Helldivers 2 Has Sold Around 1 Million Units

Helldivers 2 Has Sold Around 1 Million Units

Regardless of some matchmaking points at launch, Arrowhead Sport Studios’ Helldivers 2 is performing properly, with peak concurrent gamers on Steam hitting 155,926. The third-person shooter can also be Steam’s top-selling recreation and PlayStation Studios’ most profitable launch on the storefront but.

Gross sales-wise, studio CEO Johan Pilestedt revealed on Twitter, “We’re round 1,000,000 proper now.” It’s unknown if that is just for Steam or consists of PlayStation 5 gross sales. Whether or not Sony will launch an announcement in regards to the gross sales is “arduous to say” (although he “by no means understood why it might be a secret”). Nevertheless, Pilestedt confirmed that the developer is “blowing by way of the estimates a minimum of.”

As a follow-up to top-down shooter Helldivers, Helldivers 2 has been in growth for almost eight years. It’s a third-person shooter and sees Tremendous Earth battling the Terminids throughout numerous planets once more. A brand new faction, the Automatons, additionally presents a risk, and gamers take part in a large Galactic Conflict marketing campaign to push them again.

Helldivers 2 will obtain new enemies, biomes and aims at no cost, alongside story updates to advance the plot for Galactic Conflict. Arrowhead can also be working to deal with points, together with matchmaking woes, with its newest patch additionally fixing a number of crashes. Keep tuned for additional updates within the meantime.

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