethal Weapons

Morty holding a gun and looking nervous in Rick and Morty

In an try and persuade the jury they have been well-meaning fools, Rick and Morty’s lawyer introduced a clip of Rick gifting Morty with a so-called “Gorilla Gun.” Each Morty’s Gorilla Gun and Bully Gun ended terribly for him after he misunderstood Rick’s which means, however issues quickly bought worse. When Rick merely gifted Morty a “gun,” it inexplicably turned out to be a weapon that produced a clone of Jeffrey Dahmer and ruined a date with Jessica within the course of.

3 Rick And Morty Performed In The Pet Sematary

Rick and Morty react to a rotting zombie hand rising from the ground

Rick and Morty experimented with bringing issues again to life within the Pet Sematary, finally by accident cooking Benjamin Franklin’s corpse within the course of. Though this clip was meant to exonerate the pair, it ended up simply making them appear to be monsters. Bizarrely, Rick and Morty season 7, episode 4’s post-credits scene already addressed the pair contemplating committing cannibalism earlier within the season, making this macabre gag a callback in addition to a gross-out joke.

2 Rick And Morty Realized Nothing

Rick And Morty’s Ordeal Did not Train Them A Factor

Morty and Rick driving in the ship in Rick and Morty season 7, episode 3

Not solely did the duo’s brush with demise not humble them, however their escape from the Observer led Rick to accompany Morty on yet one more journey. After Rick Prime’s demise, Rick was too despondent for any antics, however the Observer’s demise and their subsequent trial seemingly reignited his love of harmful, irresponsible area adventures. Rick even gifted Morty one other gun for enjoyable, additional reinforcing the concept the pair discovered lower than nothing from their ordeal.

1 Morty’s Churro Story

Morty’s Worst Experiment Price Him Dearly

Akira Morty hovering over the town with military pointing guns at him in Rick & Morty

Morty’s short-sighted resolution to grant his churro sentience ended with the snack vowing to kill him sometime after Rick and Morty deserted it on a distant, desolate planet. This got here again within the post-credits stinger, with the churro lastly monitoring Morty down. Like a lot of Rick and Morty season 7’s post-credits scenes, this weird second made the previous episode’s wild story even weirder.

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