Final Fantasy 16 Guide – All Eikonic Skills and Our Recommendations

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – All Eikonic Skills and Our Recommendations

Last Fantasy 16’s fight departs from different position enjoying video games, counting on real-time hack-and-slash mechanics. Nonetheless, whereas there are combos, launchers, mid-air dodging, and extra, you even have Eikons with their Expertise, Core Talents and Ultimates. It’s additionally essential to deal Stagger injury. Staggered enemies take extra injury, so the faster you possibly can stagger them, the higher.

Let’s take a look at all of the Expertise and which of them try to be rocking with. Earlier than that, keep in mind that all suggestions are based mostly on a traditional playthrough, not New Recreation Plus. Whereas Assault and Stagger injury are key for the Primary Quests and Hunts, racking up excessive scores in Arcade Mode is totally different. You’ll wish to combo Expertise to extend your rating, even when an enemy isn’t slain instantly.

Additionally, keep in mind: Mastering an Eikonic Talent enables you to equip it to any Talent slot, whatever the Eikon outfitted. It permits mixing and matching Expertise for every kind of combos. Since you possibly can refund Capability Factors with no penalty, don’t be afraid to experiment with totally different Expertise.

With out additional ado, let’s get into it.

All of Clive’s Expertise

Clive begins with some fundamental Expertise within the early going, which can type the inspiration of his common assaults and combos. They don’t have cooldowns and are simply as important to chain collectively as your Eikonic Expertise. Right here’s what all of them do.

Melee Assault

Your fundamental melee assault. Press Sq. to assault an enemy; repeatedly urgent it should execute a four-hit combo. Every hit offers 0.5 Assault injury and 0.5 Stagger injury. You’ll be utilizing this Talent quite a bit.


A easy bounce is carried out by urgent X. You’ll use this for Aerial combos and even some exploration on the planet.


Taunt a particular goal to get their consideration by urgent R2 and Touchpad. Whereas it’s not important, drawing the eye of a particular enemy could be good in some conditions.

Burning Blade

By holding down Sq. (used for fundamental assaults), Clive will cost his blade with fireplace. Launch it to cope with a burning melee strike with a slight AoE. In case you launch the button whereas leaping, Clive will swipe upwards and launch weaker enemies for an aerial combo. It has an Assault score of 0.5 and a Stagger score of 0.5. If Rising Flames is on cooldown otherwise you wish to proceed juggling an enemy after Torgal launches them (or after utilizing different Expertise), it’s fairly good.


Press X and Sq. collectively in mid-air to execute a downward thrust. It’s excellent for ending aerial combos if an Eikonic Talent is on cooldown, and on upgrading, it turns into a fiery downward slash. Its Assault score is 0.5, whereas the Stagger score is 0.5.


Execute a Stinger-like assault and shortly shut distance on an enemy. If an enemy isn’t too far-off, it’s an honest substitute for Phoenix Shift. It has an Assault score of 0.5 and a Stagger score of 0.5.


A easy dodge – merely press R1. It’s additionally usable in mid-air, which helps in repositioning.

Precision Dodge

Urgent R1 earlier than an enemy’s assault lands executes a Precision Dodge. Urgent Sq. or Triangle instantly after will execute a counter. It’s a useful instrument in just about each combat for the reason that counters will help proceed to construct Stagger injury. You can even use it in mid-air.

Swift Restoration

When knocked again, press R1 to recuperate. Just about important in any combat towards bosses or Elite foes because it enables you to shortly get again into the fray.


Whereas within the air, press the Soar button (X) to kick off an enemy. It permits for staying airborne longer and supplies extra top. Upgrading this permits for stomping on an enemy twice, rising your in-air period and bounce top.


Fireplace a magic projectile at an enemy by urgent Triangle. Every assault has a 0.5 Assault and Stagger score, with the basic injury sort altering based mostly on the Eikon outfitted (Fireplace with Phoenix, Wind with Garuda, and so forth.). Together with dealing injury from afar, it’s good towards flying enemies or when bosses are too far-off to hit with melee strikes.

