8 Characters Chloe Bennet Could Be Voicing In Invincible Season 2

8 Characters Chloe Bennet Could Be Voicing In Invincible Season 2


  • Chloe Bennet joins the star-studded solid of Invincible season 2, however her character stays a thriller, sparking hypothesis amongst followers.
  • Potentialities for Bennet’s character embrace Anissa, a strong Viltrumite warrior, or Embrace, a supervillain related to The Order.
  • Different potential roles for Bennet embrace Andressa, a bug-like alien with a brief lifespan, Universa, an empathetic anti-hero, or Outrun, a speedster and member of the Guardians of the Globe.

Chloe Bennet is a part of the Invincible season 2 voice solid, however her position is a thriller, prompting hypothesis about who she may very well be taking part in. The Brokers of SHIELD star is the most recent addition to an unbelievable assortment of expertise that Robert Kirkman has lured to carry the animated sequence to life. The second season brings again principal solid members like Steven Yeun, J.Okay. Simmons, Gillian Jacobs, and others, however there are additionally over a dozen high-profile new additions. These vary from Sterling Okay. Brown voicing Angstrom Levy to Tatiana Maslany voicing Queen Lizard to Peter Cullen’s Invincible season 2 position as Thaedus.

The announcement that Chloe Bennet is in Invincible season 2 got here as a part of the long-awaited first trailer for the brand new season. The footage highlighted the various new names who’ve joined Prime Video’s animated sequence, however most of their character identities weren’t revealed. Given the recognition of Chloe Bennet due to her days of taking part in Daisy Johnson a.okay.a. Quake in Brokers of SHIELD, there’s comprehensible pleasure about her touchdown a thriller position within the beloved animated present. Due to the huge universe that Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley’s comics created, there are some nice potentialities for Chloe Bennet’s Invincible season 2 character.

8 Anissa

One of many greatest characters who Chloe Bennet may play in Invincible season 2 is Anissa. She is a Viltrumite warrior who entered Mark Grayson’s life throughout the identical interval of occasions that the second season is prone to discover. She involves Earth to recruit Mark to affix the Viltrum Empire’s takeover of the planet. They work collectively to cease a monster assault earlier than Mark refuses her closing provide to work with the Viltrumites. Anissa goes on to play a pivotal position within the Viltrumite Warfare however can also be concerned in probably the most controversial elements of the comics as a result of her want to have Mark’s kids.

Whereas Anissa’s shaggy dog story is problematic, there’s little doubt that Robert Kirkman will change how the Viltrumite villain’s story unfolds in order that she doesn’t sexually assault Mark. Chloe Bennet taking part in Anissa in Invincible season 2 would give her a personality who would instantly enter the story as probably the most highly effective characters who can battle everybody from Invincible to Allen the Alien. This position would additionally imply that Chloe Bennet’s Invincible position can span a number of seasons as a substitute of being a single look in season 2.

7 Embrace

Embrace Invincible Comics

A extra minor character within the comics, Chloe Bennet’s Invincible season 2 position may see her voice Embrace. She is a supervillain related to The Order, a supervillain workforce created by Mister Liu – who was one of many many villains teased in Invincible season 1’s ending. It’s doable that The Order shall be a part of the season 2 storyline and that Embrace shall be launched as one of many key members. She has powers of flight, invisibility, phasing, possession, and teleportation. This might be a possibility for Chloe Bennet to play a villain and flip her heroic flip as Quake on Brokers of SHIELD​​​​​​.

6 Andressa

Invincible Comics Andressa and Oliver Grayson

Another choice for who Chloe Bennet performs in Invincible season 2 is Andressa. She is a member of the Thraxans, a bunch of bug-like aliens. The significance of Andressa’s position within the comics comes by means of her romantic relationship with Omni-Man after he left Earth. Thraxans have very brief lifespans in comparison with people and particularly in comparison with Viltrumites, which signifies that Andressa’s position is short-lived within the comics. Nevertheless, she and Omni-Man’s relationship does result in the start of his second youngster, Oliver Grayson. Chloe Bennet may carry a heat presence to Andressa and assist endear audiences to her.

5 Universa

Invincible Comics Universa

One other extremely highly effective character Chloe Bennet may play in Invincible season 2 is Universa. She is a former member of the Coalition of Planets who involves Earth to steal vitality from it to save lots of her planet. This results in her coming into battle with Mark Grayson and Atom Eve, who defeats her preliminary makes an attempt to steal nuclear vitality. Universa is powered by the Employees of Management and has a small recurring position within the comics. Her motivations to save lots of her planet would give Chloe Bennet an empathetic anti-hero to play who may obtain a bigger position within the general story this time round.

4 Outrun

Invincible Comics Outrun

A brand new member of the Guardians of the Globe is also a solution for Chloe Bennet’s Invincible season 2 character. Outrun is a speedster who turns into a part of a future model of the Guardians of the Globe workforce. She has had a recurring position all through the Invincible universe within the comics and will simply be launched in season 2 if there are any the explanation why the present Guardians of the Globe roster must evolve. This might give Bennet a possibility to play a succesful and highly effective superhero who can also be a pure chief.

3 Aquaria

Invincible Comics Aquaria

If Chloe Bennet’s Invincible season 2 position is supposed to be smaller than some are hoping for, Aquaria may very well be an surprising possibility for the identification of her character. Aquaria is the Queen of Atlantis and the spouse of Aquarus, whom Omni-Man killed in season 1. Within the comics, this results in the Atlantis individuals calling for Mark Grayson to participate in a legislation the place the one that kills a husband should marry the widow since Omni-Man can’t be discovered. Aquaria solely has a small position to play because the potential bride of Mark, nevertheless it may nonetheless be entertaining for Bennet to play a royal fish.

2 Telia

Invincible Comics Allen the Alien and Telia

Another choice for Chloe Bennet’s Invincible season 2 character may very well be Telia. She is the loving girlfriend of Allen the Alien within the comics, which might permit Bennet a possibility to work principally with Seth Rogen. Telia struggles along with her and Allen’s relationship as a result of how a lot time he’s away working for the Coalition. She can also be very decided to make Allen break his race’s customs to not have intercourse with different aliens. Contemplating there’s additionally some tragedy tied to her story all through the comics, Chloe Bennet would be capable to play a humorous, seductive, and heartbreaking character in Invincible season 2 with Telia.

1 Britney

Britney Brit Comics

The expanded Invincible universe Robert Kirkman created within the comics is also used to reply who Chloe Bennet performs in Invincible season 2 if she performs Britney. She is the sister of the heroic supersoldier Brit and is a recurring character in varied comics related to Invincible. Britney was given an excellent serum as a younger lady that granted her invulnerability, tremendous energy, and slowed ageing. Bennet taking part in Britney in Invincible season 2 can be one other enjoyable possibility for her which may additionally lend itself to the opportunity of showing in a Brit spinoff sequence down the street.

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