All Onion Locations (Every Pikmin Type)

All Onion Locations (Every Pikmin Type)

Most Pikmin 4 gamers know that Onions play an important function in gameplay. With them, gamers will have the ability to develop their very own Pikmin of assorted varieties and thus have the ability to progress all through the sport. There are ten complete Onions within the sport to seek out, however two are duplicates, so there are eight completely different colours. Along with the normal Onion, there’s something referred to as Flarlic, which can resemble an Onion however has a special use. Relatively than permitting gamers to develop a brand new kind of Pikmin, it should enhance the Pikmin floor capability and unlock extra Pikmin in Pikmin 4, making them simply as beneficial.

Gamers should not have to choose up the 2 duplicate Onions. Nevertheless, they may get 20 Pikmin of that kind added to their stock, Yellow or Blue Pikmin in Pikmin 4, relying on which Onion is collected in the event that they gather the second Onion. Observe that it doesn’t matter which of the Onions is collected first. For instance, the second Yellow Onion may be collected earlier than the primary; whichever one is collected second would be the one which rewards the additional Pikmin. The preliminary Blue and Yellow Onions will doubtless require gamers to return to the extent later to retrieve them.

All Onion Areas

As said, there are eight completely different coloured onions, two of which have duplicates that may be present in a secondary location. The colours embrace Pink, Yellow, Blue, Mild Blue (Ice), Black (Rock), Pink (Winged), White, and Purple, every of which represents a special kind of Pikmin in Pikmin 4.

Other than the 2 duplicates, which embrace a Yellow and Blue Onion, there’ll solely be certainly one of every to be discovered. The Onions will probably be scattered over varied areas within the sport and accessible at completely different factors in the course of the story, so the identical common order of discovering the Onions would be the identical for many gamers.

Pink Onion


Pink Onion

The Pink Onion is the best to seek out as it’s basically given on the Rescue Command Put up in the beginning of the sport.

Yellow Onion #1

In Solar-Speckled Terrace, the primary Yellow Onion may be discovered blocked off by a paper bag which is able to should be crushed as a way to attain the Onion.

Yellow Onion #2

The second Yellow Onion goes to be present in Blossoming Arcadia after finishing the Kingdom of the Beasts Cave.

Blue Onion #1

The primary Blue Onion can also be going to be present in Solar-Speckled Terrace close to the southern pond.

Blue Onion #2

The second Blue Onion will probably be situated in Serene Shores in a circle-shaped pool of water.

Mild Blue Onion (Ice)

As soon as in Hero’s Hideaway, the Mild Blue Onion, also referred to as the Ice Onion, will probably be discovered within the freezer drawer on the backside of the fridge after ending the Frozen Inferno Cave.

Black Onion (Rock)

The Black Onion, also referred to as the Rock Onion, will probably be present in Big’s Fireside. Sadly, the principle story should be accomplished as a way to attain this Onion.

Pink Onion (Winged)

The Pink Onion, also referred to as the Winged Onion, will probably be discovered within the Primordial Thicket. Much like the Black Onion, this one can solely be obtained after Olimar has been rescued, however on this case, the Louie Dandori Battle should even be accomplished.

White Onion

Much like the Black and Pink Onion, the White Onion additionally comes after rescuing Olimar. Particularly when enjoying Olimar’s Shipwreck Tales and finishing the fifth Dandori Battle in Pikmin 4.

Purple Onion

The method for this one is similar because the White Onion. It is going to be discovered when finishing Olimar’s Shipwreck Tales, however this time 10 Dandori Battles will should be accomplished.

All Flarlic Areas

Flarlic in Pikmin 4

Along with the normal Onions of Pikmin 4, there’s one other Onion-looking object, which is technically referenced as being harking back to Garlic within the sport, that’s necessary to trace down. It is named Flarlic and is retrieved and rewarded by means of the identical methodology as Onions and can resemble the look of a White Onion.

As soon as introduced again to base, they may reward the participant with a rise of their Pikmin floor capability. There will probably be two in each space after the Rescue Command Put up.

Versus the various Onion colours, all of the Flarlics look the identical. They should be dug out of the bottom the identical method that Onions are. As with the Onions, they’re spaced out over the assorted ranges, however with two in every one. Extra particularly, one will probably be discovered on the floor of every space, and the second will probably be present in a Collapse every space of Pikmin 4.



Flaric 1

The primary Flarlic will probably be discovered on the floor of Solar-Speckled Terrace. It’ll want Yellow Pikmin as a way to attain it.

Flaric 2

The second Flarlic may also be in Solar-Speckled Terrace however contained in the Final-Frost Cavern close to some pots.

Flaric 3

The third Flarlic is as soon as once more on the floor, however this time within the Blossoming Arcadia space of Pikmin 4. Sadly, it is separated by water, so Blue Pikmin will probably be wanted to move it.

Flaric 4

The fourth Flarlic will probably be contained in the Secluded Courtyard collapse Blossoming Arcadia. It could particularly be discovered on the third sub-level of the cave.

Flaric 5

The fifth Flarlic is technically on the floor of Serene Shores, however on this case, underwater. Blue Pikmin will probably be wanted to free it and transport it.

Flaric 6

The sixth Flarlic can also be in Serene Shores, particularly within the Seafloor Resort cave. Ice Pikmin will probably be wanted to retrieve this one in Pikmin 4.

Flaric 7

The seventh Flarlic will probably be on the floor of Hero’s Hideaway. Nothing particular about this one apart from throwing Pikmin to it like regular.

Flaric 8

The ultimate Flarlic will probably be present in Hero’s Hideaway contained in the Plunder Palace cave. This one would require defeating an enemy blocking entry to it first earlier than it may be retrieved.

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