Armored Core 6’s Fastest Money Farm Is A Rookie Murder Spree

Armored Core 6’s Fastest Money Farm Is A Rookie Murder Spree

Picture: FromSoftware / Bandai Namco

A key side of Armored Core VI is incomes money to unlock new weapons and mech elements. When you full a mission you possibly can replay it as a lot as you need for additional pay, and gamers have now discovered one of many quickest cash farms in your entire sport: brutally murdering a rookie check pilot in underneath a minute, dozens of instances in a row.

The mission known as “Destroy the Tester AC” and it’s precisely what it says on the tin. You load into Southern Belius within the Contaminated Metropolis, find an enemy Armored Core close by, and waste him as rapidly as attainable. The job nets you 95,000 credit minus no matter you waste on ammunition, it’s tremendous simple, and solely takes 30 seconds to a minute relying in your construct.

Two mechs face off on a metal platform.

Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

That makes it an ideal quick money farm (“Wallclimber” can also be nice, however not as senseless). Nevertheless, in contrast to most missions in Armored Core VI that see you going toe-to-toe with big helicopters, tough bosses, or huge amenities crammed with enemy cannons, the tester AC mission solely has one enemy, and it’s a pupil pilot who’s by no means been within the shit earlier than. “I’ll cope with the merc!” he says like a real anime pink shirt. “I’ve been coaching for this!”

Not nicely sufficient, sadly. He talks to you all through the struggle as you mercilessly beat his ass. “The Redguns want this AC…I…I can’t fail this mission!” he stammers. He even thinks he’s profitable at one level. “My coaching is paying off,” he says after touchdown successful, solely to scream a couple of seconds later, “Rattling it! I can’t die like this!”

Gif: FromSoftware / Kotaku

Gamers have now killed him hundreds of thousands of instances simply to allow them to afford a ton of additional weapons they’ll most likely nearly by no means use as a result of double Zimmermans and Songbirds are utterly OP. It’s absurd, hilarious, and tragic in a method that feels nearly like FromSoftware deliberate it this manner. The Armored Core neighborhood is already filled with ideas pointing new gamers to the simple payday and memes celebrating the Dafeng Pupil Pilot’s ongoing ritual sacrifice, his final phrases seared into their brains.

“I…I simply…I simply needed a callsign of my very own…” he manages, earlier than his AC explodes. Followers have determined he deserves to get one. The present frontrunner is “Yamcha”.


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