15 Most Likable Flash Villains in DC History (Ranked)

15 Most Likable Flash Villains in DC History (Ranked)


  • Not the entire Flash’s villains are irredeemable or psychopathic; some, like Heatwave and Mirror Grasp, have redeeming qualities and contours they will not cross.
  • Quicksilver, though a rival to the Flash, remains to be thought of a hero in his personal world and finally fought soiled to defeat the Flash.
  • Captain Chilly, Pied Piper, and the Shade are among the many Flash’s villains who’ve proven respect for him and have even grow to be allies or redeemed themselves.

The Flash has one of many best and most identifiable rogues galleries of any hero. Even the Quickest Man Alive isn’t above being challenged by a zealous antagonist. Whether or not it is Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, or Wally West, each model of the Scarlet Speedster has confronted off with some actually making an attempt opponents.

However not each villain is totally irredeemable or a downright psychopath. Certain, there are villains like Reverse-Flash, however lots of Flash’s different foes have one thing about them that makes them considerably likable. Learn on to find 15 of the Flash’s most likable villains.

15 Heatwave

Heatwave, aka Mick Rory, is a member of the Rogues, Flash’s iconic cache of villains. Rory is like most Rogues and prescribes to the ideology set out by his chief, Captain Chilly. For all his love of burning issues, Rory doesn’t hurt ladies, kids, or law enforcement officials, and solely kills if it is completely needed. Heatwave all the time backs up his chief too, as seen in Rogues when he eagerly joins him for one final rating.

14 Quicksilver

Flash and Quicksilver Dc

Sure, Quicksilver is technically an Avenger and a heroic mutant. However he crossed paths with the Flash within the epic DC vs. Marvel crossover and the 2 speedsters received right into a battle. Although Wally was quicker than Pietro, Marvel’s fleet-footed hero wound up trouncing the Flash by attacking him when Wally was distracted whereas saving others. Regardless of the rivalry and soiled methods, Quicksilver remains to be a hero in his personal world.

13 Mirror Grasp

Mirror Master Animal Man DC

Mirror Grasp is one other Rogue that lives by the code established by Captain Chilly. However Evan McCulloch has all the time been one of many extra principled Flash villains. In Animal Man, he flat-out refused to kill Buddy Baker’s spouse and youngsters and even assisted the hero in serving to monitor down the person who employed Mirror Grasp within the first place. McCulloch is within the recreation for the thrills however is aware of the place to attract the road.

12 Reverse-Flash (New 52)

Reverse-Flash New 52

The New 52 introduced quite a lot of adjustments to the DC Universe, and for Flash, it meant the creation of a brand-new Reverse-Flash. Daniel West is Iris West’s brother, who needed to make use of his powers to fix the damaged relationship along with his sister. Daniel did quite a lot of horrible issues to perform his targets, however in the long run, this Reverse-Flash died heroically saving a small village from a bomb in Suicide Squad.

11 Trickster

Trickster DC

Axel Walker is one other member of the Rogues. As certainly one of its youthful members, he’s typically proven to chafe beneath the strict guidelines set out by Captain Chilly. He’s been kicked off the workforce quite a few instances, usually main Trickster to workforce up with extra unscrupulous crews or villains such because the Riddler (as seen within the “Full Cease” arc). Nonetheless, Trickster all the time comes again to the folks he considers household.

10 Rag Doll

Rag Doll DC

The Golden Age Rag Doll was a monster that went up in opposition to the Golden Age Flash. Nonetheless, his son was a way more personable villain. Peter Merkel, Jr. was a member of the mercenary crew Secret Six. Whereas Rag Doll confirmed no qualms when it got here to killing, he solely ever did so when he needed to. More often than not, he was simply the workforce’s goofy everyman who might match into small areas.