Charged Magic

With Charged Magic, holding Triangle will enhance the injury of a ranged magic assault. It has a 0.5 Assault and Stagger score.

Magic Burst

After hitting an enemy with a melee strike, press Triangle instantly to comply with up with a close-range magic assault. It turns your four-hit melee combo into an eight-hit melee/magic combo. Every Burst has a 0.5 Assault and Stagger score. Upgrading appears to offer a extra forgiving window when attempting to chain assaults. As you progress into the sport, this can grow to be your fundamental bread-and-butter combo for dealing injury and depleting an enemy’s Will gauge.

Aerial Assault

Whereas within the air, press Sq. to ship a melee assault. You’ll be able to chain as much as three hits in a single combo, every dealing 0.5 Assault Harm and 0.5 Stagger Harm. It’s finest to make use of two assaults, comply with up with a Downthrust and end with a Magic Burst.

Except for Taunt, it’s best to have all these skills unlocked and, if doable, upgraded all through your journey. Every has its makes use of, even when sure varieties, like Burning Blade, are barely extra situational.

All of Phoenix’s Eikonic Expertise

The Phoenix is Clive’s first Eikon and depends on fireplace. It supplies entry to some all-around good Expertise with a wholesome mixture of Assault and Stagger Harm.

Phoenix Shift

Teleport to a goal and comply with up with a melee or magic assault. It’s an important talent with a number of makes use of, whether or not shifting to enemies in mid-air for a combo or downed targets for a Mortal Blow. Don’t Phoenix Shift to move by a projectile, although – it gained’t work, and the restoration time is awkward.

Rising Flames

Use a fiery wing to launch smaller enemies. Rising Flames does good single-target injury, although not the best within the sport. It has an Assault score of three and a Stagger score of two. Upgrading it should add extra hits after the preliminary strike. If one other enemy is shut sufficient, you possibly can probably nail each with a single solid.


Unleash a flame wall at shut vary, adopted by wave-based projectiles. If used earlier than an enemy’s magic projectile lands, you’ll unleash extra waves that deal extra injury (particularly Stagger injury). It fires extra projectiles when upgraded and has an Assault and Stagger score of two.

Scarlet Cyclone

Clive spins in an space, attacking enemies inside vary. Assault Harm is rated 2, whereas Stagger Harm is rated 3, so it’s extra helpful when decreasing an enemy’s Will gauge. It makes for an honest Talent within the very early going once you’re attempting to take down a number of enemies, however Heatwave will most likely be higher since it will possibly assault a number of in a line. You’ll be able to at all times use Phoenix Shift to any knocked-down enemies and end them off Mortal Blows. It’s in the end right down to desire.

Flames of Rebirth

The Phoenix’s Final Talent creates a pillar of fireplace that burns enemies in an space and barely restores well being. Its Assault and Stagger score are each 3, and when upgraded, you unleash a second, extra highly effective surge, dealing much more injury. Although it’s rated evenly for Assault and Stagger, you’re finest off utilizing this on a completely staggered opponent for extra injury.

All of Garuda’s Eikonic Expertise

Garuda specializes within the Wind factor, however by way of Stagger injury, she’s an important Eikon within the early going. Most of her Expertise are usable in mid-air, which is nice for aerial combos.


Use two claws and deal a number of strikes to an enemy. It has an Assault score of two and a whopping 4 Stagger score and is usable mid-air. Not that efficient when used on a completely staggered goal (although it’s nice if you happen to’ve used different cooldowns). As an alternative, use it after an opponent recovers from a partial Stagger to take away the opposite half of their Will gauge near-immediately.

