Every God In Netflix’s Ragnarok (& How They Compare To Norse Mythology)

Every God In Netflix’s Ragnarok (& How They Compare To Norse Mythology)


  • Ragnarok on Netflix reimagines Norse mythology, specializing in the coming-of-age parts slightly than the standard portrayal of gods.
  • The character Magne embodies Thor, with superhuman powers and a way of righteousness, whereas grappling along with his position and ethical dilemma.
  • Laurits, revealed as Loki, struggles along with his mischievous nature and core id, taking part in into the battle of Loki in Norse myths and triggering the tip of the world.

Whereas many followers puzzled who’re the gods in Ragnarok on Netflix, the sequence turned out to be about one thing very completely different ultimately. As an alternative, it held ont its coming-of-age parts by reimagining Norse mythology. Ragnarok season 1 ended on a feverishly climactic be aware, with Magne (David Stakston) going up in opposition to the Jutul patriarch, Vidar (Gísli Örn Garðarsson), and the subsequent two seasons launched extra characters based mostly on these gods in some distinctive methods. The Norwegian fantasy drama shifted its give attention to Magne’s brother, Laurits (Jonas Strand Gravli), which paved the way in which for the massive reveal of his true id and parentage.

It was Laurits’ arc that sowed the seeds for the mythic retelling of the tip of the world – the good battle between Gods and Giants, or Ragnarök. Many of the Gods all through the present, particularly the Ragnarök characters of Odin and Freya, closely leaned in the direction of the outdated methods, however a lot of the mythmaking was re-contextualized in a contemporary context. This set the stage for a battle between the outdated and the brand new, which culminated with Magne’s ethical dilemma and the choice he needed to make regarding going to battle or dwelling with peace. This led to a breakdown of all of the gods in Ragnarök on Netflix and the way they examine to conventional Norse mythology as an entire.

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Magne Seier: Thor

Hailed because the protector of humanity and the god of thunder, Thor was historically identified for defeating the World Serpent and ending Ragnarök, facilitating rebirth for the world and humanity as an entire. Magne is the highly effective reincarnation of Thor, his powers embody superhuman energy, velocity, agility, the flexibility to affect the weather (particularly thunder), and maybe the one being who is ready to raise and use Mjölnir. Very similar to Thor, Magne exudes bravery and energy even within the direst of conditions, whereas being extraordinarily compassionate and protecting of these he cares about.

Nonetheless, an important trait Magne shared with Thor is the sense of righteousness, which acts because the fulcrum for his disaster of id all through Ragnarök. Damaged by the burden of the reality concerning the true nature of his brother, Magne was understandably conflicted about his position within the greater scheme of issues. Having misplaced Isolde, his solely true buddy in Edda, to the cruelty of the Jutuls, Magne felt completely misplaced and remoted after his combat with Vidar. Whereas Iman supplied assist for a while, their eventual fallout additional intensified the tussle between what wanted to be performed and what was morally proper.

Additionally it is fascinating to notice that Magne is known as after Thor’s son, Magni, who was a results of a relationship between Thora and the Big Járnsaxa, which is mirrored within the surreal sequence wherein Magne and Saxa have intercourse. Additionally, after unintentionally killing Vidar in a combat, Magne was wracked with immense guilt, which is additional intensified by Laurits’ unwillingness to forgive his brother. By the tip of the sequence, your complete story gave the impression to be all in Magne’s thoughts, which introduced the tales of Thor from the comics to life – at the very least to him. Magne being the hero after which selecting to cease Ragnarök by accepting peace, confirmed he was the hero, as was Thor.

Laurits Seier, Loki


Identified for his infamous trickster sensibilities, Loki is historically thought-about part of the Æsir regardless of having descended from the Giants. Season 2 revealed Laurits as Loki, a twist that had been foreshadowed because the begin. Very similar to Loki, Laurits is genderfluid and harbors a mischievous streak, whereas present process a large battle along with his core id. Whereas Magne’s motivations remained fixed and clear all through, Laurits remained unpredictable, to say the least, because it was tough to gauge whose facet he was really on. After studying the reality about his parentage, Laurits solid a bond with Vidar, his true father, and located solace in his firm.

Nonetheless, issues went awry when Vidar realized of Laurits’ motivations to assist his brother, resulting in a string of occasions that resulted in Vidar’s loss of life by the hands of Magne. Offended, misplaced, and wracked with ache, Laurits lashed out at Magne and the remainder of Edda. This performed into the battle of Loki within the Norse myths as effectively. Nonetheless, what actually performed into the myths was when Laurits birthed Jörmungandr, the World Serpent, who would finally grow to be a key weapon in opposition to Thor throughout Ragnarök. Jörmungandr primarily represented destruction and rebirth, together with the cyclical nature of issues, underlining the significance of predestination.

As he does within the myths, Laurits was a part of a fantastic tragedy that might have introduced concerning the finish of the world. He fell in love with Jens, who it turned out represented one other God. Jens loses his eye, and on the finish of Ragnarök, Magne sees that the younger man’s loss of life would drive Laurits to begin the battle that may finish all the things. Magnes stopped the battle, saved Jens, and introduced happiness to his brother – an ending that averted what was meant to be.

