A Time Called You Ending Explained!

A Time Called You Ending Explained!

In A Time Referred to as You, Oh Chan-Yeong is the killer who murders Min-Ju and Da-Hyeon in 1998. Nevertheless, one should return to the Noksan to find who he’s.

Because the previous and current mix, horrible truths floor, destroying everybody’s lives. A remake of the traditional Taiwanese movie Sometime or One Day, A Time Referred to as You is the latest Netflix Ok-Drama launched in an entire, binge-worthy bundle with twelve hour-long episodes.

Briefly, a girl named Han Jun-hee misplaced the love of her life, Gu Yeon-jun, in 2023, and in her grief, she is shipped again to 1998 into the physique of one other lady known as Kwon Min-ju, the place she meets one other high-schooler, Nam Si-heon, who appears to be like strikingly just like her departed love.

A Time Referred to as You: Who Precisely Is Who? Who lives the place amongst Si-heon, Min-ju, Jun-hee, and Yeon-jun?


When the sequence begins, we witness two timelines: Si-heon and Min-ju in 1998 and Yeon-jun and Jun-hee in 2023. Within the first episode, Yeon-jun has lengthy handed away.

All through the story, we witness how the cassette participant and tape help people touring by way of these time leaps. Individuals who look alike can swap our bodies. Thus, we first see  Jun-hee exchanging our bodies with Min-ju, after which Yeon-jun and Si-heon change our bodies.

We study in the course of the sequence that these guys have been time touring for some time, after which there’s one other character we learn about later within the sequence – Oh Chan-yeong, who has additionally been switching our bodies together with his elder brother between 2023 and 1998.

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Who has Emotions for Whom?

A Time Called You

We all know that In-gyu is head over heels in love with Min-ju. Si-heon falls in love with Min-ju after Jun-hee takes over her physique and alters her character.

When Si-heon later takes over Yeon-jun’s physique, he lives like that and makes an attempt to make the actual Jun-hee (who hasn’t time-traveled but) fall in love with him.

Thus, Jun-hee and Si-heon fall in love (although she believes he’s Yeon-jun), and when she discovers the reality about physique swapping, she is aware of that the particular person she has been seeing as Min-ju turned out to be her soulmate up to now.

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Who Is the Assassin?

A Time Called You

In A Time Referred to as You, Oh Chan-Yeong is the killer who murders Min-Ju and Da-Hyeon in 1998. Nevertheless, one should return to the Noksan to find who he’s.

On the evening Min-Ju runs away from residence, he meets her and walks her residence. He assaults her on the way in which, and when she makes an attempt to run away, he smashes her within the head with a membership. He can’t homicide her since Jun-Hee woke him up earlier than that.

In 2023, he strangles Jun-Hee and confesses to killing Min-Ju and Da-Hyeon. Si-Heon arrives and provides issues up as properly. Nevertheless, Chan-Yeong stabs him to loss of life earlier than grabbing his diary and cassette participant.

Jun-Hee and Chi-Received search police help and finally seize him. He screams and begs to be launched since he was going to homicide Min-Ju on October 13, 1998.

He ruins the cassette participant earlier than being cuffed, which Jun-Hee subsequently repairs. She makes use of the cassette participant yet one more time within the last phase of A Time Referred to as You.

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On the finish of A Time Referred to as You, do Jun-hee & Si-heon get collectively?

A Time Called You

Si-heon is older and ran a webtoon agency in 2011. Jun-hee joins him on the bus residence at evening. He acknowledges her and asks whether or not she is Min-ju earlier than leaving, understanding he has met his love.

In essence, Jun-hee is unable to recall their earlier interactions. She by no means existed as Min-ju, simply as herself. She has develop into a brand new attainable romance with Si-heon, who remembers the whole lot. They’re given a recent begin and the chance to make it large.

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