Bird Box Barcelona movie review (2023)

Bird Box Barcelona movie review (2023)

The script by the Pastors (with Josh Malerman’s novel nonetheless an inspiration) skims the floor of grief. Their movie says that the trauma wrought by grief may push you to lose your senses, decimate your logic, and possibly even make you go on a non secular campaign. However that sense isn’t deeply felt in any of the characters. As an alternative, we’re given their base-level tragedy and never a lot else. Outdoors of Sebastián, are any of them non secular? Do they blame God for what occurred? The movie is in such a rush to create a fast binary between Sebastián’s mission and this group of folks that it doesn’t hassle to get us to care about them. 

It doesn’t assist that a lot of the thriller and intrigue that accompanied the idea from the earlier “Fowl Field” evaporates right here. Quite the first objective is for these survivors to hint their means via Barcelona to a set of gondolas that’ll take them to Montjuic Fort, the place there are rumors that survivors are hiding out. Sofia’s mother may even be amongst them. 

Alongside the way in which, Sebastián should, in fact, grapple along with his religion. However that inner battle lacks dramatic rigidity. The identical may be mentioned concerning the horror side. “Fowl Field Barcelona” is minimize with assured arms by editors Luis de la Madrid and Martí Roca and shot with a watchful eye by cinematographer Daniel Aranyó, however there’s a common dearth of shocks. That chunk is even absent from the movie’s ultimate race to the gondolas, the place Sebastián and the survivors should sq. off with the pinnacle of this doomsday cult. Its chief, a bearded man with a 3rd eye branded on his hand, is so barely sketched he may as effectively be a figment of Sebastián’s thoughts.      

There’s nothing inherently unhealthy within the Pastors’ movie. It’s competently made with the overall sheen you count on from a much bigger funds. You might be, nevertheless, left scratching your head about what one other sequel may deliver that this one clearly couldn’t. Nobody on this forged is as dynamic as Bullock, neither is something as tightly conceived as within the prior movie. If seeing is believing, “Fowl Field Barcelona” doesn’t have a lot to indicate.

On Netflix tomorrow, July 14th.

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