Rook’s Gambit

Clive hops again after which assaults an enemy. Finest used when evading an assault because you’ll execute a counter and launch a foe. Its Assault and Stagger score are each 2. You can even use this in mid-air, making it respectable when coping with flying enemies, although you’re higher off simply eliminating them shortly. Not essentially the most excellent towards bosses, although it might be viable towards Elites.

Depraved Wheel

A spinning assault the place Clive rises into the air. Weaker enemies inside vary are lifted as nicely. It’s usable in mid-air, so if Torgal launches an enemy, you possibly can Phoenix Shift, hit them twice with melee assaults and unleash Depraved Wheel. Its Assault score is 2, whereas its Stagger score is 3, so even if you happen to’re utilizing this towards Elites, it will possibly deal some sturdy Stagger Harm. Nonetheless, it’s choice when persevering with combos towards launched enemies.

Lethal Embrace

Grapple and pull lighter enemies in the direction of you, Satan Bringer-style. When used towards Elites and managers, Clive can be launched and execute a spinning assault. The grapple is superb when coping with flying enemies, however maybe the very best perform is when a goal is partially staggered. Clive will pull them down, extending their staggered standing a bit longer, which suggests extra injury. For that motive alone, it’s price preserving Garuda as an Eikon, even if you happen to fill the Talent slots with different skills.

Aerial Blast

Create an enormous twister that may hone in on enemies. Lighter enemies are lifted up and successfully trapped. Assault Harm is just rated 2, however its Stagger score is 5, so it’s fairly excellent for staggering Elites and Bosses. If crowd management towards teams of enemies sounds good, when you end them off with different Expertise, go for it. In any other case, save the Final slot for one thing else.

All of Ifrit’s Eikonic Expertise

Ifrit doesn’t have as many Expertise as Phoenix, however there are some sturdy choices. You additionally get Restrict Break at no cost and might equip any of its Expertise to the Phoenix’s slots with out having to Grasp them.

Will o’ the Wykes

Clive creates a number of small fireballs that orbit round him. Together with damaging targets up shut, it will possibly additionally soak up some injury, offering a little bit of tankiness. Assault Ranking is 1, whereas Stagger Ranking is 2. It’s nice alone however pairs nicely with melee assaults or Expertise like…


A charging assault that may drag a number of enemies collectively, hitting a number of occasions earlier than lastly exploding and knocking them again. It’s additionally usable in mid-air, so if you happen to’re ending an aerial combo, use Ignition to assault enemies on the bottom with out lacking a beat. It has an Assault score of three and a Stagger score of two. Maybe among the finest clearing expertise within the sport because of its excessive mobility and injury, although its Stagger injury and impact on staggered targets isn’t all that nice. Use Will o’ the Wykes beforehand for much more injury.

Restrict Break

Activated by urgent L3 and R3. Clive will semi-prime, taking up a fiery look and dealing extra hits with every melee assault. Assaults additionally acquire extra injury. It pairs nicely with Final Expertise like Flames of Rebirth. Activate it beforehand, then use the Final for in depth injury on a staggered goal (word that its utilization isn’t paused throughout this). When upgrading the Talent, the variety of bars on the Restrict Break gauge will increase, maxing out at 4. Total, a helpful injury buff that may work in a number of conditions however can be respectable towards crowds of weaker enemies.

All of Ramuh’s Eikonic Expertise

Ramuh makes a speciality of lightning; mixing ranged Assault and Stagger injury Expertise. Efficient at crowd management since some skills can chain lightning between targets, but additionally superb at single-target injury.

Pile Drive

An area-of-effect assault that offers lightning injury and knocks again enemies in a radius. Although it doesn’t have the very best vary, Pile Drive is rated 3 for Assault and Stagger, making it efficient in each circumstances. It’s additionally good at creating house towards a number of foes, although you might must comply with as much as end some off.