Wotan: Odin

Wotan from Netflix’s Ragnarok Sitting And Looking Off Into The Distance

Deemed supreme among the many Æsir, Odin has been hailed because the Allfather with unimaginable mastery over sacred knowledge, battle, poetry, and magic. Norse mythology chronicles Odin’s nice thirst for data, which culminated in him hanging from the Yggdrasil or the World Tree for 9 entire days. In Ragnarök, Odin is reincarnated inside the physique of Wotan Wagner, an aged man who’s seen driving an electrical wheelchair all through the sequence. Wotan’s true id is barely revealed after Wenche’s loss of life, though visible cues foreshadow this improvement, corresponding to his eye patch and the truth that Odin is known as Wotan in different Germanic tongues.

Additionally, as Wenche is positioned because the seer who tells Odin about Völuspá or Seer’s Prophecy regarding Ragnarök, her loss of life forces Odin to imagine a extra direct position within the occasions that hang-out Edda. Whereas Wotan, or Odin, is keen to help Magne in his mission to forge Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, and destroy the Giants as soon as and for all, he’s insistent on following the outdated methods, which often concerned excessive violence and needed deaths so as to deliver a couple of new starting. Though Odin explains that the outdated methods can’t be interpreted in opposition to fashionable moralistic requirements.

Nonetheless, Magne emphasised the truth that they stay within the fashionable world, and adaptation and alter are needed tenets of their instant actuality. Odin instantly rejects Laurits, who’s a reincarnation of Loki, as he’s conscious of the seminal position he’ll come to play in triggering Ragnarök, as per the Völuspá. Within the myths, it was at all times Odin’s blind rejection of Loki that broken his already-fractured psyche, pushing him to facet with the enemy. In the long run, it was Wotan who at all times informed Magne to look deeper into his visions, and it was these directions that allowed the younger man to avoid wasting himself – and his world.

Iman: Freyja

Iman in Ragnarok

Related to love, fertility, battle, and magic, Freyja is historically identified for her electrifying magnificence and talent to enchant any being. Freyja is reincarnated within the type of Iman, who’s proven caring for Wotan as a part of her part-time job, whereas being a scholar at Edda Secondary Excessive. Whereas season 1 enwrapped Iman in an aura of thriller, season 2 revealed her as a possible ally to Magne, as the 2 labored intently collectively to provide you with a plan to defeat the Jutuls. Over time, Iman was in a position to grasp her powers, which embody compulsion and seduction however selected to make use of them to buy free and enhance her grades in school.

Though loyal to the mission, Iman harbored a kernel of depth inside her and shared some traits with the Norse goddess, such because the urge to stay a flamboyant life and being assured of their sexual id. Regardless of their momentary fallout, Iman performed an integral position in serving to Magne in his mission to forge Mjölnir, as she managed to carry off Fjor whereas the hammer was solid on the everlasting hearth. In the long run, Iman returned to her regular life.

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Harry: Tyr

Harry/Tyr, God Of War In Ragnarok Looking Into The Distance

Quintessentially referred to as the God of battle in Norse and Germanic mythologies, Tyr is understood for his glorious fight talents and battle manipulation. Tyr is reincarnated in Harry, a mechanic on the auto restore store in Edda. Most surviving narratives about Tyr state that he sacrifices his hand to the monstrous wolf Fenrir, who bites off his limb whereas the gods bind the wolf. In a barely altered trend, Tyr loses his hand throughout an altercation with Fjor, though this sacrifice permits Magne to flee with Mjölnir. He even finally solid a romantic relationship with Iman. In the long run, he returned to his common life.

Jens: Baldr

Jens from Ragnarok on Netflix.

Jens performed an vital position within the finale of Ragnarök. He was launched as a love curiosity for Laurits, and he was the one one that made the younger man joyful. In terms of the gods in Ragnarok on Netflix, Jens represents Baldr. This was the god whose loss of life was to set off Ragnarök. In Norse myths, he was Odin’s son, and understanding this his loss of life would trigger the tip of the world, Odin made him largely invulnerable. Nonetheless, he would die anyway and Ragnarök would occur.

Within the Ragnarok finale, Magne had a imaginative and prescient and noticed an arrow shot, and when it hit Jens, the younger man would die and Laurits would begin a battle that may destroy their world. It matches the identical sample as Baldr in Greek myths. Nonetheless, because of Magnes listening to Wotan about listening to his visions, he was in a position to dealer the peace and finish the battle, which saved Baldr from loss of life, and averted Ragnarök.

Kiwi: Heimdall

Kiwi in Ragnarok.

There was one different character based mostly on a god in Ragnarök on Netflix that was launched late within the sequence. This was Kiwi, and he was based mostly on somebody very acquainted to film followers. Kiwi is that this present’s model of Heimdall, the character Idris Elba performed within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Within the Norse myths, Heimdall was the guardian of the Bifrost and he may see all the things. Within the third season, it’s Wotan who introduces everybody to Kiwi. Very similar to Heimdall, Kiwi is aware of so much about what is going on and Wotan believed he may assist along with his knowledge, taking part in into the character from Norse myths.

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