Final Fantasy 16 Guide – All Known Curiosities And Where To Find Them

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – All Known Curiosities And Where To Find Them

There are over 100 Curiosities to be found, bought, or bolstered in Closing Fantasy 16 over the course of the story, by both the primary questline or numerous aspect quests. Whereas not one of the Curiosities are missable, it ought to be famous that there’s a point-of-no-return throughout the primary quest “The Crystals’ Curse”. Even so, these Curiosities can nonetheless be acquired post-completion of the marketing campaign utilizing Stage Replay or free roam. This FF XVI information lists all recognized Curiosities and the place they are often discovered.

Ambrosia’s Tack

A bespoke saddle and blinders worn by Clive’s childhood chocobo, Ambrosia.

“Kweh.” – Ambrosia

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“The White-Winged Surprise” aspect quest.

Archduke Elwin’s Testomony

“The place There’s a Will” aspect quest.

Briar’s Kiss Signboard

The logo of the Briar’s Kiss, satisfaction of Dalimil. The forge is sort of as widespread with touring retailers because the buying and selling publish’s well-known therapeutic baths, the place the weary can soak away their saddle sores on the way in which to Drake’s Fang.

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“Strains within the Sand II” aspect quest.

Charred Sparring Sword

Clive’s previous sparring sword, salvaged by a trustworthy buddy within the aftermath of the lronblood invasion eighteen winters previous.

“Keep in mind, Clive—your blade will not be your solely weapon.” – Rodney Murdoch

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“Extra Than Phrases” aspect quest.

Cid’s Goblet

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“Payback” aspect quest.

Clayhearth Signboard

The logo of the Timeless’s headquarters in Tabor. The village is dwelling to the best leatherworkers and lapidaries in Dhalmekia, who’re little conscious that their affable new neighbors are members of a secret society sworn to serve the Phoenix.

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“Obligation Timeless II” aspect quest.

Continental Censer

Based on Charon, a censer filled with herbs and ambergris can push back every little thing from bugs to the plague, shield a house from thieves and demons, and heal any variety of illnesses, all whereas bringing love and fortune.

“So you may learn. Congratulations.” – Charon

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“An Eye for an Eye” aspect quest.

Crimson Caravans Signboard

The logo of the Crimson Caravans—porters of large renown. They’re based mostly in Boklad, the place merchants from throughout Valisthea flock to browse the Thousand Tables, and transport their wares both all through the Dominion, or on down the Crystal Highway to the lands past.

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“Buying and selling Locations II” aspect quest.

Drakeslayer’s Belt Design Draft

A diagram detailing the steps to craft a belt match for a hero.

  • Mandatory for crafting the drakeslayer’s belt.

“Blacksmith’s Blues IV” aspect quest.

Excalibur Design Draft

A diagram detailing the steps to forge a sword to rival that of a legendary king.

  • Mandatory for crafting the sword Excalibur.

“Blacksmith’s Blues II” aspect quest.

Expanded Potion Satchel

Have been the identical unique alloy from which the clasp of this satchel was customary be used to craft a go well with of armor, it ought to certainly be supple sufficient to accommodate even the greediest knight’s ever-expanding stomach.

  • Mandatory for additional rising consumable stock capability.

“Even Weirder Science” aspect quest.

Aromatic Satchel

“Righting Wrongs” most important quest.

Guardians Scarf

An emblem of belief, loyalty, and timeless friendship.

“For, so long as the firebird’s flame burns in our hearts, the duchy can not die.” – Wade

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“The Flames of Warfare” most important quest.

Hanged Man Signboard

The logo of the Hanged Man, the tavern on the coronary heart of Lostwing. The village is a haven for the downtrodden constructed round a Fallen smash—one as apt to disclose its secrets and techniques because the Hanged Man’s enigmatic tavernkeeper.

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“For Nice Justice II” aspect quest.

lnvigorated Morganbeard Extract

If including the extract of morganbeard petals to healing or performance-enhancing potions will increase their efficiency, then think about what including the extract of morganbeard petals fortified with the vigor of a morbol gripped with insanity would possibly do.

  • Mandatory for additional rising consumable efficiency.

“Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol?” aspect quest.

Martelle Apples

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“The Fruit of Her Labors” aspect quest.

Martha’s Relaxation Signboard

The logo of Martha’s Relaxation, private fiefdom of the Golden Stables’ indomitable landlady. To these with no love for the empire, the settlement stands as an island of security in a sea of something however.

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“Rekindling the Flame II” aspect quest.

Drugs Chest

A fantastically carved chest that opens to disclose numerous compartments stuffed with tonics and tinctures.

