Fires of Rubicon Guide – All Endings and How To Unlock Them

Fires of Rubicon Guide – All Endings and How To Unlock Them

In Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, you could have totally different facet content material and important missions in every chapter. Nevertheless, there are additionally Determination Missions. They’ve particular icons when choosing them throughout Sortie, and when you do, the opposite selections are not obtainable. Relying on the Determination Missions, you’ll be able to unlock one in every of three endings.

Nevertheless, the best way you unlock them is slightly distinctive. Whilst you can unlock the primary two endings in New Recreation+, the third is unique to New Recreation++. You additionally should full a full playthrough of the sport every time for a unique ending.

With out additional ado, right here’s tips on how to get all of the endings in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. Spoilers observe, so be warned.

All Endings and Methods to Unlock Them

The Fires of Raven

This ending is obtainable in your first playthrough and New Recreation+. Full your missions in Chapter 1 and a couple of as ordinary, following no matter Handler Walter or “Cinder” Carla present. Don’t choose any Determination Missions from the Rubicon Liberation Entrance (RLF) or Ayre, until they’re necessary to progress the story. In Chapter 3, you need to full the Tunnel Sabotage and Eradicate the Enforcement Squads missions. Then, in Chapter 4, full Intercept the Redguns.

Chapter 5 is the place the heavier penalties reside. Select Intercept the Company Forces as a substitute of Eradicate “Cinder” Carla. You’re employed to convey the Xylem to the Coral Convergence, then full the missions, Breach the Kármán Line and Shut Down the Closure Satellites. Throughout this finale, you tackle a horde of ships en path to the Convergence and must battle Ayre in an Armored Core.

Defeat her, and the Xylem is delivered into the Convergence to set Rubicon 3 on hearth. The planet is toast (in additional methods than one), and so far as endings go, that is just about the worst attainable consequence.

Liberator of Rubicon

The Liberator of Rubicon can be obtainable within the first playthrough and New Recreation+ and basically includes taking over any missions for Ayre or the Rubicon Liberation Entrance. As a substitute of incinerating Rubicon 3, you strive to reserve it and guarantee a vibrant future for the Coral and humanity.

The missions to finish are Destroy the Particular Forces Craft in Chapter 3 and Ambush the Vespers in Chapter 4. There’s additionally Stop Company Salvage of New Tech, which seems in Chapter 3 throughout New Recreation+. Whenever you attain Chapter 5, you need to full the other Determination Missions as these from the Fires of Raven playthrough. Eradicate “Cinder” Carla after which Intercept the Company Forces.

As soon as carried out, you could have two extra missions – Destroy the Drive Block and Carry Down the Xylem, stopping the latter from being despatched into the Convergence. Handler Walter is the ultimate boss on this route and makes an attempt to cease you with an Armored Core of his personal.

Defeat him, and the Xylem will crash down. Coral is protected, and there’s a extra constructive outlook for Rubicon 3. So far as good endings go, this comfortably suits (sure, much more so than the “true” ending).

Alea lacta Est

The third ending is unique to New Recreation++, so you could end an everyday playthrough after which one other on New Recreation+. There are new missions on this playthrough, like Impede the Obligatory Insectpion in Chapter 1.

Nevertheless, some missions have additionally undergone important adjustments. As a substitute of Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship in Chapter 1, you could destroy it. Rather than a helicopter in Survey of the Uninhabited Floating Metropolis in Chapter 3, you could battle Thumb Dolmayan, an AC for the Rubicon Liberation Entrance, in a boss battle.

Earlier than you end Chapter 3, ALLMIND contacts you. You could bear in mind them because the group that gives missions in Coaching mode. They first give the Coral Export Denial mission in Chapter 3. Full this, and any more, full another requests that ALLMIND sends, together with Eradicate V.III (a Determination Mission) and Attain the Coral Convergence, each in Chapter 4.

When you end Chapter 4, Chapter 5 begins with a brand new mission referred to as MIA. End this, then Regain Management of the Xylem and eventually, Coral Launch. ALLMIND is the ultimate boss and maybe essentially the most difficult AC risk up to now. It has two phases, so play it protected and guarantee you could have sufficient Restore Kits.

As soon as ALLMIND is defeated, Ayre will trigger the Coral to unfold all through the universe. You and a number of other different Armored Cores then discover yourselves on a mysterious planet. If that is the true ending, it might doubtlessly arrange some story DLC sooner or later. Regardless, the Coral being in all places with out humanity having a lot of a say is extra foreboding, however at the very least Raven is alive.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is out on Xbox Sequence X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC. Try our overview of the sport and suggestions and methods on tips on how to survive right here. You too can examine what number of chapters are within the sport and the way lengthy it takes to finish right here.

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