Equalizer 3 Is Missing The Essential Ingredient That Created Denzel Washington’s Franchise Greatness

Equalizer 3 Is Missing The Essential Ingredient That Created Denzel Washington’s Franchise Greatness

Warning: Main spoilers for The Equalizer 3 beneath!


  • The Equalizer 3 lacks the distinctive and well-crafted motion scenes seen within the earlier films, leading to a disappointing and unexciting finale.
  • Not like the primary two movies, the third film has a much less bodily lively fundamental character, with no main battle scenes. The ultimate showdown lacks stress and stakes, because it’s clear from the beginning that McCall is much superior to his opponent.
  • The absence of a killer closing sequence is a wierd selection, contemplating the custom of the sequence. The finale feels extra like a numbingly violent scene from a slasher movie, moderately than a satisfying conclusion to the motion trilogy.

The Equalizer 3 lacks one important ingredient that made the earlier films a lot enjoyable. The Equalizer is a novel sequence of motion films, in that the principle character McCall (Denzel Washington) typically tries to keep away from violence as an alternative of charging into it. He is keen to settle disputes with a dialog, but when want be, he can flip objects like a corkscrew or a tea kettle into lethal objects. McCall additionally tends to chorus from killing the place doable, although the finales of all three films present he is not afraid to get his arms soiled.

The trilogy is custom-built round Washington as a performer, and it is typically simply as entertaining to observe him carry out as it’s seeing him take down a room stuffed with thugs. Surprisingly, the third outing strips away acquainted tropes from The Equalizer films of previous, comparable to McCall timing fights along with his watch. For sure, the movie ends with a violent showdown between McCall and mafia chief Vincent (Andrea Scarduzio), however not like the primary two entries, this finale lacks a sure wow issue.

The Equalizer 3 Lacks A Nice Last Setpiece Like The First 2 Films

The Equalizer closes with an elaborate setpiece the place McCall lured his foes into the “Residence Mart” ironmongery store he labored in, and killed them one after the other with some nasty traps. Arguably one of the best sequence of the trilogy was the second movie’s finale, the place McCall faces off in opposition to mercenaries in an deserted city throughout a hurricane. This finale was tense and thrilling, however in distinction, The Equalizer 3’s large showdown is type of lame.

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Typically, McCall is much less bodily lively than in prior films, and the third movie lacks any main battle scenes with the character. The third entry’s ending swaps the artistic setpieces of previous movies for a house invasion, the place McCall silently dispatches Vincent’s guards, earlier than knocking out the villain and forcing him to overdose on the “Jihad drug” the mafia was promoting. Whereas definitely a violent sequence, there are not any explicit stakes or stress to it both, and it is clear from the start that Vincent is not any match for McCall.

Why The Equalizer 3’s Last Struggle Is So Disappointing

Andrea Scarduzio firing a gun in The Equalizer 3

It turned a convention of The Equalizer sequence to shut on distinctive, well-crafted motion scenes the place McCall used the atmosphere round him. Equalizer 3 simply settles for a numbingly violent finale that just about looks like one thing from a slasher movie, the place McCall simply dispatches his enemies and is rarely in any actual hazard. It is a unusual selection, although maybe director Antoine Fuqua needed to craft a extra private, smaller-scale last mission for McCall. Both means, the sequel actually might have used a killer closing sequence to wrap up this motion trilogy.

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