15 Coolest Teen Titans No-One Ever Remembers

15 Coolest Teen Titans No-One Ever Remembers

Whereas the Teen Titans is a extremely popular superhero staff finest recognized for being made up of iconic sidekicks, a number of members have taken a backseat in comparison with others. Robin, Surprise Lady, Child Flash, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, and Speedy are remembered simply by followers. Nevertheless, different members would not be in typical prime ten lists — since they’ve by no means actually taken the highlight the way in which just like the others.

Whether or not they’ve been left behind due to one in all DC’s many Crises or simply fallen to the background lately, not all Teen Titans have made it into the most recent DC period. Even when they’ve, it is not going that these members can be remembered as Teen Titans, both due to different associations or modifications in code names. In any case, these heroes often fall to the wayside in DC Comics.

15 Chimera

Debuting in 2015, Chimera (Ra’ut L’lwer) is a comparatively new member of the Teen Titans. Nevertheless, there have been a number of completely different DC characters which have used the title, together with a few villains, a number of characters from New Earth like Adam Sharp, and the precise mythological creature that conjures up the moniker. The Prime Earth heroine on the Teen Titans has solely had eight appearances. She is a shape-shifter, able to imitating talents, with solely a brief stint with the staff. Nevertheless, her being in so few comics makes her an simply forgotten staff member, particularly given what number of completely different Chimeras DC has in its broader universe.

14 Little Barda

little barda in dc comics teen titans

A resident of New Earth, this heroine aspires to be just like the extra well-known heroine who impressed her title: Huge Barda. Whereas Jack Kirby’s character has made a reputation for herself by preventing alongside the Justice League and Birds of Prey, Little Barda has not had almost as a lot success. She joined the Teen Titans and left the staff in the identical concern, which was coincidentally her debut. She finally goes on to grow to be a member of the Titans (and Titans East), however she actually will not be remembered as an influential Teen Titan.

13 Lagoon Boy

lagoon boy in dc comics teen titans

Lagoon Boy shouldn’t be often remembered, and never simply attributable to his brief time on the staff. His existence inside DC Comics as an entire has been brief, along with his most up-to-date look being a part of the Heroes in Disaster occasion. Debuting in 1998 in Aquaman #50, the Atlantean teenager was a member of Titans East, however would finally grow to be a casualty of Sanctuary. The dearth of a return in DC’s latest continuities (and his lack of presence earlier than) suggests he doubtless will not be among the many Titans’ ranks within the close to future.

12 Anima

anima teen titans in dc comics

The Titans East member Anima was launched in 1993, however Courtney Mason died in 2009 inside the pages of Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1. She had a tough begin as a hero; she was initially a part of the Blood Pack, who debuted following the Bloodlines storyline. Able to reworking vitality into energy, Anima struggled to manage her talents however would finally be a part of the Titans East staff — earlier than returning to the Blood Pack and assembly her demise. She has been left in DC’s previous — together with many different Blood Pack members.

11 Bushido

bushido dc comics teen titans

Ryuku Orsono debuted in 2000, however Bushido did not even make it to 10 appearances earlier than the hero’s dying in 2006 throughout the huge Infinite Disaster occasion. He had a brief team-up with the Teen Titans and was within the means of being recruited by the staff. Nevertheless, he was killed by Superboy-Prime throughout a team-up occurring throughout the occasions of Infinite Disaster. The expert swordsman was final seen as a Inexperienced Lantern ring assemble in Blackest Night time #1 in 2009, however has not made every other look since.

10 Hero Cruz

hero cruz dc comics

Numbering among the many heroes who debuted within the Nineties, Hero Cruz started as a member of a cosmic staff referred to as the Ravers, which was led by Superboy. Hero would finally grow to be a member of the Titans Los Angeles staff and used the H-Dial to faucet into super-abilities. This staff was very short-lived, nevertheless, and the Titans moved onto larger operations and new staff iterations. But Hero would not be a part of their later efforts, fading into the background — together with nearly all of the Ravers, who disbanded in 1998.

9 Golden Eagle

Teen Titan Golden eagle dc comics

To not be confused with the Nazi iteration of the character, Golden Eagle was a hero who labored with the Titans West staff earlier than the beginning of the New 52 relaunch. Initially launched in 1975 as a child who pretended he had Hawkman’s talents, Ch’al Andar (Charley Parker) hails from Thanagar and was repurposed in later years to be a teen hero. He wears a fancy dress just like Hawkman’s, however did not preserve his counterpart’s longevity. Golden Eagle’s Titans staff didn’t final very lengthy, and he has since fallen to the wayside with solely uncommon appearances to his title.

