Best. Christmas. Ever! Ending Explained

Best. Christmas. Ever! Ending Explained


  • The ending of “Greatest. Christmas. Ever!” means that Santa Claus is actual and something is feasible with vacation spirit.
  • Jackie’s Christmas publication was principally true, apart from the truth that her son Daniel had handed away.
  • Charlotte and Rob’s monetary troubles are probably resolved when Charlotte’s invention lands a product take care of Mariah Carey.

The ending of Greatest. Christmas. Ever! proves Santa Claus is actual, Monkey Bob might be actual, and something is feasible with a little bit Vacation spirit. Greatest. Christmas. Ever! is a Netflix unique Christmas film that includes Jason Biggs, Heather Graham, Brandy Norwood, and Matt Cedeno Cedeño.

Charlotte and Rob have a contented household, however they do not fairly have the life Charlotte wished, a reality she’s reminded of yearly when her buddy Jackie’s over-the-top Jennings Household Vacation E-newsletter arrives. Charlotte would not imagine Jackie is telling the reality about her household, and he or she will get the possibility to seek out out when their household by accident goes to the Jennings household’s home for Christmas as an alternative of Charlotte’s sister’s home. Whereas tensions run excessive, Charlotte learns to understand the life she has and helps her household rediscover the magic of Christmas.

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So Jackie’s Christmas Letter Was Correct the Entire Time?

It was all true apart from Daniel.

Jackie’s publication boasts about her household’s “splendiferous” yr, claiming her 10-year-old daughter Beatrix grew to become the youngest individual ever admitted into Harvard, her son Daniel’s work was serving to to avert a humanitarian disaster in Africa, her husband Valentino was working a extremely profitable karate dojo, and Jackie herself had bought her aviation firm for sufficient to benefit an early retirement. Charlotte is extremely suspicious of Jackie’s claims and begins investigating her home, discovering a suspicious Photoshop handbook; nonetheless, because the film goes on, nearly all of Jackie’s claims develop into true, besides one.

Whereas the publication was sincere about her son Daniel’s work making a distinction in Africa, it not noted the truth that Daniel had died, and the work being accomplished was by way of a memorial fund established in his title. Jackie says “that is not simply one thing you set within the Vacation publication,” as a result of information of her son’s passing was heavy and did not remotely match the tone of the remainder of Jackie’s publication highlights. It might definitely be extra sincere, and probably even assist Daniel’s causes higher, for Jackie to be upfront in her publication, however the passing of a kid is a heavy occasion in comparison with the tone of the remainder of the Jennings publication.

Why Rob Saved the Christmas Letter Secret

He was pleased with their household, even when Charlotte wasn’t.

After arriving at Jackie’s home, Charlotte noticed a letter addressed to Jackie from her husband, Rob, and turns into suspicious since Jackie was Rob’s first girlfriend. She begins snooping round Jackie’s home on the lookout for clues till she by accident will get caught, embarrassing herself, and admitting her jealousy. Rob reveals he is been writing his personal Christmas publication to a bunch of pals for years, however everybody stored it secret from Charlotte as a result of he knew she hated Christmas letters and was ashamed of the life their household had. Realizing she’d been ungrateful, she asks Jackie if she will learn copies of all Rob’s letters so she will recognize every little thing she’d been lacking.

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Did Charlotte Actually Discuss to The Actual Santa Claus?

If it appears to be like like Santa, talks like Santa, and disappears in a cloud of smoke on Christmas like Santa…

After Jackie and Charlotte fly over Valentino’s Christmas pageant with the solar-powered sizzling air balloon and Santa’s sleigh to persuade Grant and Beatrix that Santa is actual, Jackie lowers the sleigh down so Charlotte can get out and he or she encounters an outdated man who helps her out and says “I understand how difficult these flying sleighs might be.” When she thanks him he says “no, thanks, Charlotte Sanders.” When Charlotte turns to see how he knew her title, he vanishes in a puff of smoke. The film would not in any other case have any supernatural parts, so was that really Santa Claus?

The truth that the outdated man with the beard was there on the proper time, knew her title, and mysteriously vanished definitely suggests he was the true deal. Charlotte had simply accomplished one thing extraordinary and put a spark of perception about Santa within the coronary heart of a whole crowd of children, and if there’s one Christmas film trope that might carry Santa to life, that might be it. So far as the plot of the film goes, Santa’s look is little greater than a enjoyable wink, since he would not issue into the plot in any method, nevertheless it does present the extent of Charlotte’s Christmas spirit.

Is Monkey Bob Actually Sentient?

There’s one thing up with that creepy monkey…

It isn’t unusual for youngsters to have imaginary pals or discuss to their toys, so Grant’s personification of Monkey Bob appears to be nothing greater than a childhood fantasy, however Monkey Bob straight impacts the plot sufficient to pose the query: is Monkey Bob really sentient? Regardless of the in any other case grounded nature of the film, the looks (and disappearance) of what seems to be a real-life Santa Claus means a query in regards to the authenticity of Grant’s stuffed Monkey toy should not be out of the query.

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Grant says Monkey Bob is the one who put Jackie’s deal with into the GPS, Monkey Bob helps snatch the pretend Santa’s beard and hat off his face, he pops into the rearview mirror to scare Charlotte off the highway so she sees the signal in regards to the Daniel Jennings memorial fund, and Charlotte says Monkey Bob is the one who had the thought to fly over the city sq. with the Santa sled – the occasion that preceded the magical look of the true Santa Claus. If Santa is actual on this film, there is not any motive to imagine Monkey Bob is not actual, too.

How Might Charlotte and Rob Nonetheless Afford the Home?

Charlotte’s rash monetary resolution might have labored out in spite of everything.

After studying all of Rob’s Christmas letters, Charlotte decides to present him a shock Christmas current and safe a mortgage for his dream house utilizing their emergency fund as a down cost. Sadly, only some hours later, a video surfaces of a StarTech robotic vacuum cleaner catching on hearth, tanking her firm’s inventory. Charlotte tries to make it again to the mortgage workplace to cancel the mortgage, however she will get stopped on the best way, so it looks like Charlotte and Rob are caught with a brand new house cost they could not have the ability to afford.

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Luckily, because the credit sequence reveals, Jackie helped Charlotte market her crumb-free Chip Mitts, touchdown a product take care of Mariah Carey. Monetary particulars in regards to the success of the Chip Mitt aren’t revealed, however with one among Charlotte’s innovations lastly taking off, it looks like Rob, Charlotte, Grant, and Dora can stay in Rob’s dream home in spite of everything.

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