Does Magic Exist In Futurama? All Evidence & Shared Universe History

Does Magic Exist In Futurama? All Evidence & Shared Universe History

Warning: Accommodates SPOILERS for Futurama season 11, episode 7!


  • Futurama introduces voodoo in season 11, sparking a debate in regards to the existence of magic within the present’s universe.
  • Whereas voodoo is defined as superior science, supernatural components just like the afterlife and spirits do exist in Futurama.
  • The connection between Futurama and Disenchantment means that magic as soon as existed within the Futurama universe, however magic and science are sometimes indistinguishable.

Magic is without doubt one of the most mysterious components in Futurama, because the present hasn’t made it clear if it exists or not. Futurama takes place 1000 years sooner or later, which means that the present is filled with every kind of fantastical storylines, characters, and conditions, though a lot of it’s defined away with futuristic expertise. Regardless of this, there are positively some items of Futurama that appear like magic, even when it hasn’t been explicitly confirmed. So, here’s a breakdown of each magical and supernatural component that seems in Futurama, in hopes of uncovering if magic really exists inside the present’s universe.

Futurama is lastly again, with Hulu reviving the beloved Matt Groening sci-fi collection for one more season greater than a decade after the present was taken off the air. Futurama season 11 has continued most of the futuristic sci-fi traditions that the unique collection launched, placing the Planet Specific crew in every kind of zany conditions all through every episode. Nonetheless, Futurama season 11, episode 7, “Rage Towards the Vaccine” highlights a brand new piece of Futurama lore that seemingly confirms the existence of magic, though issues is probably not as they appear. Whereas there are nonetheless questions surrounding the subject, this is the present standing of magic inside the Futurama universe.

Futurama Season 11 Introduces Voodoo To The thirty first Century

The controversy surrounding the existence of magic inside the Futurama universe was simply reignited by Futurama season 11, episode 7, because it launched an all-new department of supernatural energy. After the breakout of the Explovid-23 virus, Hermes determines that, somewhat than science, the very best factor to defeat the pandemic is voodoo. In keeping with Hermes, voodoo has been round since no less than he was younger, together with his spouse LaBarbara coming from a household that closely practiced it when she was a toddler. Voodoo has been used on zombies and different topics in Futurama, however Futurama‘s voodoo might not truly be magical.

After arriving in New New Orleans to craft a voodoo vaccine, Hermes enters a constructing run by Barbados Slim so as to be taught the methods of this mysterious magic. Nonetheless, Hermes shortly discovers that the constructing is definitely a laboratory, with the so-called voodoo truly being concocted by scientists in lab coats. LaBarbara explains that superior sufficient science and magic are nearly indistinguishable, implying that any magic seen in Futurama is definitely simply superior science somewhat than something supernatural. Though this makes it look like the supernatural would not exist in Futurama, there may be way more to the story based on the remainder of the collection.

The Afterlife & Spirits Exist In Futurama

Futurama Robot Devil With Hellraiser Puzzle Box

Though the voodoo seen in season 11 could also be nothing greater than science, supernatural components just like the afterlife and spirits do exist inside the present. Robotic Hell is a incessantly seen location within the collection, and though it could have a pure rationalization, the existence of the Robotic Satan and his seemingly magical talents throw this into query. On high of that, characters make references to varied types of the afterlife, akin to heaven and hell, with the Robotic Satan even confirming that people go to those afterlives. Though this does not verify that pure beings can wield magic in Futurama, it does verify that there’s something past the pure.

On high of that, totally different gods and spirits seem all through Futurama. A operating gag sees Professor Farnsworth, an atheist, praying to varied gods, akin to Atheismo and Isis. Bender additionally encounters what appears to be God within the episode “Godfellas,” though loads of questions nonetheless encompass this deity. Bender turns right into a ghost within the episode “Ghost within the Machine,” though it’s defined as a wi-fi pc community, which means that this spirit could also be pure. Till additional proof is offered, the states of many of those characters and components are nonetheless up within the air within the Futurama canon.

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Bender’s Sport Makes Futurama’s Magic Query Even Extra Complicated

Futurama Bender's Game Dungeons & Dragons

The Futurama film Bender’s Sport complicates the query of magic inside the Futurama canon even additional, because it provides every kind of bizarre lore which will or might not verify the existence of magic. The episode is a large parody of Dungeons & Dragons, with the Planet Specific crew and varied different characters being hurdled right into a Dungeons & Dragons-themed simulated actuality in the course of the occasions of the movie. This alternate model of the Futurama universe does characteristic a lot of the magic seen in Dungeons & Dragons, with Professor Farnsworth even being a wizard who has a number of supernatural talents. Nonetheless, the canon standing of this actuality is convoluted.

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In Bender’s Sport, the fantasy realm is brought on by Mother and Farnsworth’s crystals getting too shut collectively, inflicting all of the darkish matter within the universe to change itself into this bizarre actuality. The characters are genuinely in peril whereas on this actuality, which means that it could possibly’t be described as a simulation or an elevated psychological state. Nonetheless, nothing magical occurs outdoors of the Dungeons & Dragons realm. Due to this, it may be concluded that objects just like the anti-backwards crystal are magical and may grant magical powers, though it might be argued that these crystals are simply superior pure objects.

Futurama’s Disenchantment Connection Proves Magic As soon as Existed

A female warrior holding a sword with her companion in Matt Groening's Disenchantment

Though magic might not truly be current inside the story of Futurama, magic positively existed at one level prior to now. Because it seems, Futurama and Disenchantment share a timeline, with Disenchantment going down round 600-700 years earlier than Futurama. Magic explicitly exists inside Disenchantment, and since they share a universe, that implies that it additionally exists inside the canon of Futurama. Nonetheless, the connection between each exhibits is generally used for gags, which means that it is probably not meant for magic to really exist inside the universe of Futurama as its personal unbiased present.

Magic & Science Are Indistinguishable In Futurama

Fry and the Second Middle Ages in Futurama

Though it is potential that issues might change sooner or later, the very best conclusion that may at the moment be arrived at is that magic and science are nearly indistinguishable in Futurama. As LaBarbara factors out, it might be that each seemingly magical factor inside the universe is just a pure factor that may ultimately be studied and defined via naturalistic scientific processes. Each little bit of magic inside Disenchantment can fall below this umbrella too. Because of the scientific technique solely being dependable on the subject of pure processes, it’s exhausting to verify if something is actually magical or supernatural, and that appears to be the case in Futurama as properly.

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