15 Greatest Avengers Members Who Joined in the 2010s (Ranked)

15 Greatest Avengers Members Who Joined in the 2010s (Ranked)

The 2010s noticed the Avengers fracturing and rebuilding after a number of hero vs hero crossover occasions reminiscent of Avengers vs. X-Males, Secret Wars, and Civil Warfare II. Every time the roster modified considerably, with many ancillary groups being created within the course of: the Secret Avengers, the New Avengers, the Avengers Unity Squad, the Uncanny Avengers, the Avengers Academy and so forth. Nonetheless, amidst the chaos, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes added some true heroes to their roster.

Whereas some memberships lasted for a couple of points and others for complete comedian runs, these fifteen heroes have multi functional method or one other earned the appropriate to name themselves Avengers. Listed below are one of the best, ranked by what they dropped at the Avengers franchise, and what the Avengers franchise managed to deliver to their very own tales.

15 Superior Spider-Man (Otto Octavius)

This villain-turned-hero must be one of many weirdest additions to the crew. Though the Avengers didn’t understand it, Physician Octopus took possession of Peter Parker’s physique and due to this fact usurped his place on the crew as the brand new Superior Spider-Man. Regardless of his inflated ego and unpleasant perspective, Octavius proved to be a formidable crew participant in a handful of world-threatening battles.

Otto truly introduced new concepts to the crew and had the effectivity and cynicism of a former villain – he isn’t somebody the World’s Mightiest Heroes would have ever knowingly invited in, however at the least for readers, he shook issues up and added a genuinely entertaining dynamic; for instance, snatching his fellow heroes’ meals from the Avengers Towers fridge.

14 Captain Universe (Tamara Devoux)

Captain Universe hovering above the heroes in Marvel comics

The Uni-Energy has had a number of wielders all through the years. One among its most notable hosts was Tamara Devoux, a younger girl who suffered amnesia after being comatose for ten years. As an act of selflessness, the sentient facet of the Enigma Power bonded with Tamara with the intention to each heal her and save actuality as Captain Universe. Captain Universe was like no different hero on the crew, combining cosmic perception with Tamara’s still-delicate sense of identification, and embodying the themes of utilitarian heroism vs private morality that outlined Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers vol. 5.

13 Manifold (Eden Fesi)

An underrated hero who appeared in Jonathan Hickman and Brian Michael Bendis’ Secret Warriors sequence, Manifold went with Hickman when the author took on Avengers vol. 5, and was instrumental in saving his fellow heroes from sure loss of life a number of instances. Since then, Manifold has mastered his teleportation skills, changing into one in every of Marvel’s strongest and versatile mutants by studying that he has a godlike potential to govern area, most lately starring in Al Ewing and Valerio Schiti’s S.W.O.R.D. vol 2. Manifold did not have his finest days with the Avengers – these have been to come back – however becoming a member of the crew elevated his profile and made him a significant participant.

12 Nova (Sam Alexander)

Sam Alexander as Nova flying in The Champions.

Though he is but to succeed in the heights of his galaxy-inspiring predecessor Richard Rider, the teenage Nova has grown into a fantastic hero in his personal proper. He’s battled alien warlords, interdimensional monsters, and even evil doppelgängers of the Avengers. His fierce loyalty and unbiased thoughts make him a generally reckless hero, so it was a significant vote of confidence when Thor supplied him a spot on the crew. Sam joined in 2016’s All-New, All-Totally different Avengers #1 from Mark Waid and Adam Kubert, nonetheless quickly left with the crew’s different younger heroes to type the Champions. He is solely so low on this record as a result of whereas becoming a member of the Avengers was a major second for Sam, he was at his finest as soon as he left to assist begin one thing new.

11 Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Miles Morales as Spider-Man in Ultimate Marvel Comics

Within the aftermath of the multiversal occasion Secret Wars, the Spider-Man of Earth-1610 joined Marvel’s important actuality and Avengers alongside fellow teenage heroes Nova and Ms. Marvel. He wasn’t on the crew for lengthy, however his spider-powers and out-of-the-box considering have been invaluable, and the teamwork he discovered from the older era impressed him to assist type the Champions. Like Nova, Miles’ time on the Avengers wasn’t an ideal match for the character, but it surely was a vital expertise for his development as a hero, and helped outline him as a pillar of Marvel’s new era of heroes.

