15 Amazing PS2 Games That No One Remembers

15 Amazing PS2 Games That No One Remembers

Among the hallowed eras of console gaming, the PlayStation 2 is taken into account one of many best. It introduced us so many acclaimed titles in collection like Metallic Gear Stable, Grand Theft Auto – the checklist goes on.

Nonetheless, a number of different titles, some underrated and others outright ignored, should be remembered. It could possibly be the port of a PC title or that one legendary film tie-in that nobody else remembers. Let’s dive into them.

The Factor

Making an attempt to make an affect within the survival horror style, particularly with juggernauts like Silent Hill and Resident Evil round, is not any simple activity. Nonetheless, The Factor had attention-grabbing hooks, just like the Worry/Belief system. If an NPC believes you have been The Factor, they may assault, however even when not sure, they’d stay distrustful and ignore orders. They will additionally change into scared, lash out, commit suicide or die from coronary heart assaults. It wasn’t good, however The Factor introduced a tense environment with robust environmental selection.

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