12 Movie Remakes That Were Better Than the Originals

12 Movie Remakes That Were Better Than the Originals


  • Remakes might be nice movies in their very own proper, even higher than the unique, if filmmakers have a real love for the supply materials and put their very own spin on it.
  • Modifications in location, time interval, tone, and movie expertise could make a remake stand out and enhance upon the primary film.
  • Some remakes, like Cape Concern (1991), True Grit (2011), and The Father or mother Entice (1998), managed to surpass the originals by providing a contemporary tackle the story, showcasing proficient actors, and incorporating developments in movie strategies.

Most remakes are wholly pointless and made solely to capitalize off of a beloved first film, however some handle to be nice movies in their very own rights, and even higher than the unique. Whereas it seems like film remakes are a extra fashionable downside, they’ve been round nearly so long as the artwork kind itself. The traditional 1931 Boris Karloff Frankenstein was the second adaptation of the e book, nonetheless, the unique Thomas Edison model has been misplaced to time, so it’s not possible to say which model is healthier.

When Disney does a live-action remake of a traditional animated movie, they usually stick too near the supply materials, making a lukewarm rehash of what has been achieved earlier than. Nonetheless, remakes aren’t inherently a foul concept. When a remake is completed as a result of filmmakers have an actual love for the supply materials and a spin on it, there isn’t any motive why it will probably’t be an amazing movie. A change in location, time interval, tone, and even simply up to date movie expertise could make a remake stand out and enhance upon the primary film.

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12 Cape Concern (1991)

Martin Scorsese has made a handful of remakes all through his decades-long profession, and he at all times manages to by no means make them really feel pointless and repetitive. Whereas Cape Concern shares the identical fundamental construction because the 1962 movie it is based mostly on, Scorsese has such a deep love for the unique that shines by way of in each body. The celebs of the unique even make temporary cameos within the Cape Concern remake. Due to how sensibilities modified within the 30 years between movies, the Scorsese Cape Concern is allowed to be a way more tense and dirty model of the identical story, and it additionally has a terrifying villain efficiency from Robert De Niro.

11 True Grit (2011)

Jeff Bridges with a pistol in True Grit

The unique True Grit is likely one of the finest American Westerns of the ’60s and has a fully unbelievable efficiency from John Wayne. But, the Coen Brothers and Jeff Bridges by some means managed to high it with their 2011 remake. Going for a extra sensible tone consistent with the e book, True Grit is an unbelievable argument for why the Western continues to be a worthwhile style and is quietly one of many Coen’s most trustworthy and emotional films. The film can be the debut of Hailee Steinfeld, in an unbelievable efficiency that rightfully kick-started her stardom.

10 The Father or mother Entice (1998)

The parent trap twin picture

Whereas there’s a sure attraction and nostalgia to the Sixties model of The Father or mother Entice, nearly each component of it was eclipsed by Disney’s 1998 remake. The primary movie directed by rom-com legend Nancy Meyers, this remake proved the once-in-a-generation expertise of not solely its director but in addition its star Lindsay Lohan. Regardless of her younger age, Lohan seamlessly pulls off taking part in separated twins, to the purpose the place it’s simple to overlook there aren’t really two of her. The replace in expertise additionally makes the dual results much more convincing than they have been in 1961 and The Father or mother Entice script continues to age effectively.

9 Invasion of the Physique Snatchers (1978)

Dog from Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Horror is maybe the style most match for a remake, as social anxieties and fears remodel over time giving movies new which means and interpretations. Not counting the handfuls of movies impressed by it, the 1956 Invasion of the Physique Snatchers has been remade three separate occasions. It’s a idea that filmmakers preserve returning to and updating for contemporary audiences. Nonetheless, the most effective model is with out query the 1978 model starring Donald Sutherland. Changing the crimson scare parts of the unique with actually grotesque physique horror and a dreadful sense of paranoia, the ’78 model holds as much as at the present time and has a haunting last shot.

8 Suspiria (2018)

Tilda Swinton in Suspiria

Dario Argento is an icon of horror cinema, and his 1977 movie, Suspiria, is the spotlight of his filmography. What makes the unique nice is Argento’s fashion and filmmaking, so doing a remake with out him looks like a futile gesture. Nonetheless, in 2018, Name Me By Your Title director Luca Guadagnino did the not possible and made a Suspiria remake that was higher than the unique. As an alternative of making an attempt to repeat Argento’s fashion, Guadagnino went the opposite method as a substitute, making a movie so distinct from the unique that the 2 are laborious to match.