8 Solstice

Solstice in DC teen titans

Solstice debuted in 2010, simply earlier than the New 52 relaunch, as a brand new member of the Teen Titans. Although she was current at Sanctuary throughout Heroes in Disaster, she was finally separated from the Teen Titans to affix the Indian superhero staff the Doomed. Like her fellow teammates, she was final seen throughout Doomsday Clock — and briefly throughout Future State — however Solstice has not seen actual motion for a while. Regardless of having somewhat spectacular gentle talents, she has largely been a background participant, which means she’s been left within the Teen Titans’ previous.

7 Child Eternity

kid eternity

Chris Freeman — also called Child Eternity — was a Teen Titan earlier than the New 52 period. He has extra lately been featured in problems with Batman: City Legends and The New Champion of Shazam!, although by no means alongside the Titans. Regardless of these latest appearances, he’s not often remembered as a member of the enduring staff. He formally joined the staff in 2009, however his adventures have largely been unbiased, together with in his solo collection from the ’90s. Whereas he was a giant assist to the staff, he won’t ever be remembered as a significant member of the Teen Titans.

6 Osiris

osiris black adam jr

Black Adam’s inheritor Amon Tomaz took the mantle of Osiris and briefly served as a member of the Teen Titans. He was lively for round 5 years and was current when the Titans staff disbanded simply earlier than the New 52 period started. In any other case, he doubtless would have begun a revenge tour towards them following the dying of Black Adam — so the staff’s finish was doubtless for the higher, even when Osiris hasn’t actually been round since. He is much more related to his father — since he’s Black Adam, Jr. — than he’ll ever be to the Teen Titans.

5 Child Wildebeest / Wildebeest

wildebeest dc comics

Child Wildebeest — or just Wildebeest — was a member of the New Titans staff shortly after his debut in 1992. Like Bushido, he was killed by Superboy-Prime throughout Infinite Disaster. Nevertheless, he spent extra time with the Titans staff earlier than reappearing briefly in Blackest Night time. Sadly, he has little depth as a hero: a genetic experiment carried out by the Wildebeest Society, his existence is intrinsically tied to his presence on the Titans. Regardless of this, he is not often counted as a long-term staple member by most followers.

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4 Pantha

Pantha dc comics

The ultimate Titans member to be killed throughout Superboy-Prime’s assault in Infinite Disaster, Pantha was additionally experimented on by the Wildebeest Society. Like Wildebeest, Rosabelle Mendez appeared as a part of the Black Lantern Corps throughout Blackest Night time, however has in any other case disappeared from DC Comics. Having passed by the title X-24, Pantha appears much more related to Marvel’s X-Males than to DC’s Teen Titans. She left the staff properly earlier than Infinite Disaster, however at the same time as a member her unfavorable angle in direction of her teammates set her aside.

3 Illusion

The first Phantasm in DC Comics' Teen Titans

There have been three Phantasms in DC historical past, however solely the primary was a Teen Titan. Danny Chase debuted in 1987 and was a telekinetic member of the staff till his dying within the early ’90s. He would finally return in a type that mixed him with Raven’s mom and different souls from the alternate dimension Azarath. Whereas this Teen Titan could have been the primary Illusion, he has lengthy since been overshadowed by one other. He is additionally hated by many Teen Titans followers for his crass angle in direction of Jason Todd’s dying. Even when this forgotten Titan is remembered, it is for all of the incorrect causes.

2 Flamebird

Teen Titans Flamebird

Mary Bette Kane has had quite a few aliases, together with Flamebird, Bat-Lady, and Hawkfire. Whereas she was featured lately as Flamebird in DC’s Legion of Bloom #1, she is not finest recognized for being a member of the Teen Titans. As Kate Kane’s cousin, she is usually depicted working alongside Batwoman or Nightwing. Nevertheless, her time within the Teen Titans was confirmed by Darkish Knights: Demise Steel – The Final Tales of the DC Universe #1. Whereas she is a longtime Bat-Member of the family with an extended historical past, her Teen Titan period is overshadowed by every little thing else she has finished.

1 Gnarrk AKA Cave Boy

gnarrk caveboy teen titans

Gnarrk could also be a longtime Titan, however he not often will get the identical love as his teammates. Debuting in 1971, Gnarrk has gone from the previous to the longer term, becoming a member of the superhero staff 3 times over. However his luck typically runs out: he was killed two separate occasions within the Eighties earlier than finally returning to the DC Universe in 2015 within the Titans Hunt collection. Regardless of an absence of presence within the Infinite Disaster and New 52 eras, Gnarrk at all times returns, leaving his previous as a younger caveman to be a hero alongside the extra well-known Titans. He is typically forgotten, regardless of his lengthy and heroic historical past with the enduring staff.

The very best-known Teen Titans are those intently related to Justice League members. This has allowed a number of different members with unbelievable powers to be forgotten over the previous few many years. Whereas there’s by no means a scarcity of assist and recruitment happening, there are lots of Teen Titans who’ve gotten the short-end of the deal in DC Comics.

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