Helldivers 2 Receives New Co-op Gameplay and Stratagem Details

Helldivers 2 Receives New Co-op Gameplay and Stratagem Details

Arrowhead Studios’ Helldivers 2 has obtained some new gameplay and particulars, with artistic director and studio CEO Johan Pilestedt breaking down the totally different parts. It’s a co-op title with third-person taking pictures as a substitute of an overhead perspective, however Helldivers 2 has quirks and twists that may make it downright brutal.

First are the Stratagems. These are instruments activated with button inputs and vary from airstrikes and Hellpods to stronger weapons. Choosing the proper Stratagem is the important thing to success. For instance, if a Terminid Charger is inflicting issues, usher in an AT-48 Recoilless Rifle or AC-8 Autocannon to interrupt via their armor.

It’s also possible to summon a defend generator for defensive functions and provide backpacks. Every squad member can equip totally different Stratagems, so it’s essential to coordinate. After all, this being Helldivers 2, pleasant hearth is enabled, and allies can die from stray gunfire or Stratagems that land on them in battle. Fortuitously, by utilizing the Reinforce Stratagem, you’ll be able to usher in a brand new Helldiver who can use the weapons from the deceased one.

With cooperative and elective targets, there’s a lot to do in a single map. Helldivers 2 launches this 12 months for PS5 and PC, so keep tuned for extra particulars within the coming months.

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