Final Fantasy 16 Guide – 15 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – 15 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Final Fantasy 16 is a large sport however lays out its varied mechanics and programs in an simply comprehensible method. Whether or not fight or exploration, you’ll shortly get the grasp of which Talent does what and tips on how to discover the world of Valisthea. Nevertheless, there are some things to recollect, particularly throughout fight.

You’ll probably decide up on these as you get into extra battles and discover a correct circulate and rhythm. A very powerful factor is to check out totally different Expertise freely – in any case, they are often refunded and reassigned with out penalties.

With out additional ado, listed below are 15 suggestions and tips you must know when enjoying Closing Fantasy 16.

Animal Intuition

As seen within the demo, you may maintain L3 to activate Animal Intuition which factors you in the direction of an goal. When you get Torgal, urgent L3 (which doesn’t work whereas shifting, so that you’ll have to cease) will see him transfer in the direction of aims. There will even be a useful little marker indicating his location.

Nevertheless, typically, it might not occur instantly. So maintain down L3 and wait just a few seconds for Torgal to get his bearings and information you. It could appear trivial, however given how darkish some areas can get, Animal Intuition is sweet for recognizing that one door.

One other use for it’s within the extra story-focused levels. Discovered a path that splits off, however you don’t need to miss out on objects or supplies? Use Animal Intuition to seek out out which path your goal is, after which discover in every single place else for loot.

Verify for Gear Earlier than Crafting

Charon is a service provider within the Hideaway who provides you with weapons, armor, equipment and potions. Blackthorne is the blacksmith, who will craft or improve objects when you’ve got the requisite supplies. You’ll learn when Charon has new items or if a brand new crafting recipe is out there at Blackthorne as you progress by means of the sport.

Nevertheless, earlier than going straight to Blackthorne for higher weapons and tools, verify if Charon has them first. You should purchase them with Gil after which improve the identical weapons and armor on the blacksmith to save lots of any supplies obligatory for crafting them within the first place.

After all, Charon gained’t have all the pieces, so it’s greatest to verify them each earlier than crafting or enhancing something. Additionally, don’t promote your weapons. Some function supplies for crafting higher swords as you progress by means of the story.

Allow Goal Observe

Final Fantasy 16_02

As anybody who performed the demo will let you know, allow Goal Observe. Go into your Settings and navigate over to the Digital camera tab. Scroll down within the menu and switch it on. Goal Observe will basically monitor a locked-on goal when it goes offscreen, so that you don’t must reorient your view with the best stick every time that occurs.

Additionally, as a normal tip: If an enemy is charging and also you get the Precision Dodge, typically a melee counter-attack isn’t the best choice since there’s an opportunity of lacking. In these circumstances, use a ranged assault by hitting Triangle. After all, this additionally applies when dodging ranged assaults and permits for counter-attacking at vary to inflict Stagger harm.

Mixing Eikonic Expertise

Final Fantasy 16_0013

Every Eikonic Talent has totally different scores for Assault and Stagger harm. Some are higher suited to damaging well being whereas others aren’t however can cut back the enemy’s Will gauge quicker due to their Stagger harm. Nevertheless, there’s extra to it than that.

You’ll additionally need a wholesome mixture of Expertise for clearing out teams of enemies and single-target harm. Some Expertise even have distinctive properties, like Heatwave. It unleashes a wave of vitality at an enemy, however use it when intercepting an enemy projectile, and also you’ll unleash extra vitality waves, dealing much more Stagger harm. It’s good however not as best as Rising Flames or Scarlet Cyclone when coping with melee attackers.

It could appear robust to juggle all this, however there are a number of assault choices, so that you’ll discover one thing that fits your playstyle.


Final Fantasy 16

Along with equipping a sword, vest and buckler, Clive has three Accent slots. These can enhance your Assault, Protection and Well being initially. Nevertheless, you’ll quickly discover Equipment which enhance Talent harm, cut back their cooldowns, and so forth. Whereas rising the efficiency of Expertise is nice, you’ll finally discover Equipment which might enhance Gil, XP and Capability Factors earned.

Grinding isn’t essentially one thing you need to fear about, particularly when you do the odd aspect quest right here and there. Nevertheless, if you need extra AP or Gil, particularly when clearing up aspect quests, balancing the harm will increase with the opposite advantages Equipment can present is necessary.

Don’t Fear About Aspect Quests

Aspect quests supply many issues, like XP, Gil and Renown (which could be redeemed later for varied bonuses). They’re not notably troublesome both, so you may get many achieved shortly. Nevertheless, you don’t have to really feel obligated – as an alternative, pursue them to be taught extra about every area and Valisthea general. There are some genuinely attention-grabbing occasions taking place and characters to fulfill.

The quantity of grinding in Closing Fantasy 16 can be low, and if you wish to concentrate on the primary quest with out being distracted, that’s completely high quality. There are some factors of no return within the story (which it warns you about). When you’re a completionist, take the time to tie up any free ends earlier than continuing.

Final Expertise

Every Eikon confers a unique set of Expertise to Clive. When you’re solely beginning with the Phoenix, you ultimately get Expertise for Garuda, Ramuh, Titan and extra. These Talent bushes additionally include what I’d prefer to name Ultimates – highly effective assaults with lengthy cooldowns.

Every has distinctive properties, just like the Phoenix’s Flames of Rebirth dealing harm whereas additionally restoring a few of Clive’s well being, however the quantity of Assault and Stagger harm is roughly equal. In contrast, Garuda’s Final – which generates a large twister – is excellent at inflicting Stagger harm, very like her Expertise. As soon as once more, balancing them out and selecting the correct mix of Expertise and Ultimates is the important thing to success.

