15 Superman Quotes That Prove He’s Hiding a MAJOR Dark Side

15 Superman Quotes That Prove He’s Hiding a MAJOR Dark Side


  • “After I must be”: Superman resorts to violence when confronted with a sinister risk that endangers what he cares about.
  • “Take it off”: Superman’s feelings get the higher of him as he threatens Nightwing to take away the Batman costume, demonstrating a terrifying sight.
  • “How does it really feel?”: Superman goes to an especially darkish place, educating a lesson to Manchester Black by exploiting his flaws and watching goals die.

There’s little doubt that Superman is without doubt one of the greatest heroes within the DC Universe. Although blessed with the powers of a god, Superman makes use of his powers responsibly and does his greatest to make the world a greater place for everybody. Nevertheless, for all his heroism all through the years, followers have gotten the occasional glimpse of a darkish facet to Superman.

When pushed to the sting, Clark Kent is downright terrifying. In essentially the most excessive circumstances, he’s spoken sentences that reveal the hero’s extra horrifying facet. Learn on to find 15 quotes from Superman that reveal the character’s hidden inside darkness.

15 “After I Must Be”

Within the climax of the “Brainiac” storyline by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, the intergalactic villain mocks Superman by calling him a easy brute. In response, the hero says “After I must be” and smashes Brainiac’s face with all his may. Clark could not like resorting to violence, however he’ll when confronted with a sinister risk that endangers the issues Superman cares about.

14 Superman Flag

Superman Flag DC

If there’s one factor the Silver Age had loads of, it was covers that includes Superman appearing wildly uncontrolled. On the duvet of Motion Comics #311 by Curt Swan, purple kryptonite has created a tyrannical Superman that calls for “…each nation exchange its flag with a Superman flag like this one!”. Although the results of a mutation, it’s a shock to see the hero bend the world to his will.

13 “Take it Off”

Superman Take it Off DC

Superman and Nightwing is perhaps shut, however Superman/Batman #76 by Judd Winick and Marco Rudy noticed a tense second between the 2. When Clark discovers Dick Grayson has taken on the id of Batman after Bruce’s presumed demise, Superman calls for Nightwing take away the costume. His eyes even glow purple as he threatens the hero to “Take it off.”. Hardly ever does Superman let his feelings get the higher of him, nevertheless it’s a scary sight to see.

12 “You Need to Kill It”

Superman Fox DC

Superman has tussled along with his nemesis Lex Luthor for years. In Superman/Batman #5 by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness. Superman grabs the then-president Luthor by his neck and remembers a saying Clark’s pa had: “…when the fox is within the rooster home, you must kill it…except you propose on shedding extra chickens.”. Deep down, Superman is aware of that except he kills Lex, the villain goes to go on to do worse and worse crimes.

11 “Now You Will, Too”

Superman You Will Too DC

In Superman: Birthright #6 by Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu, the Man of Metal stops a college capturing and pays a go to to the person who provided the shooters with weapons. He tells the vendor a few younger lady who will keep in mind today perpetually. Clark shoots a gun on the vendor, grabbing the bullet earlier than it hits him and says “Now you’ll, too.”. The second is chilling coming from a beacon of sunshine like Superman.

10 “I’m Your Worst Nightmare”

Superman Rats DC

Throughout his earliest days, Superman earned a status as a person of the folks, preventing those that trampled on the decrease lessons. In Motion Comics #1 by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales, Clark assaults a corrupt mogul named Mr. Glenmorgan. As Glenmorgan and his associates threaten Superman, he chews all of them out, saying “Rats. Rats with cash and rats with weapons. I’m your worst nightmare.” as his eyes glowed ominously.

9 “The Incorrect Day”

Superman The Wrong Day DC

Superman is perhaps used to the routine nature of his work, however he has his limits. In Infinite Disaster #1 by Geoff Johns and Phil Jiminez, Mongul assaults Batman, Surprise Girl and Superman proper as issues are going to hell throughout the Earth. Shedding his mood, Superman cries out “You picked. The improper. Day!” earlier than blasting the villain with warmth imaginative and prescient.