10 Hyperion (Marcus Milton)

Hyperion standing in a comic panel

The only real survivor of Earth-13034, this Superman analog grew to become an Avenger in Avengers vol. 5 after being free of the captivity of A.I.M. The lack of his complete universe led to him growing a singular drive to assist these in want and safeguard the planet. His energy and compassion significantly impressed his newfound position as a “father” to the orphaned Youngsters of the Solar. He ultimately grew to become shut mates with Thor Odinson, who he proudly died beside in a battle towards a military of Beyonders. In fact, his sacrifice was momentary when the multiverse was rebuilt after Secret Wars. Hyperion was developed as a deliberate Superman pastiche, so taking part in him straight was a dangerous determination, however his time on the Avengers informed a compact, deliberate story a few stranger discovering their place on the planet by way of mates, household, and good works.

9 Smasher (Isabel Kane)

Isabel Kane becomes the new Smasher.

Isabel “Izzy” Kane is the granddaughter of World Warfare II hero and Captain America ally Captain Terror, launched in Avengers vol 5 #1 by Hickman and Jerome Opeña. Her heritage already made her an ideal Avengers candidate, and it was sealed when she grew to become the primary and solely human recruit of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard. Along with her tremendous power, pace, power blasts, flight, and adventurous spirit, she served as a fantastic Avenger and a bridge between Earth and the remainder of the galaxy. Extra importantly, Izzy represented the brand new scope of the Avengers beneath Hickman – bringing in a left-field connection just like the Shi’ar made it clear the crew have been larger and extra bold than ever, and Smasher’s slowly unfolding relationship with Cannonball humanized the crew throughout an period of grand speeches and cosmos-shaking conflicts.

8 Thor (Jane Foster)


Upon shedding the flexibility to wield the hammer Mjolnir, Thor Odinson accepted that he was unworthy of the weapon and his personal identify. Jane Foster took on the mantle because the Mighty Thor and located new methods to make use of the hammer which even impressed her predecessor, ultimately becoming a member of the All-New, All-Totally different Avengers. Recognized with most cancers, Jane’s story on the time noticed her balancing her human, private restoration with the joys and obligation of being a god.

Becoming a member of the Avengers was completely suited to her arc, making the selection between awe-inspiring adventures with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and one other spherical of chemotherapy really feel like a genuinely tough selection. Whereas the younger heroes of this period noticed the issues within the Avengers, Jane Foster discovered that means and development with the crew that confirmed why it should all the time exist in some incarnation.

7 Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne)

adia Van Dyne poses with her helmet off in the Unstoppable Wasp Marvel comic book.

One among Marvel’s latest legacy heroes, Nadia Van Dyne was skilled by the Winter Soldier and raised to be a Black Widow murderer within the horrifying Pink Room. She additionally inherited the scientific genius of her father Hank Pym, which she’s used to run a world S.T.E.M. analysis community. Nadia encountered the Avengers in All-New, All-Totally different Avengers vol 1 #9 from Mark Waid and Mahmud Asrar, and later grew to become a mainstay of the crew in Waid and Michael Del Mundo’s Avengers vol. 7 #1.

When Nadia encountered the Avengers, she discovered a household ready to assist her escape her darkish previous and turn out to be a hero. With Hank Pym killed by Ultron, his ex-wife Janet van Dyne successfully adopted Nadia, persevering with the legacy of two founding Avengers. Nadia additionally had some nice character moments on the crew, reminiscent of her illogical hatred of Spider-Man.

6 Shang-Chi

Shang Chi New Marvel Comic Art

This grasp martial artist was recruited into the Avengers throughout Avengers vol. 5, however actually pulled focus within the spin-off Avengers World from Hickman, Nick Spencer, Stefano Caselli and Marco Checchetto. Whereas on the crew, he defeated a small military of ninjas, went toe to toe with the world-destroying robotic Aleph, and saved Hong Kong from an island-sized dragon, in a sequence of tales that toyed with giving him wild powers to enrich his ability. Whereas Shang-Chi had beforehand served with the Secret Avengers, he is the hero on this record who followers might be most shocked to study solely joined the primary crew within the 2010s, and actually blossomed when given a worldwide remit and the sources to tackle foes who could not be overwhelmed purely by way of kung-fu.