Lightning Rod

Generates a lightning core which chains lightning to enemies. It has an Assault score of two and a Stagger score of three. It sounds good in concept, however the Lightning Rod stays stationary. As such, enemies must get shut, and it’s good to hit it for the chain lightning impact. Whereas this might be respectable towards Elites and managers, different single-target expertise can obtain rather more.


Summon a lightning bolt down on a goal. It has an Assault score of three and a Stagger score of two. In case you’re near an enemy when utilizing it, the wind-up can deal some additional hits. After all, if you happen to’re not proper within the enemy’s face, it will possibly show annoying because it leaves you uncovered. Apply it to a staggered enemy for some respectable injury or to set off the projectiles from Blind Justice.

Blind Justice

Kingdom Hearts followers, rejoice: Shotlock is in Last Fantasy 16. When activated, you possibly can manually purpose and goal foes to launch a batch of searching for lightning projectiles. These are affixed to enemies and can discharge after a while. Attacking triggers extra injury on discharge, and by upgrading the Talent, you possibly can fireplace extra projectiles.

If there aren’t a variety of targets, you possibly can stick all of the projectiles onto a choose few – hold hovering over them. It’s not such a perfect clear Talent, nevertheless it does present some extra injury and works together with Pile Drive and Thunderstorm. It has an Assault score of 1 and a Stagger score of two. Watch out, as enemies can assault when you’re casting.

Judgment Bolt

Deliver down an enormous lightning bolt onto a single goal for immense injury. The Assault score is 4, whereas the Stagger score is 3. In case you’re searching for an enormous single-target Final at this stage, that is it. The issue is that it’s outclassed by common Expertise that may deal important single-target injury with out such a protracted cooldown. Nonetheless, when you have the Capability Factors to spare, it’s price attempting out.

All of Titan’s Eikonic Expertise

Titan is probably some of the important additions to Clive’s arsenal since its Expertise deal huge Assault injury, and its Core Capability supplies a brand new defensive choice. Nonetheless, you’ll want to carry down the enter for some Expertise and launch them to reap the benefits of their energy.

Raging Fists

You’ve watched JoJo’s Weird Journey. You wish to unleash a flurry of hits. Raging Fists is for you, because it unleashes a number of high-speed assaults. It has an Assault and Stagger score of three, but its true potential happens if you happen to time the flexibility to dam an enemy assault beforehand, which will increase the ability of your punches.


Get used to utilizing Windup – it’s certainly one of, if not the strongest non-Final single-target Talent within the sport, which doesn’t require an excessive amount of set-up. Holding the button will wind up the punch, and timing the discharge offers extra injury and extra hits. With an Assault score of 4 and Stagger score of two, it offers an obscene quantity of injury to staggered targets. Although it doesn’t have a lot of an AoE, it should additionally pierce your goal, hitting these instantly behind it. Equip it, Grasp it and by no means let it go.


Unleash area-of-effect injury to surrounding enemies by slamming your fist into the bottom. In case you maintain the button and launch it on the proper second, the vary will increase, and enemies are launched, permitting you to comply with up with Lethal Wheel or a rising Burning Blade right into a Stomp and aerial combo. You can even use Upheaval within the air, making for combo ender. Its Assault and Stagger score are 3.

Titanic Block

Because the identify signifies, Titanic Block grants the flexibility to dam. In case you completely time a block, you possibly can unleash as much as three counterattack punches. It’s different to Precision Dodge, even when it’s barely more durable to execute.

Earthen Fury

Titan’s Final Talent sees Clive shifting the Earth along with his naked fingers, sending forth rippling shockwaves of rocks and launching enemies up. Regardless of how spectacular it appears to be like, its utilization is a bit suspect. Most enemies die shortly at this level within the sport. It doesn’t do a lot single-target injury towards Elites, although bosses with bigger our bodies could be hit a number of occasions by it (however you’d nonetheless must stagger to reap the benefits of the Assault injury). Not the worst, however nonetheless situational, even with an Assault score of 4 and a Stagger score of two.

