DC’s Weirdest Team Took Down Suicide Squad’s DCEU Foe Way Better

DC’s Weirdest Team Took Down Suicide Squad’s DCEU Foe Way Better


  • In a 1982 comedian, Captain Carrot and his Zoo Crew rapidly defeat a Starro clone that has taken over Earth-C, showcasing their formidable powers.
  • Starro the Conqueror is a menacing drive within the DC Universe, controlling its hosts and posing a major risk even to the likes of the Justice League.
  • The Zoo Crew’s victory over Starro highlights their spectacular energy, with Captain Carrot possessing Superman-level talents and the group that includes a various vary of superhuman talents.

The Zoo Crew could also be DC’s weirdest group, however they took down the Suicide Squad’s DCEU foe Starro in a significantly better trend. Starro the Conqueror made life depressing for the Squad within the 2021 reboot, helmed by James Gunn, and he has been a robust risk within the DC Universe as nicely. Total empires and planets have fallen to Starro through the years, however in 1982’s Captain Carrot and His Superb Zoo Crew #1, the titular group takes down a Starro clone in document time.

“The Pluto Syndrome,” showing in Captain Carrot and His Superb Zoo Crew #1 was written by Roy Thomas and drawn by Scott Shaw. Within the story, Superman has discovered himself briefly stranded on Earth-C, which is dwelling to anthropomorphic humorous animals and has lately acquired its personal superhero within the type of Captain Carrot. The newly minted hero groups up with the Man of Metal to find who—or what—is inflicting the residents of Earth-C to revert to their primal natures. A mysterious drive teleports Superman away, leaving Captain Carrot excessive and dry. Carrot travels again to Earth and assembles the Zoo Crew. The Crew is then teleported by the identical drive that kidnapped Superman. They discover themselves on the planet Pluto, the place they uncover Superman imprisoned. The Zoo Crew learns Earth-C has been attacked by a clone of Starro the Conqueror. After Starro tears via the Zoo Crew individually, Carrot rallies the group one final time, they usually make their remaining stand in opposition to Starro, taking him down in a matter of moments. The Crew frees Superman and he returns to Earth-1.

Starro is No Laughing Matter

Starro the Conqueror is a robust drive for evil within the DC Universe. Resembling a purple starfish, Starro takes management of its hosts, forcing them to do its bidding. Many heroes within the DC Universe have tangled with Starro, together with the Justice League of their first revealed journey. Starro made the leap to live-action in James Gunn’s 2021 The Suicide Squad movie. Amanda Waller brings collectively a brand new incarnation of the Squad, together with Bloodsport, Harley Quinn and the Peacemaker, to take down Starro–and the enormous alien practically defeats the group. They’re able to rally collectively and produce the menace of Starro to an finish, but it surely prices them dearly.

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The Zoo Crew May Be One in every of DC’s Most Highly effective Groups

Zoo Crew beats Starro

Regardless of Starro’s status, Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew make quick work of him on Earth-C. There could also be a variety of elements that led to this, at first being they’re combating a Starro clone, created from a chunk of the unique that broke free. Whereas possessing all of Starro’s powers, there’s a risk this clone might be much less highly effective. Nevertheless, the difficulty makes no indication that is an inferior copy.

It additionally short-changes the sheer energy embodied within the Zoo Crew–an influence the Suicide Squad lacks. Captain Carrot possesses Superman-level energy, one thing sorely lacking from the Squad. Moreover, the Zoo Crew options all kinds of energy units, together with brute power (Pig Iron), magic (Alley Cat-Abra), tremendous pace (Fastbak), arduous gentle constructs (Yankee Poodle) and stretching (Rubber Duck). With all of this mixed, it’s straightforward to see why the Zoo Crew had been capable of overpower Starro even higher than the Suicide Squad.

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