Exoprimal Guide – Best Exosuits and Recommended Modules

Exoprimal Guide – Best Exosuits and Recommended Modules

Capcom’s Exoprimal could also be a PvEvP title, however its roster leans extra in direction of that of a hero shooter. You might have 10 Exosuits, divided into three roles – Assault, Help and Tank. Every Exosuit excels in a unique space, and as you degree them up, you’ll acquire particular Modules which might alter or improve their talents.

You’ll be able to have three Modules outfitted at a time, and they are often upgraded with BikCoins, unlocking some new perks within the course of. New Exosuits additionally require growing your Participant Degree and spending BikCoins, however what are one of the best choices in a match? Let’s go over one of the best Exosuits and their advisable Swimsuit Modules beneath.

Finest Assault Fits


His Skipbomber grenade is nice for coping with crowds of dinosaurs (even burning these it instantly hits) and offers nice injury to Exosuits. With the ability to set mines and remotely detonate them with Triple Menace whereas having an explosive dodge and a Stun Grenade to cease dinosaurs and different Exofighters of their tracks is fairly nice.

If that weren’t sufficient, Overdrive: Burning Coronary heart turns Barrage right into a fiery missile that offers huge single-target injury to each dinosaurs and Exosuits, even when you want some fast therapeutic as a result of self-damage it inflicts. Since his projectiles have journey time, it will probably take a little bit of time to guide pictures, however in any other case, Barrage is among the greatest Exosuits for clearing teams of enemies.

Beneficial Swimsuit Modules: Blast Enhancer for extra blast radius or Impression Grenade for extra Skipbomber injury with direct hits. Lingering Menace for the longer flame length with Triple Menace. Flare Dodge for increased explosive injury, blast radius and burn probability on dinosaurs when utilizing Flip Dodge.


When dealing with hordes of dinos, single-target injury can appear underrated. Nonetheless, towards harder enemies just like the Carnosaurs, Triceratops and even long-range Neosaurs, Vigilant is one of the best. Subsonic Burst fires a three-shot burst from the hip, however when zoomed, it unleashes a strong railgun shot after a charging interval.

You may also unleash Stinger Shot to pierce by means of a number of enemies without delay, making for nice advert clear. If that weren’t sufficient, Overdrive: Barrel Breaker grants six charged pictures on demand. When you want some crowd management, throw out Frost Lock, although be warned that it should be used twice on massive dinosaurs to freeze them.

Beneficial Swimsuit Modules: Cost Enhancer for a second charging stage, resulting in extra highly effective railgun pictures that devour double ammo. Ending Streak for essential injury with Stinger Shot and lowering cooldown time on defeating enemies. Floating Vault for a brief assault enhance and extra hangtime within the air, and Freezing Vault to freeze close by enemies when utilizing Vault.

Finest Help Fits


Nimbus is a succesful injury supplier and healer, together with her handguns, Mars and Apollo, able to each when switching between Rend and Mend. Shoot allies to heal them and enemies to kill them. It’s that easy. She will be able to additionally ship out a hologram to revive allies from afar, which is invaluable, or to teleport when she wants to flee.

Spreadshot is great for burst injury and therapeutic, whereas OD: Antipode Burst is right for pushing again crowds of smaller dinosaurs. She might require some goal and administration of cooldowns, particularly when switching between Mend and Rend, however the outcomes are effectively value it.

Beneficial Swimsuit Modules: Speedy Swap to cut back the cooldown on Mode Swap or Amped Unfold for extra Spreadshot injury and therapeutic, whereas reloading weapons with stronger projectiles. Fast Holo to cut back the cooldown on Holo Warp. Pace Shot for extra therapeutic and to permit projectiles to move by means of allies, although pictures not residence in (which might be robust, if teammates are continually transferring).


Regardless of his unconventional look, Witchdoctor might be one of the best Help Exosuit. Neuro Rod is nice for paralyzing teams of dinosaurs and disintegrating them with sufficient injury, whereas Rescue Area creates an space to heal allies for a quick interval. You’ll be able to basically stand alongside your Tank, helping in injury whereas holding them alive (which is inspired, given the restricted vary of Rescue Area).

Feed is considerably awkward, given its restricted vary, nevertheless it gives nice therapeutic and boosts motion velocity, whereas additionally charging your Neuro Rod when used towards enemies (and also can gradual them). OD: Important Aura can also be an unimaginable trump card, absolutely restoring the well being of all allies, boosting their injury and slowing enemies.

Beneficial Swimsuit Modules: Shock Remedy to cut back the time wanted to paralyze dinosaurs with the Neuro Rod. Restore Increase for extra therapeutic with Restore Area or Adrenaline Feed to extend an ally’s assault with Feed. Security Leap to revive one cost of Restore Area when utilizing Rescue Leap.

Finest Tank Fits


At first, Roadblock looks like the archetypal Reinhardt-style hero with a large defend to dam enemies. Nonetheless, he’s maybe one of the best pure Tank within the sport. The defend has about 2000 Well being, supreme for blocking oncoming hordes and large dinosaurs. Defend Blast will knock enemies again, with the impact turning into stronger with extra enemies hit. Taunt will draw enemy threats, whereas Haymaker is a simple melee punch.