All of Bahamut’s Eikonic Expertise

Bahamut’s fashion is attention-grabbing, if nothing else, with an honest mixture of Assault and Stagger Expertise. They’re extra gimmicky than the rest, so discovering the fitting locations to make use of them could be tough.

Wings of Mild

Clive sprouts wings and begins increase Megaflare. The projectiles and injury dealt are elevated based mostly on the extent when the Talent is unleashed. Whereas this sounds cool, there are a number of points.

Clive can’t assault whereas Wings of Mild is energetic, nor can he dodge. As such, you’re awkwardly floating across the battlefield, ready for Megaflare to construct when you might be, nicely, damaging the enemy. The injury is price it if you happen to’re affected person or planning to deal huge injury in a brief interval since Megaflare will proceed firing when you freely assault. Do not forget that with an Assault score of 4 and Stagger score of two, it’s not excellent on absolutely staggered enemies.

Flare Breath

Channel a flamethrower of sunshine that repeatedly damages an enemy. It has an Assault score of three and a Stagger score of two. Given the decrease motion velocity and having to place the flame on to foes, it may be awkward to make use of, and Elites will straight-up assault by it. Even towards weaker enemies, who’re stun-locked, Ignition is simply straight-up higher.


Forged spheres of sunshine that hit an enemy repeatedly and stun it in place. Impulse has an Assault score of two and a Stagger score of three, making it considerably respectable towards Elites and managers. Nonetheless, it enhances your combos reasonably than doing all of the work. Forged it, then use Geruda’s Gouge or one other Stagger Talent to whittle down an opponent’s Will with none menace of retaliation.

Satellite tv for pc

Satellite tv for pc creates familiars that may assault everytime you fireplace a ranged assault. Although considerably situational, this pairs nicely when utilizing Magic Burst in your combos since every Satellite tv for pc’s pictures add much more hits. With an Assault score of 1 and Stagger score of three, it’s excellent for tearing aside an opponent’s Will. It additionally doesn’t harm once you wish to grasp again and deal Stagger injury with magic.


What else might be higher than firing an enormous beam at enemies? Gigaflare is Bahamut’s Final Talent; it has an Assault score of 5 and a Stagger score of two and is right towards absolutely staggered enemies. Use Restrict Break, then a Energy Tonic and unleash it for optimum injury. One of the best half is that, in contrast to Ramuh’s Judgment Bolt, it will possibly hit any enemies in its path reasonably than a singular goal, so it’s not unhealthy towards crowds.

All of Shiva’s Eikonic Expertise

Shiva’s Expertise could be superb at inflicting Freeze, offering some crowd management in hectic conditions. After all, not each Talent is a winner, as we’ll get into.


Create an ice crystal that may injury enemies inside it. Like Odin’s Lightning Rod, besides you fortunately don’t must hold placing it. The Assault and Stagger rankings are 2, so it’s not spectacular in both division. It’s good for preserving smaller foes occupied, however at this level within the sport, that’s pointless since you possibly can simply annihilate them.

Chilly Snap

Shiva’s Core Capability permits Clive to slip on the bottom in any path. Urgent Circle once more permits for freezing enemies. In case you press Circle twice, a small ice crystal is created to freeze the enemy. Nonetheless, urgent it as soon as when narrowly avoiding an assault unleashes Permafrost, which may freeze surrounding foes. The freeze impact lasts longer and might be essentially the most underrated a part of the equipment.

Ice Age

Generate a wave of ice that may knock again enemies. Holding it down and releasing it on the proper time (a la Titan’s Expertise), it offers extra injury and can launch enemies. With an Assault score of three and Stagger score of 1, it’s not significantly nice for single-target or Stagger injury. Nonetheless, if you wish to launch a number of enemies up for some aerial insanity, it’s a median choice.