“Seeing as you’re so reluctant to come back to the infirmary, I believed you would possibly as effectively take part of the infirmary with you.” – Tarja

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“Tears of Mercy” aspect quest.

Mannequin Airship

Mid’s harmful dream of flight, immortalized in miniature.

“My dad all the time mentioned there have been two methods of residing life—chasing a dream, or shuffling to your grave.” – Mid

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“Aiming Excessive” aspect quest.

Morganbeard Extract

Including however a drop of this concentrated extract to any healing or performance-enhancing potion will improve its efficiency…or so insists Nigel of the yard.

  • Mandatory for rising consumable efficiency.

“The Root of the Drawback” aspect quest.

Ouroboros Design Draft

A diagram detailing the steps to craft a belt to finish all belts.

  • Mandatory for crafting the belt Ouroboros.

“Blacksmith’s Blues III” aspect quest.

Phoenix Down

“Cloak and Dagger” most important quest.

Phoenix Feather

A superb purple feather found by Clive on his particular person upon waking from his battle with Typhon.

“However know this… In order for you him, you’ll need to undergo me.” – Joshua

“Cid the Outlaw” most important quest.

Rusted Battlehelm

Archduke Elwin’s helm, worn throughout his victorious marketing campaign to quell the northern rebellion.

“Warfare is coming, my boy. We should make prepared.” – Archduke Elwin

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“The place There’s a Will” aspect quest.

Snow Daisy Garland

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“Priceless” aspect quest.

Stolas Quill

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“A Tail to Inform” aspect quest.

The Burnt Blade

This seal marks its bearer as a trusted ally of Wade, commander of the Guardians of the Flame.

“Show it, and those that love Rosaria will know the place your loyalties lie.” – Wade

“Black or White” most important quest.

The Circle of Malius

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

Completion of all seven Chronoliths.

The Collar and Compass

This seal marks its bearer as a trusted ally of Eloise and Theodore, proprietors of the Crimson Caravans.

“We on the Crimson Caravans are all the time completely happy to assist these in want. For a small price, we are going to transfer something that wants transferring. Be that items to market, or Bearers away from it.” – Eloise

“Blood from the Stones” most important quest.

The Cracked Anvil

This seal marks its bearer as a trusted ally of Zoltan, blacksmith of Dravozd.

“l’m a busy man, as you may see, so do me a favor and piss off.” – Zoltan

“Blacksmith’s Blues IV” aspect quest..

The Desert Rose

This seal marks its bearer as a trusted ally of L’ubor, grasp of the Briar’s Kiss.

“Inform me, what do you suppose is a service provider’s most vital commodity? Why, belief. Everybody is aware of that. With out it, you don’t have anything.” – L’ubor

“Comply with the Crystals” most important quest.

The Hanged Man

This seal marks its bearer as a trusted ally of Quinten of Lostwing.

“Fortunately, I can present an answer to your dilemma—as a favor to Cid, that’s.” – Quinten

“Useless of Night time” most important quest.

The Moon and Stars

“The Dame” sub quest.

The Oath

A reminder of a promise made, a friendship cast, and a legacy inherited.

“You may’ve simply mentioned ‘aye.’” – Gav

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“Cid the Outlaw” most important quest.

The Slumbering Chocobo

This seal marks its bearer as a trusted ally of Martha of the Golden Stables.

“Oh, there’s loads who pity a Bearer’s plight…however as long as we’re content material to take a seat round, weeping for these on whose damaged backs we’re carried, we en’t going to alter nothing.” – Martha

“A Bearer’s Lot” most important quest.

The Triunity Accord

Signed by representatives from Rosaria, Dhalmekia, and Sanbreque, this mutual accord units the stage for a brand new age in Storm if not formally, then no less than in spirit.

“For what nice second in historical past hasn’t been accompanied by a bit ceremony?” – Byron Rosfield

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“Three’s Firm” aspect quest.

Treasure Map

A crudely drawn map in whose margin is scrawled the message, “To all who would search to mint gil, comply with ye the trail to Kretov.”

Handled Potion Satchel

Have been the identical unique compound that was utilized to the leather-based of this satchel be kneaded right into a pair of shoes, they need to certainly develop into supple sufficient to accommodate a person with twenty toes.

  • Mandatory for rising consumable stock capability.

“Bizarre Science” aspect quest.

Veil Signboard

The logo of the Veil, Northreach’s far-famed home of in poor health reputation. The city is the gateway to the imperial capital of Oriflamme, the place waves of previous cash and new lap towards the opposing sides of the nice wall.

  • Displayed in Clive’s chambers.

“Below New Administration II” aspect quest.

And that’s all recognized Curiosities in Closing Fantasy XVI.

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