9 Godspeed

Godspeed DC

Godspeed is August Coronary heart, a pal of Barry Allen who was blessed with pace after being struck by Pace Drive lightning in The Flash #1. Nonetheless, Coronary heart believed in utilizing his powers to kill criminals, making him a darkish reflection of the Flash. Whereas it’s arduous to name him a hero, he’s a far cry from somebody just like the Reverse-Flash, as Coronary heart needs to make use of his powers to make the world higher, simply in a extra deadly manner.

8 Rose/Thorn

Rose Thorn DC

Rose and her twin persona Thorn had been initially an enemy of Jay Garrick. However like many villains from the Golden Age, she was reinterpreted over time. Legion of Tremendous-Heroes: Millennium introduces a brand new model of the character who spends a millennium making an attempt to determine who she is and the place she belongs. Within the thirty first century, Rose is essential to the event of the Legion of Tremendous-Heroes.

7 Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang DC

Captain Boomerang is a former Rogue who just about grew to become a mainstay member of the Suicide Squad. George ‘Digger’ Harkness is in no way a saint. However he has grow to be a fan-favorite over time because of his smartass, snarky feedback and his shocking effectivity with boomerangs. Whereas Captain Chilly confirmed in The Flash #2 that he’s not Rogues materials, he’s all the time received a house within the Suicide Squad.

6 Magenta

Flash and Magenta DC

Magenta is a little bit of a tragic character. Frances Kane was Wally West’s girlfriend throughout his Child Flash that finally grew to become a villain on account of a darkish alternate persona she developed. Magenta allied herself with a number of villainous causes, however in the long run, she discovered herself reforming. Frances and Wally had been even in a position to stay associates within the post-Rebirth period despite their bitter historical past.

5 Girder

Girder DC

On the surface, the hulking, twisted metallic villain Girder seems to be fairly intimidating. However on the within, Tony Woodward is surprisingly good. In The Flash #41, he helps Barry’s father escape from jail to assist Barry and within the following concern, he viciously assaults the Flash as a way to defend his grandmother from being charged with abetting a fugitive. He’s liable to violence, however Girder has coronary heart someplace in him.

4 The Shade

Shade Flash DC

The Shade is certainly one of Jay Garrick’s oldest enemies, and the 2 fought numerous instances within the elder Flash’s heyday. Nonetheless, in the identical manner that Captain Chilly and Flash developed an odd bond, Shade discovered a respect for his speedster antagonist. Shade even saved Garrick and his spouse from being killed after Jay had retired from crime-fighting in The Shade #3. The 2 aren’t greatest associates, however they’re fairly affable of their rivalry.

3 Golden Glider

Golden Glider DC

Golden Glider is Captain Chilly’s sister. However make no mistake, she’s her brother’s largest critic. In the course of the New 52 run of The Flash, Lisa Snart took her brother to process over the poor methods he dealt with his workforce. After Chilly deserted his workforce throughout Eternally Evil, the Rogues voted to put in Lisa as their new chief, an obligation she took significantly and handled her teammates with respect.

2 Captain Chilly

flash wally west admits

Captain Chilly is Flash’s number-one villain. However not like most hero/villain dynamics, Leonard Snart really respects his enemy and retains his Rogues in line to not antagonize Flash. He makes positive his workforce hardly ever, if ever, kills and when Central Metropolis comes beneath risk from exterior forces, Chilly joins Flash to guard it. Snart even made it onto the Justice League, a second that Barry admitted impressed him in The Flash #32.

1 Pied Piper

Pied Piper DC Comics

The one Flash villain who proved that redemption is feasible for Flash’s enemies. Pied Piper was once a member of the Rogues. However within the Submit-Disaster DC Universe, Hartley Rathaway put his felony life behind him and determined to stroll a extra heroic path. He grew to become an in depth ally to Wally West and to today often helps the Flash Household once they want it.

The Quickest Man Alive has quite a lot of enemies, lots of whom would kill him and never suppose twice. Nonetheless, these 15 villains stand out as among the most likable Flash enemies of all time.

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