14 Video Game Moments You Don’t Want to Experience Again

14 Video Game Moments You Don’t Want to Experience Again

Video video games, particularly the larger price range ones, have it robust. Not solely have they got to supply hours of leisure, however have to hold you engaged all through. That is most obvious within the openings for sure video games. Many are unskippable and essential for introducing you to the story, gameplay and setting.

Loads are good, however if you’re seeking to replay a sport, whether or not it’s for the second or tenth time, not having the ability to skip these opening bits can get a bit tiring. After all, when the opening is annoying, it’s rather more agonizing.

Listed below are 14 unskippable components in video video games that most likely dissuade you from replaying them.

Episode 0: Prologue: Awakening – Steel Gear Stable 5: The Phantom Ache

The opening hour of Steel Gear Stable 5: The Phantom Ache is a doozy, however instrumental in organising all the story. It sees Venom Snake waking up in a hospital and falling out and in of consciousness. After all, it’s not lengthy earlier than his enemies discover him, first sending Quiet to assassinate him. Happily, a mysterious particular person named Ishmael saves him, and Venom Snake crawls slowly by means of the hallways as chaos erupts within the hospital.

After encountering the Third Youngster and the Man on Fireplace, Venom Snake slowly finds his footing and proceeds to sneak round, evading detection from the enemy. They flee the hospital, securing an ambulance to flee the Man on Fireplace however are assailed by an assault helicopter and enemy troopers earlier than crashing. When issues appear dire, they’re saved by the Third Youngster and a flaming whale (no, significantly).

Earlier than the Third Youngster and the Man on Fireplace can assault Venom Snake (whereas driving their candy flaming pegasus), he’s rescued by Ocelot and given a shotgun to cease their pursuers. The chase runs for some time, and the 2 fall off a crumbling cliff to finish the episode.

Even for example of deft pacing and mixing exhilarating motion with tense stealth, the prologue is one lengthy cinematic set piece. You’re not given full management till the following episode to experiment with the brand new mechanics and sandbox components. Leaping straight into Episode 1 on a brand new playthrough would have been appreciated.

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