Final Fantasy 16 – Analyzing the Ending and Possible Story DLC

Final Fantasy 16 – Analyzing the Ending and Possible Story DLC

Final Fantasy 16 launched slightly over every week in the past and has already impacted followers and Sq. Enix. Together with robust vital acclaim, it crossed three million in digital downloads and worldwide shipments. After all, given how the sport ends, there’s hope for some DLC and maybe a continuation of the story. How does the ending unfold, although? Spoilers comply with, so beware.

The story is ready in Valisthea, beset by strife because of the Mothercrystals. Six main realms lay declare to them, every having its personal Dominant – who can summon the ability of huge entities often known as Eikons – to show the tides.

As a part of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, the sport focuses on Clive Rosfield, the eldest son of Duke Elwin. His brother, Joshua, is the Dominant of the Phoenix and inheritor to the throne whereas warfare is on the realm’s doorstep. There’s additionally the Blight, which spreads by Valisthea, rendering the land inhospitable, inflicting monsters emigrate additional in the direction of the cities as residents flee to the foremost cities.

After being attacked at Phoenix Gate by Sanbreque’s troops, ensuing within the loss of life of their father, Joshua unleashes the Phoenix’s energy. After seeing a mysterious hooded determine earlier, Clive inadvertently turns into Ifrit, the second Eikon of Fireplace. Joshua is unaware of Ifrit’s actual id as Clive rampages. After a fierce battle, Ifrit seemingly kills the Phoenix and Joshua. Unaware of his position in all this, Clive swears vengeance upon the Eikon and is certain to the Imperial military after the betrayal of his mom, Annabella.

A number of years move, and Clive is now a Branded soldier for Sanbreque. After getting concerned in a combat between the Iron Kingdom and the Dhalmakian Republic, reuniting together with his childhood buddy Jill Warrick – revealed to be the Dominant of Shiva – Clive meets with Cidolfus Telamon. The previous Commander of Waloed’s military (later revealed because the Dominant of Ramuh), Cid has created a Hideaway for Bearers and Branded to stay in peace.

The duo enterprise to Caer Norvent in pursuit of the hooded man that Clive believes to be his perpetrator. It’s later revealed to be Joshua, nonetheless alive and pursuing some unknown function. Clive is unaware of this and battles Benedikta, the Dominant of Garuda, and absorbs her energy. After all, he additionally transforms into Ifrit and fights Garuda, which leads him to understand that he’s chargeable for Joshua’s loss of life.

By means of a sequence of occasions, which sees Clive returning to Phoenix Gate to confront his previous (whereas additionally seeing a part of a mysterious mural), he accepts that he’s Ifrit. Upon reconvening with Cid and pledging to assist the Hideaway, the latter reveals that the Mothercrystals are chargeable for the Blight plaguing the land. Clive subsequently travels to Drake’s Head in Sanbreque with Jill and Cid to destroy its Mothercrystal.

As soon as they accomplish that, a mysterious determine named Typhon emerges, trying to take management of Clive. Cid is mortally wounded (and later dies) whereas repelling Typhon, who Clive defeats. Nonetheless, one other entity named Ultima emerges. Joshua arrives in time to guard his brother and seal Ultima. In the meantime, a number of extra years move, as Clive takes on the title of Cid, main the Hideaway and touring to totally different locations to save lots of Bearers.

After all, the target of destroying the Mothercrystals stays. Clive ventures with Jill to the Iron Kingdom, which forcefully makes use of her as its Dominant, resulting in some candy revenge towards her captors and the destruction of its Mothercrystal. Hugo Kupka, the Dominant of Titan, seeks to kill Clive for the loss of life of Benedikta, resulting in a showdown between the 2 and the destruction of Dhalmekia’s Mothercrystal.

Whereas all that is taking place, Joshua (who nonetheless has Ultima sealed in his physique) seeks counsel with Dion Lesage, Sanbreque’s crown prince, who can be the Dominant of Bahamut. The 2 provoke a coup towards Annabella, now married to the Emperor of Sanbreque, the latter dying within the course of. Annabella’s son beneath the Emperor, Olivier, is then revealed to be beneath Ultima’s management (who then controls Dion). After Clive and Jill destroy the Crystalline Dominion’s Mothercrystal, he and Joshua combat Bahamut.

final fantasy 16 bahamut

Ifrit and Phoenix face up to Bahamut’s assaults and mix to kind Ifrit Risen, which stops Terraflare from destroying the world. Bahamut is defeated, and Dion returns to his senses. There’s just one Mothercrystal left in Waloed, and after slaying King Barnabas, Clive absorbs Odin and destroys the crystal. Nonetheless, that is all a part of Ultima’s plan.