5 Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

ms. marvel kamala khan variant cover fists

Ms. Marvel was the final of the trio of younger heroes who joined the crew in All-New, All-Totally different Avengers, however she’s greater on this record as a result of her arc was much more private. Kamala Khan was initially a superhero fangirl, and so being requested to affix her heroes was a dream. Nonetheless, following Civil Warfare II, she started to lose religion within the prior era of crime-fighter, and in Champions #1, from Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos, she formally stop the crew after deciding Earth’s Mightiest Heroes did not care sufficient in regards to the after-effects of their battles. Ms. Marvel went on to guide the Champions, making the story of her eroding religion within the Avengers a really vital growth that supplied a unique view on the crew.

4 Blade (Eric Brooks)

Blade Marvel

Born with distinctive vampire physiology, Eric Brooks makes use of his skills to wipe out evil vampires because the Day-Walker. He was as soon as a part of the Mighty Avengers earlier than being invited to affix the primary crew by Black Panther, in Jason Aaron, Cory Smith and Ed McGuiness’ Avengers Vol 8 #12. Whereas on the crew he ended a vampire civil struggle, ventured into Hell to save lots of Ghost Rider, battled Malekith within the Warfare of the Realms, helped cease Khonshu’s hostile takeover of Earth, and recruited Dracula and his vampire nation to assist him combat the King in Black. Blade added important supernatural data and a wholesome dose of cynicism to the crew, solely leaving to tackle a brand new, UN-backed position because the sheriff of Dracula’s vampire nation.

3 Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes)

Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes attacks in Marvel Comics.

Robbie Reyes will not be the primary Spirit of Vengeance, however he grew to become a fantastic addition to the Avengers within the lately concluded Avengers vol 8. His hellfire skills alone made the crew probably the most highly effective iterations in Marvel historical past. Robbie initially acted because the crew’s ‘new man,’ encountering Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in one in every of their most epic eras – not located in a New York mansion, however within the useless physique of a Celestial. Robbie’s powers exploded over the course of Avengers vol 8, and readers continually had their expectations shattered by what he may do. In a quantity controversial for placing the crew’s interpersonal drama on the backburner, Robbie’s relationship with the crew supplied a vital human core.

2 Rogue (Anna Marie)

x-men rogue

A shocking recruit hand-picked by Captain America for the Avengers’ public-facing Unity Squad in Rick Remender and John Cassaday’s Uncanny Avengers vol 1 #1, Rogue was reluctant to affix the crew, particularly since she was nonetheless grieving the lately deceased Charles Xavier. Rogue pushed again towards what she noticed because the human heroes’ vanity, and was the topic of friction as a former villain. Nonetheless, the sequence noticed Rogue step by step rise to her new station, together with a stunning feat during which she absorbed the powers of all Marvel’s main heroes to fend off a Celestial.

Finally, Rogue embraced the Avengers ethos so absolutely that she grew to become the Unity Squad’s official chief. Rogue captured the uncommon magic the Avengers have had because the begin – a member who appears to don’t have anything particular to deliver to the crew, however who finally ends up defining the period with how a lot they develop.

1 Sunspot (Roberto Da Costa)

Sunspot using his powers in New Mutants.

Within the aftermath of Avengers Vs. X-Males, Roberto Da Costa accepted Captain America’s supply to affix the Avengers alongside his fellow mutant Cannonball. Sunspot initially seemed like a mere comedian aid character who did not take the job too critically, however his wealth and amiability helped the crew get out of some powerful scrapes. He ultimately proved to be an enormous participant when he purchased A.I.M. and used the previously evil group to assist his personal Avengers off-shoot, in first New Avengers vol 4 (launched by Al Ewing and Gerardo Sandoval) after which U.S.Avengers (launched by Ewing and Paco Medina.)

Whereas Iron Man took on a darkish, symbolic position as Captain America’s philosophical reverse in Avengers vol 5, Sunspot stuffed the ‘laid-back billionaire with a plan’ position that Tony Stark is thought for, and did so brilliantly. The truth that a number of sequence have been launched following Roberto’s private Avengers exhibits what number of artistic concepts emerged from his inclusion on the crew. Initially seen by some followers as a C-list X-Males hero added to bulk out an enormous roster, Sunspot constructed on his appearances like few different characters, and is among the characters who has completed probably the most with the Avengers highlight.

The 2010s supplied some actually completely different takes on the Avengers, with characters who would by no means have appeared on this nook of the Marvel Universe earlier than – in the end, this turned out to be a superb factor, as X-Males and horror characters turned out to be precisely what the franchise wanted to develop.

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