Focusing extra on the real-world politics of Nineteen Seventies Berlin, Suspiria is horrifying in a way more oppressive and brutal method than the unique’s dream-like actuality. A rating by Radiohead’s Thom York and Tilda Swinton in three separate roles are simply icing on the cake with this fashionable and scary horror movie. Nearly twice so long as the unique, and with much less mainstream enchantment, 2018’s Suspiria is a remake that may stand utterly by itself.

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7 Scarface (1983)

Scarface Cast & Character Guide

Scarface has taken such an enormous spot in movie tradition, that many individuals aren’t even conscious that it’s a remake. Earlier than changing into the go-to poster to hold in first-year scholar school dorm rooms, Scarface was a 1933 gangster film directed by Howard Hawks. Whereas groundbreaking for the time, the unique isn’t Hawk’s finest movie, neither is it among the finest gangster films of the period. The Brian De Palma remake, nonetheless, is endlessly watchable. Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeifer are film stars for a motive, as they carry the viewers by way of this practically three-hour drug-fueled nightmare, and by some means make the entire thing really feel nearly enjoyable.

6 Ben-Hur (1959)

Ben-Hur horse chariot scene

To not be confused with the 2016 remake of the identical title, William Wyler’s Ben-Hur is the epic to finish all epics. A remake of the 1925 movie Ben-Hur: A Story of the Christ, the ’59 model makes use of each technological development of the primary half of the twentieth century to make a much bigger and higher movie. Utilizing Technicolor and 70mm movie, Wyler manages to make the story of Ben-Hur really feel actually bigger than life. The chariot race sequence alone makes this a worthwhile remake.

5 The Departed (2006)

Vera Farmiga in a doorway in The Departed

One other Scorsese remake that improves upon the unique, The Departed is the American remake of the Hong Kong thriller Infernal Affairs. English language remakes can really feel particularly pointless, as they’re usually simply translations of nice movies for audiences who do not need to watch a film with subtitles, however The Departed is far more than that, taking a good little thriller and increasing it into against the law epic about American regulation enforcement. Scorsese leans into what altering the setting of this story does to the narrative, making The Departed a companion piece to Infernal Affairs as a substitute of a alternative.

4 The Factor (1982)

Kurt Russell holding dynamite in The Thing.

Hatted on the time of its launch, John Carpenter’s The Factor is not solely among the finest remakes of all time, but in addition one of many scariest horror films ever. Carpenter is a large fan of the unique The Factor from One other World, a lot in order that he featured it in Halloween. Nonetheless, whereas remaking it, he determined to go in a special route, making it much less of a typical sci-fi horror film, and extra of a pessimistic thriller with some terrifying physique horror. With a number of the finest sensible results ever put to the display, The Factor has rightfully earned its place within the horror pantheon.

3 Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Ocean's Eleven cast in a row.

The preliminary concept for Ocean’s Eleven is a good one; a light-on-its-feet heist film full of a charismatic forged. Sadly, the Sixties “Rat-Pack” model is a slog to get by way of and is barely notable for its stand-out forged. The Steven Soderbergh remake, nonetheless, makes use of its all-star forged to a lot higher impact. As an alternative of resting on the laurels of its stars, the movie makes use of its personas to craft a genuinely attention-grabbing heist film that’s humorous, charming, and thrilling all on the identical time. With two sequels which are equally gratifying, the 2001 remake is not solely higher than the unique however frankly places it to disgrace as compared.

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2 The Fly (1986)

Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis kissing in The Fly

Initially a corny sci-fi film a few man who switches heads with a fly, David Cronenberg’s remake of The Fly is a a lot deeper and scarier horror film. By making the love curiosity a fundamental character with wishes of her personal, Cronenberg manages to show what was a easy horror film, into a movie with precise concepts on subjects like masculinity, love, and id. Throw in a number of the physique horror Cronenberg is understood for, and The Fly is likely one of the most heartbreaking however thrilling works of sci-fi horror.

1 Warmth (1995)

Al Pacino as Vincent Hanna wielding a gun in Heat

Filmmaker Michael Mann had the script for what would develop into Warmth for years earlier than he acquired to make it. Believing it was the most effective factor he ever wrote, Mann directed a made-for-TV model in 1989 referred to as L.A. Takedown. Whereas they’ve the identical director and lots of identical the dialogue, L.A. Takedown is a mediocre cops and robbers film, whereas Warmth is a masterpiece. With an actual funds, film stars, an R-rating, and twice the runtime, Warmth is the model that Mann had in his head all the time, whereas L.A. Takedown serves as nearly extra of a take a look at run than a correct film.

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