8 “You Suppose You Can Cease Me?”

Superman You Can't Stop Me DC

Injustice: Gods Amongst Us #4 by Tom Taylor and Mike S. Miller noticed Superman attain his breaking level after the Joker tricked Superman into killing Lois Lane. As Inexperienced Lantern makes an attempt to cease the hero, Clark bluntly asks “You assume you possibly can cease me?”. Superman instantly proves his level by plucking off Inexperienced Lantern’s ring earlier than Hal may even react, displaying how nothing can cease Clark when he’s enraged.

7 “My Son”

Superman and Jon DC

Superman loves his son, and the second Clark feels Jon is at risk, his darkest facet emerges. In Superman #10 by Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, and Mick Grey, Robin kidnaps Superboy to interrogate him. Earlier than Batman may even correctly chastise Damian, Superman bursts in, yelling “What have you ever executed with my son?!”. Few issues can take Clark to a darkish place, however messing along with his baby is on the prime of the listing.

6 “Suppose Once more”

Superman Think Again DC

Superman has all the time dealt with Lex Luthor with child gloves. However these days could also be over as Motion Comics #1050 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Tom Taylor, Joshua Williamson, Mike Perkins, Clayton Henry, and Nick Dragotta sees Clark inform his enemy “The following time you assume you have got the ability to threaten my household or kill my mates with out impunity, assume once more.”. The look in Lex’s eyes reveals that it’s doable to push the Man of Metal too far.

5 “I Broke My Oath.”

Superman Broken Oath DC

Within the ‘imaginary story’ of “No matter Occurred to the Man of Tomorrow?” by Alan Moore and Curt Swan, Mister Mxyzptlk reveals his true monstrous kind. With no different choice, Superman is compelled to kill the interdimensional imp. As Clark takes in what he simply did he plaintively says “I broke my oath. I killed him.”. When push involves shove and lives are at stake, Superman will take a life if he should.

4 “He Has a Code”

Superman No Code DC

Superman defined the one key distinction between him and Batman in Adventures of Superman #41 by Max Landis and Jock. To get the Joker out of Metropolis, Superman threatens the villain, implying Clark will kill him. Superman tells Joker “Batman doesn’t kill folks as a result of he has a code. I don’t have a code. I simply don’t typically kill folks.”. Whereas Batman has a rule in opposition to killing, Superman might simply as simply resolve to take a life if he desired to.

3 “How Does it Really feel?”

Superman Flaws Exploited DC

In Motion Comics #775 by Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, and Lee Bermejo, Clark faces off in opposition to the violent antihero Manchester Black and his group, the Elite. Superman unleashes his rage and makes it look like he’s killed the group and asks Manchester “How does it really feel to have your flaws exploited? To be deconstructed? How does it really feel to observe goals die?”. Superman was solely educating a lesson however went to an especially darkish place to take action.

2 “With My Naked Palms”

Superman Break You DC

In Superman #209 by Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee, elemental giants kind and start attacking Superman to take away him from the world. The Man of Metal stands defiant and tells the creatures that even when they kill everybody, Clark will nonetheless be there. “I’ll break you aside with my naked arms. I’ll scatter you, and also you received’t be, anymore.”. Superman is Earth’s biggest champion and can do something, regardless of how brutal, to defend it.

1 “Burn”

Superman Burn DC

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ “For the Man Who Has The whole lot” noticed Superman come beneath the affect of Mongul’s Black Mercy. When the imaginative and prescient of an ideal life ends, Superman is thrust again into actuality the place he experiences a fury he’s by no means identified earlier than. He assaults the despot, saying the phrase “Burn.” earlier than capturing Mongul with warmth imaginative and prescient and violently attacking him. At his lowest and angriest, he was ready to kill Mongul over the ache he was feeling.

Superman is perhaps an excellent hero, however he is received a stunning darkish facet to him that’s completely terrifying when it reveals up.

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