One other excellent combo starter is Mesmerize, which unleashes ice that pulls lighter enemies in the direction of you if it hits them. You need to use this in mid-air. It has Assault and Stagger rankings of two. Make no mistake, although: That is to combo with different skills, whether or not you’re unleashing Scarlet Cyclone, Depraved Wheel, Upheaval, Pile Drive and so forth — nothing extra and nothing much less.

Diamond Mud

Shiva’s Final Talent will freeze enemies round you after which deal ice injury earlier than knocking them again. With an Assault score of three and Stagger score of 5, it’s not in contrast to Garuda’s Aerial Blast in dealing immense Stagger injury and appearing as crowd-control. It’s additionally not unhealthy for coping with a gaggle of enemies, even when the injury isn’t nearly as good as Gigaflare.

All of Odin’s Eikonic Expertise

Do you wish to go full anime on an enemy? Odin’s Expertise are the ticket. A number of Expertise feed into Zantetsuken, constructed by attacking with Odin’s blade. You’ll be able to dish out some obscene injury with the fitting timing and set-up. Nonetheless, there may be one Talent that’s downright unbelievable for combo fiends, and it has no cooldown. Extra on that in a bit.

Arm of Darkness

Substitute Clive’s weapon with Odin’s sword. Whereas utilizing Expertise, you’ll fill the Zantetsuken gauge. Holding Sq. will activate Sheath and use Zantetsuken. It has an Assault score of 5 and a Stagger score of 1. Whereas it will possibly chunk an Elite and deal respectable injury to a boss, it’s finest towards absolutely staggered enemies. As such, it’s best to give attention to increase the Zantetsuken gauge, activate Restrict Break when an enemy is absolutely staggered after which unleash Zantetsuken for large injury.


Summon Gungnir and strike foes with a number of spinning spear strikes, filling the Zantetsuken gauge. Regardless of how flashy it appears to be like, it solely has an Assault score of 1 and a Stagger score of two. Worst of all, there’s already a much better Talent that may do the identical issues.

Heaven’s Cloud

Assault an enemy by dashing ahead. In case you hit lands efficiently, you should utilize the Talent once more, chaining this collectively a number of occasions. Not solely does every profitable hit fill the Zantetsuken gauge and have an Assault score of 1 and Stagger score of two, however you even have extra mobility on the battlefield, shortly dashing from one enemy to the following. It’s simply straight-up higher than Gungnir.

Dancing Metal

Odin’s Final Talent will summon a second blade and dish out a fast collection of assaults. It appears weak, with an Assault score of 1 and a Stagger score of two. Nonetheless, every hit will fill the Zantetsuken gauge considerably.

So you possibly can basically construct the gauge with different skills, and when an opponent is staggered, energetic Restrict Break after which unleash Zantetsuken. As soon as it ends, instantly use Dancing Metal to construct up a second Zantetsuken. In case you have sufficient time, deal just a few extra strikes with Arm of Darkness to get a full gauge, after which use Zantetsuken once more for one more burst of injury.

Rift Slip

Right here lies maybe one of many absolute best Expertise within the sport. Rift Slip permits for instantly recovering from utilizing any Talent or motion. It doesn’t sound thrilling, nevertheless it’s basically a option to cancel animations from assaults. In case you unleash a fundamental melee combo, you might use Rift Slip to cancel into one other and hold the combo going.

Broaden this additional, contemplating the variety of skills within the sport, and you may deal hefty injury to foes. How about cancelling Flames of Rebirth into Gigaflare? Or instantly cancelling Zantetsuken into Dancing Metal and Heaven’s Cloud earlier than unleashing one other Zantetsuken? There are every kind of potentialities.

Last Fantasy 16 is obtainable on PS5. Take a look at our official overview right here, why it’s such an important sport and the way its fight is a step above many different motion RPGs and hack-and-slash titles. You can even take a look at our guides on the very best weapons and tips on how to get them, farming Capability Factors and rising merchandise capability.

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