Every Weapon Evolution in 20 Minutes Till Dawn

Every Weapon Evolution in 20 Minutes Till Dawn

Each time degree 20 is reached in the course of the survival rogue-like gameplay of 20 Minutes Until Daybreak, there exists an choice to decide on an evolution on your present weapon. The improve path chosen for a weapon may change the way you strategy the following wave of enemies seen within the sport. As your foes get stronger, it will take higher instruments to take them down as you construct the right fighter to outlast the night time.

Out of the eleven weapons obtainable in 20 Minutes Until Daybreak, three totally different evolutions could also be picked when you attain degree 20. Solely considered one of these choices might be chosen, so evolution ought to be chosen if it helps your character construct. Not like the weapon evolutions from Vampire Survivors‘ DLC, there aren’t any different stipulations past leveling up that must be accomplished to unlock an improve.

Each Weapon Evolution in 20 Minutes Until Daybreak






Your bullets have a 30% likelihood to deal 3 occasions the harm.


Bullet Bounce +1. Your bullets deal 20% extra harm after each bounce.


Your first and final ammo shoots 3 further projectiles.





Melee Shot

Bullet Harm +200%. Projectiles +2. Piercing +2. Bullet Dimension +200%. Unfold +50. Enhance harm however cut back the vary of your bullets.

Twin Wield

Max Ammo +2. Acquire an extra Shotgun that shoots behind you.

Targeted Blast

Projectiles -100%. Bullet Dimension +500%. Shotgun can solely shoot a single projectile. Every added projectile rely as an alternative will increase your bullet harm by 50%.





Quantam Bolt

When your bullets attain the sting of the display, they warp to the alternative finish.

Fast Load

Your Crossbow costs a lot quicker.

Wind Bolt

Transfer Pace +25%. Stroll Pace +100%. Your bullets’ harm is elevated by bonuses to your Transfer Pace.




Flame Cannon


Flame Cannon shortly regenerates ammo when not taking pictures when you haven’t used up all of your ammo. Flame Cannon reloads a lot slower. When beneath 75% of Max Ammo, deal 2 occasions extra Burn harm.


Flame Cannon shoots a lot slower however has 30 base harm. Burn harm is elevated by bonuses to Bullet Harm.


Each third enemy killed leaves Burning Floor that inflicts Burn for 3 harm per second.




Twin SMGs

Flash Magazine

On each tenth shot, launch a wave of Lightning Strikes that offers 22 harm every.

Hail Shot

Your bullets have a ten% to inflict Frozen. Bullets deal 400% extra harm towards Frozen enemies.

Fiery Payload

Your bullets have a 20% likelihood to inflict Burn for six harm per second in a small space.





Hellfire Bats

Your bullets have a 50% likelihood to inflict Burn for 3 harm per second. Burn harm is elevated by your Summon Harm.

Shadow Bats

Your bullets have a 50% to inflict Curse. Curse harm is elevated by your Summon Harm.

Vampiric Bats

Max HP +1. Each 2 hundredth enemy killed drops a therapeutic merchandise.




Grenade Launcher

Cluster Bomb

Grenades explode into 5 smaller Grenades that deal 20% of Bullet Harm.

Blast Defend

Bullet Dimension +25%. You’re resistant to explosions.


Bullet Dimension +30%. Bullet Pace -31%. Your bullets inflict Burn that offers 50% of your Bullet Harm per second.




Magic Bow

Bomb Arrows

Magic Bow arrows now not return to you. As an alternative, they explode for 3 occasions the bullet harm once you reload.

Arrow Caller

Magic Bow arrows deal no harm on impression however deal 3 occasions the harm when returning to you.

Thunder Caller

Magic Bow arrows can now apply on-hit results once they return to you. Arrows have a 20% likelihood to name down Lightning for 22 harm.




Cyclone Sword

Gentle Blade

Max HP +1. Cyclone Sword has a 50% likelihood to Smite enemies for 20 harm on hit.

Wind Katana

Transfer Pace +30%. Cyclone Sword’s harm is elevated by bonuses to Transfer Pace.

Demise Sickle

After ending reloading, deal an enormous spin assault that offers 4 occasions your bullet harm and applies Curse.




Salvo Knife

Wind Knife

Transfer Pace +30%. Salvo Knives’ harm is elevated by bonuses to Transfer Pace.

Trick Knife

Bullet Bounce +1. Bullet Pierce is transformed to Bounce.

Thousand Knives

Max Ammo +999. Transfer Pace +50%




Watering Gun

Jet Stream

Hearth Fee +20%. Enhance your bullet vary.

Magic Spray

Spore Flower triggers on-hit results.

Energy Spray

Spore Flower’s harm is elevated by bonuses to Bullet Harm.

These upgrades may make or break a run, from passive buffs to traits like Motion Pace to fully new results similar to further weapons and additional assaults. Whereas Vampire Survivors might have outlined this style, 20 Minutes Until Daybreak presents a simple strategy to weapon evolutions in distinction to that title. Nonetheless, a few of these decisions depend upon what character you chose.

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Tips on how to Select Weapon Evolutions for Each Character

20 Minutes Till Dawn Raven Character with Gear, Abilities, and Upgrades

Based on Not The Finest, Out of the twelve whole characters that may be unlocked in 20 Minutes Until Daybreak, the weapon evolution it is best to decide should work effectively with their particular potential. Even the starter character, Shana, can reroll upgrades as soon as per degree, providing you with an opportunity to even change your weapon evolution at degree 21. Though the opposite characters grow to be obtainable by spending Souls, the variations of their Well being might change what weapon to deliver right into a run.

It doesn’t matter what character is chosen for a run, every of the twelve unlockable personas has an equal potential to decide on between any weapon’s evolution as soon as they attain degree 20.

Whereas weapon evolution necessities in Vampire Survivors demand that one character be paired with a particular weapon, any character can improve any weapon in 20 Minutes Until Daybreak. For instance, Spark is equally able to selecting any enhancement to the Batgun as Hina; neither have unique paths solely seen by them. Each weapon evolution in 20 Minutes Until Daybreak is value exploring to find a personality’s potential.

Supply: Steam/Not The Finest

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