Exoprimal Guide – How to Farm BikCoins

Exoprimal Guide – How to Farm BikCoins

Capcom’s Exoprimal makes use of BikCoins (a not-so-subtle play on BitCoins), and so they have many makes use of.

When you unlock Modules, it’s essential to buy and improve them with BikCoins (with the price growing with every tier). Upgraded Modules are stronger and may usually be a distinction maker in battles. As you degree up, new Exosuits turn into accessible for BikCoins. Lastly, many of the cosmetics value BikCoins.

You possibly can get hold of BikCoins in a number of methods, and whereas there are definitely strategies to earn them quicker, you’ll nonetheless have to play the sport. There’s sadly no substitute for the grind.

It’s price noting that if you buy the Head Begin Equipment for $14.99, you may get Unlock Tickets (and unique skins) for 3 Exosuits – Murasame, Nimbus and Vigilant. It saves on having to purchase every of them for 5000 BikCoins. A BikCoin saved is a BikCoin, as they most likely say. Don’t buy it in the event you’ve unlocked these three fits for the reason that tickets might be nugatory.

Be aware that you just don’t get any from the Survival Go, whether or not the free or Premium tiers. With out additional ado, let’s take a look at all of the methods to get BikCoins.

The right way to Farm BikCoins

Win Matches

Whereas nobody queues as much as lose a match, there’s an extra incentive to attempt tougher in Exoprimal. Wins provide you with a 1.3x multiplier to your rewards, which incorporates XP and BikCoins. So the actual query is: How do you go about profitable matches?

First, take a look at your group composition and see what’s lacking. In case you don’t have any tanks or helps, swap to 1 earlier than the match begins (Roadblock and Witchdoctor are protected bets). In case you’re finishing aims slower than the enemy group, see if there’s an space that may profit from extra injury.

Go Vigilant for single-target, particularly towards Elites and boss dinosaurs, or Barrage for taking out crowds of enemies. Relying on the assist participant, it’s usually potential to go one tank, three assault and one assist in matches.

Even in the event you lose, don’t fear. You continue to get BikCoins, however not as a lot as you’ll by profitable.

Stage Up Exosuits

Every Exosuit ranges up individually. Together with unlocking suit-specific Modules, that are key to additional powering up an Exosuit, you get BikCoins at increased ranges. As you degree up extra, BikCoins are rewarded at extra constant intervals.

Exosuit ranges are raised through the use of them extra, however don’t fear in the event you swap to a different throughout a match – XP earned on the earlier Exosuit nonetheless counts. Whether or not the XP multiplier for profitable contributes to Exosuit XP is unknown. Regardless, sticking to a single Exosuit is one of the simplest ways to degree them up shortly, however make sure you fill out any lacking roles on the group.

Improve Participant Stage

BikCoins are additionally awarded upon growing the Participant Stage (although solely at sure ranges). Once more, one of the simplest ways to do that is by profitable matches to make the most of the 1.3x multiplier. Nonetheless, there’s one other means for these feeling fortunate.

In case you progress previous the primary hour and a half, you possibly can change the Remaining Mission in Dino Survival’s matchmaking settings. The choices are PvE, PvP and Random. Deciding on PvE makes the ultimate mission right into a race to see which group can full aims quicker (although you continue to have to cope with Dominators managed by the enemy group).

PvP turns the ultimate spherical into one the place it’s essential to combat the enemy group. Random makes it so that you get matched into PvE or PvP and offers a 1.2x multiplier to XP earned.

In case you don’t thoughts doubtlessly coming into a PvP match (and getting steamrolled by the enemy group), select the Random choice. Even in the event you lose, you’re incomes 1.2x XP, so it’s price it. You may as well use PvP matches to change out Exosuits at completely different intervals and degree up every.

Warfare Chests

Together with BikCoins, growing your Participant Stage additionally awards Warfare Chests at particular intervals. For instance, it’s possible you’ll get one at degree 2, one other at degree 4 and one other at degree 7. Warfare Chests are primarily loot packing containers – they provide cosmetics like Exosuit skins, weapon skins, profile backgrounds, emblems, and whatnot.

Nonetheless, they’ll additionally generally present BikCoins. There are three rarities – 550 (Widespread), 1200 (Uncommon) and 7000 (Legendary). Legendary drops are the rarest, and since BikCoin drops are shared with cosmetics in Warfare Chests, the chances of them dropping are low.

Exoprimal is accessible for Xbox One, Xbox Collection X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. It’s additionally playable on Sport Go.

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