Hunt Goal Places

Final Fantasy 16_007

When the Hunt Board opens up, you’ll most likely discover you could’t decide up any of the bounties and hold them in your journal to lookup later. There’s additionally no waypoint supplied when you see them. Verify the situation on the backside of the bounty, then learn the outline for some hints of the place to go. Once more, this gained’t present the precise location, but it surely a minimum of narrows issues down.

Hunt targets aren’t at all times in remoted areas on the map or places marked as inaccessible. Whereas it might be tempting to utterly ignore the bounty’s info and go someplace that appears distant, it gained’t at all times work out (no, I’m not talking from expertise). Use the Share button to screenshot the bounty’s particulars and work from there when you want one thing to consult with whereas out on this planet.

Infamous Marks

Final Fantasy 16_06

Except for Hunt targets, you’ll finally encounter Infamous Marks. These perform roughly the identical – kill them and get Gil, XP and Renown – however they’re encountered as you discover the Zones. Greatest approach to discover a Infamous Mark? Study your environment for enemies you could not have fought in that Zone, as they’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Upon nearer investigation, they’ll reveal themselves as Infamous Marks.

Degree Variations

Talking of Hunts and Infamous Marks, there are occasions when they could be a number of ranges larger than you. Based mostly on my expertise combating a Hunt goal about 5 ranges larger, it did a good quantity of harm however nothing ridiculous (like half of Clive’s HP in a single hit). Their well being and defenses additionally weren’t ridiculously bloated.

Nevertheless, they have been a B Rank goal, which isn’t the hardest within the sport. Additionally, the way you’ve constructed your character, which Expertise you’re utilizing, and so forth might end in totally different harm outputs. I didn’t discover the extent distinction to be that punishing, however your mileage might fluctuate.

Eikon Switching

Final Fantasy 16_04

In fight, switching Eikon expertise is completed by urgent L2. As you equip greater than two Eikons, you’ll shortly discover that some combos and talents grow to be a bit of tough, as a result of you may solely cycle ahead within the sequence of Eikons outfitted and never again.

You can also’t instantly select the Eikon’s talents to make use of – so when you’re on Phoenix’s Expertise and want fast entry to Titan (who’s positioned third within the sequence), it’s worthwhile to hit L2 twice. There’s no delay, and it’s fairly seamless. Nevertheless, when you’re utilizing Torgal to launch an enemy, Phoenix Shifting to them within the air to proceed a combo, switching to Garuda for an aerial Talent, after which to Titan for a ground-slam end, it could actually take some observe.

When to Use Restrict Break

Final Fantasy 16_005

Finally, Clive can use Restrict Break by urgent L3 + R3. It’s represented by a bar beneath your well being, with segments that flip orange when stuffed. As an alternative of unleashing a single highly effective assault, Clive will enter a powered-up state, which provides extra hits to fundamental assaults and, based mostly on my restricted testing, will increase the harm of different Eikonic Expertise. When the meter depletes, Clive returns to Regular, however you may cancel it by urgent L3 + R3 once more.

Whereas Restrict Break could be good in an emergency for regaining well being, it’s greatest unleashed on a staggered opponent. After they’re staggered, activate it and use a method like Flames of Rebirth or Rising Warmth (adopted by another sturdy single-target expertise) for large harm. One other technique is to activate Restrict Break after which a robust Talent on a partial stagger. As soon as the enemy recovers, deactivate Restrict Break and hold damaging them till they’re absolutely staggered.

Abuse Stagger Timers

Final Fantasy 16_03

When enemies are staggered, they’ll be surprised and take elevated harm from assaults for a set interval. The period of time is denoted by their Will or stagger gauge, which you’ll be able to see slowly recovering over time. Nevertheless, there’s a approach to abuse this.

Activating an Final Talent like Flames of Rebirth will trigger the enemy’s stagger restoration to pause, letting you ship huge quantities of harm without cost. It additionally works with partial Staggers – regardless that there’s no seen gauge, there’s nonetheless a restoration interval, which additionally will get paused when unleashing an Final Talent. Activate Restrict Break after which use the Final Talent for much more harm. The Restrict Break meter gained’t pause throughout this, so regulate it and the cooldown of different Expertise when planning to unleash a barrage of assaults.

Simple Mortal Blows

final fantasy 16

Mortal Blows are finishers that Clive will mechanically execute on common foes once they’re down. Knocking them down is straightforward – utilizing a fundamental combo, adopted by a Magic Burst on the finish, and even commanding Torgal to launch an enemy does the trick. When you use a Talent like Heatwave, hitting everybody in a line, you may then Phoenix Shift over and inflict Mortal Blows on a minimum of two close by enemies earlier than they get again up. Notice that relying on the enemy kind and their well being, a Mortal Blow might not at all times kill them, however it would inflict a decent quantity of harm.

When to Use Tonics

It appears apparent – use the Power Tonic for elevated harm and the Stoneskin Tonic to take much less harm, proper? It’s a bit extra complicated than that, however fortunately, not by a lot.

The Power Tonic will increase your harm by 10 % for 60 seconds. It doesn’t appear to be a lot, however when you use it whereas an enemy is staggered and taking elevated harm, mixed with Restrict Break, you’ll output much more harm inside a important window.

As for Stoneskin Tonic, it’s good when an enemy or a boss is utilizing an assault with a number of hits. When you’re not assured in dodging or avoiding all of them, a fast Stoneskin Tonic grants 30 % lowered harm for 90 seconds. Have Torgal activate therapeutic for good measure.

You’ll be able to carry a restricted provide of each Tonics, so attempt to not abuse them (or activate them by accident since you suppose Torgal’s command menu is open as an alternative).

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