You’ll be able to even evade with Skid Dodge, and the OD: Storm Drive delivers some spin-to-win injury. Simply ensure you’re in the midst of a crowd). Ranged injury isn’t Roadblock’s robust go well with, however that’s why you’ve got teammates. Give attention to drawing threats and serving as a frontliner who blocks injury and creates house in your crew.

Beneficial Swimsuit Modules: Knuckle Duster for elevated protection when attacking. Stun Blast for a slight enhance to stun probability towards dinosaurs (whereas guaranteeing stuns on hostile gamers) and Legendary Taunt to get well defend sturdiness when utilizing Taunt. Skid Dodge+ to knock again enemies with Skid Dodge, scale back flinch and acquire elevated protection.


Extra of a melee off-tank than a pure defensive fundamental tank, Murasame is for the participant who enjoys shut fight however desires one thing a lot tankier than Zephyr. Kiri-Ichimonji dishes out respectable injury to dinosaurs and hostile Exosuits, with its vary being good towards crowds. You may also use Strafe Hook for mobility, both gaining an additional leap or executing a Falling Assault, which offers extra injury primarily based on the variety of spins earlier than touchdown.

The actual worth of Murasame is in Vajra Counter – after blocking sufficient assaults, you possibly can execute a strong counter and enter Rasetsu Stance, dealing extra injury with common assaults. Lastly, there’s Meikyo Shisu, a channeled Overdrive which damages enemies inside a 30-meter radius, dealing huge injury to dinosaurs and immediately slaying hostile Exofighters. You additionally acquire injury discount and might activate earlier, albeit with a decrease vary. Although he can take some follow, Murasame is a drive to reckon with towards each Exofighters and dinosaurs.

Beneficial Swimsuit Modules: Radiance for elevated counter-attack injury and barely increased vary or Rasetsu Step for increased assault velocity when in Rasetsu Stance. Steadfast to cut back the cooldown on Vajra Counter. Dragon Strafe for elevated protection and lowering flinching whereas utilizing Strafe Hook and Tiger Strafe for one extra use.

Honorable Mentions

Not each Exosuit is a winner, however they’re not all horrible. Every can full aims and slay dinosaurs, even when they’re not one of the best choices to min-max. If you wish to fulfill particular niches, they’re value a glance.


Your beginning Exosuit with an assault rifle, explosive shot and Cluster Salvo for unleashing a torrent of harm. You may also dodge roll and unleash a strong palm strike. Its Overdrive might be good in PvP towards different Exosuits. Although Deadeye is so simple as might be, it’s nonetheless a strong possibility for freshmen.


This Help Exosuit is nice for crowd management, whether or not it’s her Gravity Cage that traps enemies or De-Synchronize to freeze them inside an space for a quick interval. Staying airborne away from all of the hazard additionally will increase her survivability, although Pteranodons and Exofighters like Vigilant can nonetheless get you. Journey time on therapeutic projectiles hurts her total therapeutic, although.


Want some close-range, area-of-effect injury? Zephyr is a good decide. Linear Strike can ship smaller foes flying whereas Sky Excessive sends them up. Restricted Override additionally isn’t horrible, because it gives therapeutic for the go well with and decreased cooldown occasions, however his total survivability and utility are low in comparison with different Assault fits. General, he’s enjoyable to play – simply troublesome to suggest over equipping Barrage or Vigilant.


Possessing quite a few instruments for creating house, dealing vary injury and speeding enemies, Krieger is a jack-of-all-trades within the tanking division. He can place a Dome Defend over aims in space protection, hearth missiles that lock on and paralyze enemies, and even has a minigun. Nonetheless, his injury isn’t pretty much as good as Murasame, and by way of pure tanking, Roadblock is best.

Finest Base Modules

Exosuit-specific Modules aren’t the one choices obtainable. Leveling up your character additionally unlocks Base Modules, which might be outfitted on all Exofighters. Because you gained’t have entry to all of the suit-specific Modules from the outset, these are good for filling out any gaps in your loadout.

Listed below are one of the best Base Modules within the sport which are value equipping.

Regeneration Module

Reduces the time for computerized well being regeneration to begin.

Restoration Module

Mechanically get well some well being, which is nice when you’re out of the road of sight out of your Help. Deal with it as extra of an emergency possibility.

Reload Effectivity Module

Reduces Reload and Cost Time. Ultimate for Vigilant, Barrage and Nimbus, however superb on most Exosuits.

Sturdiness Module

It will increase max well being. Extra well being means taking extra injury, which is nice.

Hello-Xol Compression Module

Very barely will increase the cost charge for the Overdrive Gauge.

Rig Loading Module

Scale back the cooldown time on Rigs, which is nice whenever you ultimately unlock Defend and Drill.

Exoprimal is on the market for Xbox One, Xbox Collection X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. It’s additionally playable on Sport Go. Try our evaluate for extra particulars. You may also learn our guides on the best way to degree up your Exosuits quicker and earn extra BikCoins.

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