Because it seems, Ultima isn’t from this world. A number of years in the past, together with his folks (later revealed to be the Fallen, whose ruins dot Valisthea), he created magic, which resulted within the Blight destroying their world. They fled to Valisthea on their ship, Origin, and started a plan to create a brand new world freed from the Blight.

Ultima’s surviving kin would change into the Mothercrystals and drain Valisthea of its aether to construct up the magic essential to enact this. Whereas creating humanity, their function was to provide rise to the Mythos, which Ultima would possess and use their energy to recreate the world. As they retreated into the shadows, humanity would use the Mothercrystals and magic to wage warfare towards one another whereas the Blight ran rampant.

It’s revealed that Clive is Mythos, together with his capability to soak up totally different Eikons contributing to his overwhelming energy. Ifrit Risen is Mythos’ final kind and resembles Ultima Prime (Ultima’s earlier kind). Ultima plans to make use of Mythos to forged Increase, destroying Valisthea and ushering in a brand new world. Nonetheless, Clive rebels and rejects Ultima, who then ventures to Twinside.

final fantasy 16 ultima

The town is revealed to be Origin, and it turns into a large crystal, absorbing aether and inflicting the Blight to overhaul the encircling lands. Clive, Joshua and Dion enterprise onto Origin to cease Ultima, with Dion dying within the course of. Joshua makes use of the Phoenix to heal Clive on the threat of his life, and the 2 enterprise to Ultima’s location. After unsealing and absorbing its kin from Joshua, Ultima readies Increase. Joshua sacrifices his life to provide Clive the total energy of Phoenix, permitting him to unleash the Ifrit Risen to defeat Ultima.

Conscious of the impact of magic on Valisthea and the way it led to huge struggling, Clive believes the best choice is to destroy it. He absorbs Ultima and makes use of the ability to destroy the crystal round Origin and the ship itself. Severely weakened, he awakens on a seashore as his left hand petrifies, seemingly dying. In the meantime, Jill and Torgal search for on the sky at Metia, a star believed to grant needs, which she continuously appears to be like to, hoping for Clive to return safely. She then cries, seemingly conscious that her want isn’t coming true.

Minimize to after the credit, a few years later, the place two boys collect firewood for his or her home. One of many boys tries to gentle a hearth however as an alternative depends on flint, indicating that magic is certainly gone from Valisthea. The 2 then play outdoors with their pup in a nod to Clive, Joshua and Torgal, whereas a e-book referred to as Remaining Fantasy, written by Joshua Rosfield, is on the desk. The boy wished he had Eikonic magic to gentle the hearth earlier than his mom reminded him the e-book was only a fairy story. So whereas the story of Clive and his associates has pale into delusion, Valisthea and its individuals are lastly free to stay life.

After all, there are various, many unanswered questions all through all this. What grew to become of the Bearers, who may use magic with out counting on crystals and had been appeared down upon by society, ultimately petrifying (like Clive did on the finish) and dying a painful loss of life? With magic gone from the world and the Mothercrystals destroyed, it’s unlikely that the remaining the Aristocracy would settle for the Bearers, not to mention abide by them searching for freedom.

Final Fantasy 16 - Jill Warrick_01

There’s additionally the query of Jill. Her arc just about wrapped within the Iron Kingdom, and he or she performed a supporting position to Clive, ultimately bestowing her powers on him. Maybe a future DLC or growth may look at the rapid fall-out from Origin’s destruction as Jill and the Hideaway rally collectively to carry order to the world. Taking part in as her wouldn’t simply present a change of tempo and broaden on her character but additionally showcase how fight would work with out the Eikonic Expertise. Maybe Rosaria can re-establish its id, and Jill can return house. After all, Torgal also needs to play a job and hopefully discover some closure from Clive’s loss of life.

Whereas DLC may take a look at Clive’s destiny and possibly sustain the thriller of whether or not he’s alive or useless, it might be pointless. At this level, Remaining Fantasy 16 deserves a prolonged epilogue, greater than the rest, to tie a neat bow to the story’s occasions. So don’t anticipate a Remaining Fantasy 16-2 or Clive Returns anytime quickly, although a small standalone recreation with Jill because the protagonist may work.

The place the following title may go from right here stays to be seen, particularly with how lengthy it took to develop this one. It wouldn’t be remiss for Sq. Enix to financial institution on different titles for longer whereas slowly engaged on the following mainline recreation within the background.

Whether or not it embraces a real-time fight strategy or goes in a totally totally different route with its world-building, one factor is definite. Remaining Fantasy 16 is a serious RPG pillar, and can proceed to be so.

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