Honkai: Star Rail – Kafka Character Ascension (& Materials)

Honkai: Star Rail – Kafka Character Ascension (& Materials)

Having the ability to collect the required gadgets to stage and ascend Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail is the easiest way to make sure the character is on the high of her recreation when being utilized in battles. The anticipated character is the primary one which gamers management when beginning HoYoverse’s turn-based RPG, however her trial session is brief. Now, nonetheless, gamers can get Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail beginning with Model 1.2 and her limited-time banner’s introduction. Kafka is a 5-star hero that makes use of Lightning as her essential ingredient and follows the Path of the Nihility.

Kafka is taken into account a essential DPS character in a group comp and focuses on dealing elevated injury to opponents by way of DoT (injury over time) assaults, that linger and persistently afflict opponents. She additionally boosts the facility of different DoTs, so she is nice when paired up with characters that may inflict Burn or Wind Shear, as an example. After all, apart from Kafka’s group and construct in Honkai: Star Rail, gamers should concentrate on gathering the required supplies for Kafka’s ascension and Expertise improve, in order that she is satisfactorily leveled for the challenges that she can be submitted to finish.

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Ascension Supplies To Farm For Kafka In Honkai: Star Rail

If gamers have been concerned with Honkai: Star Rail since its launch, it’s doubtless that they have already got a portion of the wanted supplies for Kafka’s ascensions. A number of the essential gadgets that she makes use of to transcend stage thresholds are Thief’s Intuition, and its two advanced kinds, Usurper’s Scheme and Conqueror’s Will, respectively. This stuff drop from Voidranger: Reavers, Voidranger: Eliminators, Voidranger: Tramplers, Voidranger: Distorter, Stormbringers, Baryons, and Antibaryons. The very best areas to farm Thief’s Intuition are Storage Zone and Provide Zone, each inside Herta House Station. Gamers may also get these supplies from Assignments, the world store in Herta House Station, and thru the Embers Trade Retailer.

Gamers are inspired to make use of the Omni-Synthesizer to remodel 3x Thief’s Intuition into 1x Usurper’s Scheme, and 3x Usurper’s Scheme into 1x Conqueror’s Will.

Gamers ought to get able to farm a surplus of Thief’s Intuition and its evolutions, as these things are additionally used for Kafka’s Traces. The opposite core materials used for Kafka’s ascension in Honkai: Star Rail is Form Shifter’s Lightning Employees. This merchandise has been accessible within the recreation since launch, so gamers who gathered supplies for Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail might have some left. Form Shifter’s Lightning Employees drops completely from the Stagnant Shadow: Form of Doom on Stargazer Navalia. To acquire all the required gadgets, this problem must be confronted a number of occasions. The desk beneath lists all of the supplies wanted for Kafka’s ascension, based on Game8:

Kafka Ascension Supplies & Rewards In Honkai: Star Rail

Degree Ascension



Degree 20 Ascension

  • 5x Thief’s Intuition
  • 4,000x Credit

Degree 30 Ascension

  • 10x Thief’s Intuition
  • 8,000x Credit

Degree 40 Ascension

  • 3x Form Shifter’s Lightning Employees
  • 6x Usurper’s Scheme
  • 16,000x Credit

Degree 50 Ascension

  • 7x Form Shifter’s Lightning Employees
  • 9x Usurper’s Scheme
  • 40,000x Credit

Degree 60 Ascension

  • 20x Form Shifter’s Lightning Employees
  • 6x Conqueror’s Will
  • 80,000x Credit

Degree 70 Ascension

  • 35x Form Shifter’s Lightning Employees
  • 9x Conqueror’s Will
  • 160,000x Credit

Complete Supplies

  • 15x Thief’s Intuition
  • 15x Usurper’s Scheme
  • 15x Conqueror’s Will
  • 65x Form Shifter’s Lightning Employees
  • 308,000x Credit

Apart from the Thief’s Intuition merchandise household and the Form Shifter’s Lightning Employees, gamers may also be required to spend a substantial quantity of Credit score and EXP supplies to ascend and stage Kafka to 80 in Honkai: Star Rail. This course of ought to take a while if gamers don’t have already got the required sources, so it’s best to fastidiously plan the farming to evenly distribute the utilization of Trailblaze Energy. Pre-farming for Kafka forward of her launch is a intelligent transfer, particularly as a result of one among her Hint supplies solely arrives with Model 1.2. Gamers don’t have any selection however to begin farming it after the replace is stay.

Supplies For Kafka’s Traces (Talents) In Honkai: Star Rail

A shot of Honkai Star Rail's Kafka posing in-game.

As was beforehand talked about, a few of the vital gadgets for Kafka’s Traces in Honkai: Star Rail are Thief’s Intuition, Usurper’s Scheme, and Conqueror’s Will. Whereas farming for her ascension, gamers also needs to collect extra in an effort to regularly improve her Abilities. The subsequent merchandise household that gamers might want to farm is that of the Obsidian of Dread. The bottom materials and its evolutions, Obsidian of Desolation and Obsidian of Obsession, are unique to Nihility characters and might be farmed because the recreation’s launch. If gamers have already leveled heroes corresponding to Welt or Silver Wolf, they could have some leftovers.

The Obsidian of Dread materials household might be farmed on the Calyx (Crimson): Bud of Nihility, situated within the Nice Mine, on Jarilo-VI. Seeing the sheer quantity wanted for totally upgrading Kafka’s Traces, gamers will doubtless should run the Calyx a number of occasions over the course of many days earlier than having the ability to max out her talents. However, this tends to be an extended course of than ascension, because it requires practically 10x extra Credit to do as properly. One other materials wanted for her Traces is Remorse of Infinite Ochema. That is the one materials that can not be pre-farmed, as it’s associated to a boss in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2.

Remorse of Infinite Ochema is a fabric that drops from the weekly Echo of Conflict boss combat towards Phantylia, the Timeless. This boss is situated within the Scalegorge Waterscape map, however can solely be unlocked as soon as gamers win the battle towards her in the primary story quests in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2. Not many are required to totally improve Kafka’s Traces, however these Echo of Conflict fights are restricted to 3 per week, so gamers might take longer than anticipated to have the ability to collect all of the Remorse of Infinite Ochema. The desk beneath lists all of the required supplies to max out Kafka’s Traces, based on Game8:

Kafka Hint Supplies In Honkai: Star Rail

Thief’s Intuition

Usurper’s Scheme

Conqueror’s Will

Obsidian of Dread

Obsidian of Desolation

Obsidian of Obsession

Remorse of Infinite Ochema

Tracks of Future

Credit score

Gamers may also be required to make use of a fair proportion of Tracks of Future and what might be an awesome quantity of Credit to totally improve Kafka, however it might be properly price it. The brand new 5-star character is among the strongest characters within the recreation, even when she doesn’t instantly get rid of foes, reasonably leaving them to take injury to highly effective DoTs. Gamers who get Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail ought to take into account regularly upgrading her whereas they go after her finest construct and group comp.

Supply: Game8

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