8 Underused Thor Characters We Want More Of In The MCU

8 Underused Thor Characters We Want More Of In The MCU


  • Girl Sif, a strong Asgardian, deserves extra focus within the MCU and ought to be given an opportunity to shine in future Thor motion pictures.
  • Erik Selvig, a big character within the early Thor motion pictures, nonetheless has potential for additional growth and could possibly be a worthwhile ally for Thor on Earth.
  • Darcy Lewis, portrayed with attraction and confidence by Kat Dennings, has turn into a standout character and will return as an skilled in magical phenomena within the MCU.

Regardless of being round since close to the start of the MCU, there are nonetheless a number of Thor franchise characters that deserve extra time within the Marvel film highlight. Regardless of the recognition of different MCU heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk, solely Thor has reached the spectacular milestone of getting 4 solo motion pictures. Although the MCU Part 4’s Thor: Love and Thunder didn’t seize the important acclaim of its predecessor, there’s clearly nonetheless immense fan curiosity in persevering with to discover the God of Thunder’s nook of the MCU.

Although a number of of the perfect Thor franchise supporting characters are sadly useless, just a few, whether or not as a result of they’re nonetheless round or as a result of dying is unlikely to cease them, can nonetheless return for extra memorable scenes. It isn’t clear when Thor himself will subsequent be seen in Marvel’s cinematic shared universe, however even when a Thor 5 by no means occurs, crossovers, team-ups, and cameo appearances imply that just about something is feasible. Whereas it is typically dangerous to ask for extra of a great factor, these underused Thor characters deserve not less than yet one more return.

8 Girl Sif

Girl Sif, portrayed by the proficient Jaimie Alexander, is a notable and highly effective Asgardian within the pages of Marvel Comics, however she’s by no means been given the main focus she deserves within the MCU. Most Asgardians took a again seat within the first Thor film because the titular hero spent a lot of the film banished to Earth, but it surely appeared as if Sif could be an vital character shifting ahead as she was one in every of few MCU heroes to cameo on Brokers of SHIELD. Nonetheless, her appearances remained minor, culminating in Sif’s embarrassing look in Love and Thunder. Her reunion with Thor and grievous wound is, sadly, performed off as a joke.

7 Erik Selvig

Dr. Erik Selvig talking in his office.

With the primary Thor film focusing extra on people and Earth than later entries, Erik Selvig’s significance within the MCU has expectedly declined. Selvig truly has extra presence than most Marvel supporting characters (he is at the moment appeared or been talked about in 11 MCU tasks), however there’s nonetheless loads of room for the scientist. With Jane Foster now having handed on to the halls of Valhalla, Selvig could also be a go-to connection for Thor ought to he want the assistance of an excellent thoughts on Earth shifting ahead.

6 Darcy Lewis

Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis in WandaVision

Darcy Lewis does not seem to be a very memorable character on paper in most of her MCU appearances, however actor Kat Dennings imbues Jane Foster’s good friend and confidant with plain attraction and confidence that is made her a standout in every look. Darcy bought extra consideration in WandaVision as she was concerned in exploring and infiltrating Westview. This expertise might make her one thing of a recognized skilled within the subject that might present up once more for different magical phenomena within the MCU.

5 The Grandmaster

An image of the MCU's Grandmaster is shown.

The charismatic and equally tyrannical chief of Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok, the Grandmaster is a hilarious MCU character that deserves not less than yet one more look. Whereas he nearly appeared once more within the MCU Part 4, the Grandmaster was one in every of a number of minimize cameos in Love and Thunder. Given Gorr’s penchant for killing, this will have been a blessing in disguise and opened up the character to look as soon as once more.

4 Heimdall

Idris Elba as Heimdall in the MCU.

Heimdall was launched within the first Thor film and was given an expanded function within the sequel. He additionally appeared in Thor: Ragnarok, although he in the end met his demise on the hand of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity Battle. Whereas the MCU has confirmed that he’s, in reality, useless, the credit scene in Thor: Love and Thunder opens the door to a different look. Heimdall is seen greeting Jane on the gates of Valhalla, which seems to be an expansive realm. It is potential {that a} future film might discover residing characters someway visiting the realm or the inhabitants of Valhalla returning for one remaining combat.’

3 Hela

Hela in Thor Ragnarok

Hela was defeated by Surtur on the finish of Thor: Ragnarok, however Marvel motion pictures have confirmed that no person is absolutely useless except a physique is proven (and even that is not all the time definitive). Dropped at life by acclaimed actor Cate Blanchett, Hela can return to the MCU stronger than ever. Her potential to harness and create undead Asgardian troopers implies that even when she did die, she could possibly harness the facility of Hel and use it for additional conquest.

2 Beta Ray Invoice

beta ray bill tease in thor ragnarok

Beta Ray Invoice hasn’t truly appeared in particular person but within the MCU, however his head is among the many statues of the Grandmaster’s previous champions on Sakaar. It is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Easter egg, however Beta Ray Invoice is a vital character in Marvel Comics that will be good for a serious function in Thor 5. Invoice has a sophisticated backstory that includes his consciousness being transferred into an equine, cybernetic physique, however the vital factor is that he is one of many only a few folks to be worthy of wielding Mjolnir and is one in every of Thor’s closes allies in Marvel Comics.

1 Hercules

hercules in thor love and thunder post-credits scene

Thor: Ragnarok arrange a bitter rivalry between Thor and Zeus after the previous used the Greek god’s personal lightning bolt to strike him down, however the credit scene confirmed that Zeus is alive and sending his son after the God of Thunder. Hercules was informed to seek out Thor in a theoretical Thor sequel, which looks as if a assure he’ll seem once more, however the present state of the MCU implies that nothing is locked in. A number of teases and set-ups have been left hanging, however hopefully, Hercules will seem once more and develop into the Marvel hero he is recognized to be within the comics.

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