Freminet Character Builds (Weapons, Artifacts, Team Comps)

Freminet Character Builds (Weapons, Artifacts, Team Comps)

It’s important to mix the very best crew comps and construct with Freminet in Genshin Influence to take full benefit of the Fontaine character. The youthful brother to Lyney and Lynette just isn’t a part of their magic performances and is as an alternative an underwater explorer added with Model 4.0. This is similar patch that kicked off the sport’s third yr of content material and at last launched the area of Fontaine. Freminet is a 4-star hero that holds a Cryo Imaginative and prescient and takes a claymore into battle. His job in most crew comps is that of a Bodily DPS.

In a way, Freminet operates equally to Eula, who can be a Cryo claymore person centered on the Bodily DPS function. In reality, together with how they play out on the sector, there are additionally many similarities between their builds. As such, gamers who’ve already gone by Eula’s construct in Genshin Influence could have some understanding of the best way to correctly construct Freminet. Regardless that his abilities are solely totally different from hers, his predominant perform is dealing Bodily DMG by Regular Assaults.

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Greatest Weapons For Freminet

Curiously sufficient, the very best weapons for Freminet in Genshin Influence are the identical as these for Eula. As a Bodily predominant DPS, the perfect weapon for the 4-star character is Eula’s signature claymore, Tune of Damaged Pines. This weapon boasts the best base ATK stat amongst claymores in the whole sport (741 at stage 90) and its Bodily DMG sub-stat (20.7% at stage 90) is a pressure to be reckoned. Along with this, the weapon’s talent, Insurgent’s Banner Hymn, will increase ATK by a further 16%. When the person’s Regular and Charged Assaults hit enemies, they get a stack of Sigil of Whispers.

As soon as 4 stacks are obtained, they are going to be consumed to extend the whole get together’s Regular Assault SPD by 12% and ATK by 20% for 12 seconds. Tune of Damaged Pines is a good match as Freminet’s greatest weapon in Genshin Influence as a result of his predominant gameplay loop revolves across the utilization of his Regular and Charged Assaults – in actual fact, Freminet’s gameplay package in Genshin Influence exhibits that his Constellation 3 boosts his Regular Assault stage by 3 as an alternative of his Ability. Moreover, each Freminet’s Elemental Ability and Burst will enhance his Regular Assaults.

Freminet’s Greatest Construct In Genshin Influence


  1. Tune of Damaged Pines (Greatest 5-Star)
  2. Beacon Of Reed Sea (5-Star Substitute)
  3. Wolf’s Headstone (5-Star Substitute)
  4. Snow-Tombed Starsilver (Greatest 4-Star)
  5. Serpent Backbone (4-Star Substitute)
  6. Blackcliff Slasher (4-Star Substitute)


  1. Pale Flame (4 items)
  2. Pale Flame (2 items) & Bloodstained Chivalry (2 items)
  3. Bloodstained Chivalry (4 items)

Stat Precedence

  1. ATK
  2. CRIT DMG / CRIT Price
  3. Bodily DMG
  4. Elemental Mastery
  5. Power Recharge

Ability Precedence

  1. Regular Assault
  2. Elemental Ability
  3. Elemental Burst

Nonetheless, Eula’s signature claymore is probably not out there. Fortunately, there are options. The most effective 5-star substitute for it’s Beacon of the Reed Sea in Genshin Influence. Dehya’s signature weapon has an honest base ATK (608 at stage 90) and its CRIT Price sub-stat (33.1% at stage 90) is appreciated for a DPS like Freminet. The weapon’s talent will improve the person’s ATK by 20% for eight seconds after utilizing an Elemental Ability and after they take injury, as much as a complete of 40% if each bonuses are activated. Additionally they get an HP enhance when not protected by a defend, however that is dispensable for Freminet.

An equally good 5-star weapon substitute for Freminet is Wolf’s Headstone. Its base ATK stat matches Beacon of the Reed Sea and its ATK sub-stat (49.6% at stage 90) is right for a DPS. Its talent additionally boosts ATK by an additional 20% and punishes enemies with lower than 30% HP by rising the whole get together’s ATK by an additional 40%, for 12 seconds. If not one of the 5-stars can be found, the 4-star weapons to make use of with Freminet in Genshin Influence are Serpent Backbone, Snow-Tombed Starsilver, or Blackcliff Slasher.

