Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth vs. Final Fantasy 7 Remake – What’s New?

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth vs. Final Fantasy 7 Remake – What’s New?

The wait is almost over for Remaining Fantasy 7 Rebirth, launching on February twenty ninth for PS5. We’ve heard about its measurement and scale, with an set up measurement of 150 GB and a plethora of latest options and content material, however how does it examine to its predecessor? Remaining Fantasy 7 Remake wasn’t constructed from the bottom up on PS5 and thus confronted some limitations, however how completely different is Rebirth? Let’s go over 15 large gameplay variations right here.

Graphical Enhancements

Whereas it won’t be probably the most instantly noticeable distinction, Remaining Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s are a giant step up from Remake. Primarily based on the gameplay showcased so far, the previous doesn’t have the tasteless or flat textures that plagued Remake’s PS4 launch. Foliage is extra detailed and considerable (which is extra as a result of setting, however nonetheless price declaring), and character fashions have seen enhancements. Even the facial animations look higher, although a extra intensive deep dive into every part is required. Lengthy story brief, it retains to its predecessor’s aesthetic whereas delivering much more constancy.

Crimson XIII, Yuffie and Cait Sith

Remaining Fantasy 7 Remake noticed Crimson XIII as a part of the group however indirectly playable. INTERmission made Yufie playable however in a quest separate from Cloud’s occasion. In Rebirth, each characters will lastly be part of the principle group, alongside newcomer Cait Sith. Crimson XIII is about guarding towards injury and build up the Vengeance gauge.

Upon activation, Vengeance Mode grants him elevated energy, pace, and an assault to leech enemy well being. Yuffie wields a throwing star, which may injury enemies as she unleashes elemental ninjutsu. In the meantime, Cait Sith fights with cat-like agility and might summon a Moogle to reinforce his assaults. A number of of his strikes are luck-based or centered on constructing the Moogle Meter.

Playable Sephiroth

In fact, there’s yet another playable character for followers to get enthusiastic about – Sephiroth. Whereas his presence in Remake was intensive in comparison with the identical level within the unique, Rebirth goes a step additional by permitting gamers to really play him. Granted, it’s in a flashback sequence, however he even will get Synergy Talents and Expertise with Cloud, which look incredible.

Junon, Costa Del Sol and Extra

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth_10

Remaining Fantasy 7 Remake concluded with the occasion’s departure from Midgar, and whereas it provided a major variety of areas to discover, Rebirth is greater. Gamers will enterprise to areas like Junon, Costa Del Sol and extra, with the story presumably concluding on the Forgotten Capital (the developer has already confirmed that the situation order differs from the unique). It ought to imply extra location selection in comparison with Remake, full with a number of new threats and challenges. Wutai received’t seem – that’s within the subsequent half.

New Cities and Cities

As many modifications as Remake made to the unique’s story, it added fairly a bit, together with new areas just like the Worker Housing Space. Rebirth appears to be like to one-up it by introducing new cities just like the Anti-Shinra city of Crow’s Nest. You’ll find out about it whereas visiting Junon, and it’s meant to “go deeper and create this entire worldview” for the title, because the developer described it to Recreation Informer.

Seamless Exploration

final fantasy 7 rebirth

Seeing Midgar, from Sector 7 and its Slums to the bustling Wall Market, dropped at life in Remaining Fantasy 7 Remake was nice. Nonetheless, it wasn’t seamless – there have been loading screens and chapter-wise development to entry later areas. By comparability, Rebirth’s map isn’t absolutely explorable from the beginning – you continue to need to play the story to unlock new areas – however there aren’t any loading screens between areas.

Because the developer informed Press-Begin final yr, the group took the unique’s world map however “created all of it in a one-to-one actual scale. So all the dungeons, cities, every part in that world is now included in the identical house. One seamless map.”

Synergy Talents and Expertise

final fantasy 7 rebirth

Remaining Fantasy 7 Remake’s INTERmission DLC launched Synergy Assaults, permitting Sonon and Yuffie to assault along with particular strikes. In Rebirth, there are actually two sorts – Synergy Talents, the place two characters unleash a strong joint assault, and Synergy Expertise, the place two occasion members activate helpful results to help within the combat.

Whereas the Expertise can differ relying on the energetic character, Talents are the identical for a duo, no matter who initiates them. Each occasion member has completely different Synergies, and extra are found as you progress by means of the sport, including much more technique to the fight.

