Are Those Lightsabers In Rebel Moon?

Are Those Lightsabers In Rebel Moon?


  • Insurgent Moon attracts heavy inspiration from Star Wars, together with similarities within the weapons used, resembling droids, laser weapons, and lightsaber-like swords.
  • Nevertheless, Insurgent Moon’s weapons are usually not conventional lightsabers however quite swords that may be became laser swords throughout fight, functioning as sensible weapons even when the lasers are turned off.
  • The connection between Insurgent Moon’s lightsabers and Star Wars is intentional, as Zack Snyder initially developed the film as a Star Wars challenge, transforming varied elements to create a brand new franchise starter.

Zack Snyder’s sci-fi film takes heavy inspiration from Star Wars, so are these weapons lightsabers in Insurgent Moon? The director is launching a brand new potential franchise at Netflix that has drawn similarities to the long-lasting sci-fi universe created by George Lucas within the Seventies. Zack Snyder’s Insurgent Moon plans start with two motion pictures shot back-to-back, Insurgent Moon: A Youngster of Fireplace and Insurgent Moon: The Scargiver, with room for extra sequels and spinoffs if they’re profitable. The principle plot is a few revolution rising in opposition to an oppressive galactic pressure, which is harking back to the story Star Wars tells in varied methods.

One of many greatest similarities between Insurgent Moon and Star Wars comes with the weapons which can be included. Each franchises have droids/robots and weapons that shoot lasers, however the Star Wars comparisons grew to become unattainable to low cost upon the revealing of weapons that look precisely like lightsabers. Insurgent Moon trailers and pictures shared the primary take a look at these highly effective weapons, as a cyborg swordmaster wields two red-bladed swords that look awfully much like the weapon of alternative for Sith in Star Wars​​​​​​. However the look of Insurgent Moon‘s “lightsabers” is a little more difficult.

Insurgent Moon’s Weapons Are Swords, Not Lightsabers

There may be not an official identify for Insurgent Moon‘s weapons as of the time of this writing, however they’re swords of some variety, not lightsabers within the conventional Star Wars sense. Lightsabers within the galaxy far, far-off are weapons composed of pure power created by Kyber crystals which can be ignited with the push of a button on a deal with. Because of this lightsabers basically retract into the hilt when they aren’t in use. Nevertheless, Insurgent Moon‘s lightsaber-like weapons seem like common swords that may be became laser swords throughout fight. This is able to imply they’re nonetheless sensible weapons even when the lasers are turned off.

One of many noticeable variations between Insurgent Moon‘s laser swords and Star Wars‘ lightsabers are with the look of the blades themselves. Lightsabers can are available varied colours and are extra rounded of their look. Insurgent Moon is closely impressed by Seven Samurai and has introduced the Japanese inspiration to the weapon design it appears. Zack Snyder’s model of lightsabers have precise blades beneath the coloured firey glow they emit. Simply as Star Wars‘ lightsabers can are available varied colours, Insurgent Moon‘s trailer confirms at the very least two totally different coloured weapons, crimson and blue, can be featured.

Insurgent Moon’s Lightsabers Join To Zack Snyder’s Star Wars Plan

Zack Snyder Star Wars Rebel Moon

The similarities between Insurgent Moon‘s weapons and lightsabers are usually not an accident, as Zack Snyder initially developed the film as a Star Wars challenge. He pitched a Star Wars film impressed by Seven Samurai to Lucasfilm years in the past, however the studio in the end determined to not make the film. As a substitute of utterly forgetting concerning the thought, Zack Snyder reworked varied components of the story – resembling places and wider mythology – so Insurgent Moon might exist as a brand new franchise starter. The lightsaber-like weapons are comprehensible then, as they had been certainly baked into the director’s authentic plan for what grew to become Insurgent Moon.

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