Greatest Crew Comps For Freminet

Shenhe poses with a blue polearm against a light blue backdrop of Mondstadt

When it comes all the way down to crew members, the perfect crew comp for Freminet is one that may assist him as a predominant DPS on the sector, permitting him to deal each Bodily DMG and Cryo DMG – freezing opponents in order that he can benefit from the group management impact, for example, is a good technique. A sub-DPS could be any traditional character, from Yelan and Raiden Shogun to Xingqiu or Lynette in Genshin Influence. Gamers may even make use of two sub-DPS for use as complementary assist characters within the get together composition; Yelan could be paired up with Lynette in order that the Anemo swordswoman can unfold the archer’s Hydro factor.

The final function within the crew comp for Freminet is that of a healer. The selection will in the end come down to what’s needed for the specified crew comps. For a perma-Freeze get together in Genshin Influence, for example, a healer like Barbara or Kokomi may help with Hydro utility. Mika, however, can function a healer, a buffer, and a Cryo resonance character that may set off Freeze. For Soften groups, Bennett could be the healer liable for triggering the response, although the injury output through Elemental Response won’t be too nice. The desk beneath lists a number of the greatest crew comp strategies for Freminet:

Freminet’s Greatest Crew Comps In Genshin Influence

Superconduct Crew

  • Freminet (Important DPS)
  • Raiden Shogun or Yae Miko (Electro Sub-DPS)
  • Yelan or Xingqiu (Hydro Sub-DPS & Assist)
  • Barbara, Kokomi (Hydro Healer & Hydro Resonance), Mika, Diona (Cryo Healer & Cryo Resonance), or Kuki Shinobu (Electro Healer & Electro Resonance)

Perma-Freeze Crew

  • Freminet (Important DPS)
  • Yelan or Xingqiu (Hydro Sub-DPS)
  • Shenhe (Regular Assault Assist & Cryo Unfold)
  • Barbara or Kokomi (Healer & Hydro Unfold) or Mika (Healer & Cryo Unfold)

The ultimate determination on who to pair Freminet up with will rely upon which characters can be found within the roster and duly leveled. In fact, the participant’s desire could are available as nicely. Shenhe could also be the very best Genshin Influence assist character for Freminet, for example, but when she has not been pulled or the participant doesn’t wish to use her, there are options, as crew comps for Freminet are considerably customizable because of his proficiency in Bodily DMG quite than purely Cryo DMG.

Greatest Artifacts, Stats, & Ability Precedence For Freminet

Genshin Impact's Freminet uses The Bell claymore to hit a Treasure Hoarder.

Merely pairing Freminet with the very best weapon and inserting him in a robust crew comp just isn’t sufficient. It’s also needed to decide on the very best Artifact set in Genshin Influence, to take care of his wants and skills. As a Bodily DPS, the very best set to make use of is Pale Flame. The 2-piece bonus grants a whopping 25% enhance to Bodily DMG. The four-piece bonus grants a 9% ATK improve for seven seconds after an Elemental Ability hits an enemy. The impact stacks as much as two occasions and as soon as the restrict has been reached, the two-piece bonus is elevated by 100%.

Contemplating Freminet’s abilities, Pale Flame appears almost tailored for him.

Alternatively, it’s potential to make use of the Bloodstained Chivalry Artifact set in Genshin Influence. Its two-piece bonus additionally grants a 25% enhance to Bodily DMG and the four-piece bonus sees that utilizing a Charged Assault inside 10 seconds of defeating an opponent will price no stamina and will increase DMG by 50%. The advantages of Pale Flame outweigh these of Bloodstained Chivalry, however it’s a viable substitute for Freminet’s greatest Artifacts. One other risk is mixing two items of every of the aforementioned units for a everlasting 50% Bodily DMG improve – that is, in actual fact, a greater different than equipping all 4 items of Bloodstained Chivalry.

The stats that ought to be sought when farming the Artifacts are ATK, a gold commonplace 2:1 CRIT DMG / CRIT Price distribution, Bodily DMG, and some situations of Elemental Mastery and Power Recharge in Genshin Influence. These will permit Freminet to benefit from the occasional Elemental Response and have his Burst extra promptly prepared to make use of, to additional enhance the powers of his Regular Assaults.

When leveling up Freminet’s Abilities, the paramount precedence is his Regular Assault. That is the primary supply of harm and the core of his gameplay loop, so it ought to be the one most taken care of. Following this could come his Elemental Ability, which is important to maintain his Regular Assault related, particularly when paired up with sure weapons. The final precedence ought to be his Burst. Although it is available in final, it’s nonetheless vital to his gameplay, so gamers could stage it up equally with the Ability. Freminet is a good Bodily DPS in Genshin Influence, particularly for a 4-star hero, supplied he’s correctly constructed.

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