New Summons

Remaining Fantasy 7 Remake featured a handful of summons, like Ifrit and Bahamut but in addition added to the record with standalone Summons for Cactuar and Fats Chocobo. Remaining Fantasy 7 Rebirth will even function some iconic Summons from the unique that didn’t seem in Remake, like Phoenix and Titan. Nonetheless, it’s additionally including Bahamut Arisen, which appears to be Neo Bahamut from the unique primarily based on its crimson scales. A number of different Summons are seemingly, although it stays to be seen which return from Remake.

New (and Many Extra) Mini-Video games

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth_02

By way of mini-games, Remaining Fantasy 7 Remake had the likes of Darts, Whack-a-Field, Squats and Pull-Ups, not together with aspect actions just like the Shinra Fight Simulator and Fight Coliseum. Nonetheless, Rebirth affords far more, beginning with the brand new collectible card recreation, Queen’s Blood, and piano enjoying (with varied sheet music to gather and a free play mode).

It’s also possible to tame Chocobo, go on treasure hunts with them and even partake within the Gold Saucer’s Chocobo Racing and Avatar Fighter Battles. There’s even a mini-game dedicated to the parade in Junon, which is closely expanded over the unique recreation. Sadly, the snowboarding mini-game from the unique isn’t coming again.

Chocobo Using and Varieties

final fantasy 7 rebirth

Except for quick journey, Chocobo didn’t have a giant function in Remaining Fantasy 7 Remake. On prime of extra actions in Rebirth, gamers can lastly experience one and discover the huge map with them. There are additionally differing kinds, from the default Yellow Chocobo to the Blue Chocobo, which may fly and the wall-climbing Black Chocobo. Every has completely different stats in Chocobo Racing and better of all, you possibly can absolutely customise their feathers, saddles, caps and extra courtesy of chocoboutiques.

Extra In depth Facet Content material

final fantasy 7 rebirth chadley

Remaining Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s aspect content material is roughly double the principle quest and far more intensive than Remake. There are new locations, battles and tales to find, however extra importantly, the aspect quests construct on the world and the relationships between the occasion members. Some can have occasion members appearing as secondary protagonists with Cloud. In the meantime, Chadley returns from Remake and can job you with gathering World Intel from all of the exploration in change for Materia, offering another excuse to tread off the crushed path.

New Materia

Whereas loads of Materia is coming back from Remake, Remaining Fantasy 7 Rebirth affords loads of new choices. Gil Toss returns, now generally known as Spare Change, however nonetheless enables you to deal injury primarily based on the amount of cash consumed. There are additionally Materia, which mix components like Wind and Lightning, permitting spells from each whereas solely occupying one slot. It’s also possible to use Degree Enhance to extend the extent of a Materia, and whereas it doesn’t work on maxed-out Materia, it gives much more strategic choices.

Dynamic Problem

final fantasy 7 rebirth

Remaining Fantasy 7 Remake launched with three principal problem choices – Straightforward, Regular and Exhausting. It additionally had Basic Mode, with gameplay extra according to the unique recreation, although it was solely obtainable on Straightforward problem. Intergrade would change this to permit for enjoying Basic on Regular as nicely. Remaining Fantasy 7 Rebirth provides a brand new Dynamic problem, along with your enemies changing into stronger alongside Cloud and mates. It’s basically degree scaling and gives a problem for many who need it.

Extra Outfits

If you happen to loved accumulating the completely different clothes for Tifa, Aerith and Cloud in Remake, there’s excellent news: Remaining Fantasy 7 Rebirth can have extra alternate outfits. The developer stated finally yr’s Paris Video games Week that some outfits are “very nicely hidden”, whereas the developer promised extra decisions than Remake, satisfying those that take pleasure in modifying their occasion’s look.


final fantasy 7 rebirth

Remaining Fantasy 7 Remake’s playtime is not any joke. It takes 33 hours to finish the story, per, and about 41.5 hours to do it with the aspect content material. A completionist run, presumably together with a Exhausting Mode playthrough for its unique content material, takes 86 hours.

Remaining Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s story takes about 40 hours should you focus solely on it. Taking part in a “good quantity” of the aspect content material bumps that as much as 60 hours, whereas those that full all of the aspect quests can hit 100 hours of playtime. Contemplating all of the content material, a completionist run might go even additional past.

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