How Ahsoka’s Space Whales Know How To Find Sabine & Travel Between Galaxies

How Ahsoka’s Space Whales Know How To Find Sabine & Travel Between Galaxies

Warning! This text incorporates spoilers for Ahsoka episode 5.


  • The return of the purrgil house whales supplies a possible means for Ahsoka to search out Sabine Wren and Grand Admiral Thrawn in a unique galaxy.
  • The purrgil are capable of journey via hyperspace, a separate dimension that allows quicker journey. Their consumption of Clouzon-36 permits them to entry hyperspace.
  • The purrgil’s migration routes take them throughout completely different galaxies, and Ahsoka decides to belief their instincts fairly than depend on a map. This idea aligns with the Jedi’s belief in nature and animals over expertise.

Ahsoka episode 5 has marked the shock return of the purrgil house whales from Star Wars Rebels as a potential key to discovering Sabine Wren and a brand new galaxy. On the aircraft Seatos, Ahsoka and Sabine got here into battle with Nightsister Morgan Elsbeth and her forces constructing a big hyperspace ring referred to as the Eye of Sion in orbit. They hope to make use of this vessel to observe an historic map and journey to a unique galaxy to search out and convey again the misplaced Grand Admiral Thrawn. Ahsoka and Sabine, intent on discovering the lacking Jedi Ezra Bridger, are shut behind on Elsbeth’s path.

However in episode 4, Ahsoka was presumed lifeless after falling into the ocean, and Sabine departed with the villains onboard the Eye of Sion after the map to their vacation spot was destroyed. With no approach to attain them, the heroes have been left with solely what they’d on Seatos. After Ahsoka returned from assembly with a spectre of Anakin Skywalker within the World Between Worlds, she got here up with the thought of utilizing the purrgil within the skies of Seatos to achieve the separate galaxy her enemies are certain for. The purrgil are gigantic, hyperspace-adept house whales that iconically with a deep connection to nature and the Pressure, alongside them to chart a path to Star Wars’ new galaxy.

Star Wars’ Area Whales Are In a position To Journey By means of Hyperspace

The purrgil are a novel instance of a organic creature that is capable of journey via the realm of hyperspace. However what’s hyperspace in Star Wars? Hyperspace nonetheless stays a lot of a thriller in-universe, nevertheless it’s identified that it’s a separate dimension that enables for touring lengthy distances in a a lot shorter time period than in ‘realspace’ (the conventional universe). The best way the purrgil are capable of entry this dimension is thru their consumption of Clouzon-36, as seen of their debut look in Rebels, a uncommon gasoline that can be utilized as hyperfuel, gas for particular engines that enable craft to entry hyperspace.

Purrgil are very historic throughout the galaxy, and are implied to be the inspiration for sentient beings initially creating the hyperdrive. From this it may be assumed that Ahsoka’s data of the purrgil and Ezra and Thrawn’s destiny led her to belief in utilizing them to proceed the search and discover Sabine. Whereas she’s unsure of the place particularly the purrgil will take her, Ahsoka’s religion within the creatures and the Pressure will ship her to the brand new galaxy.

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The Purrgil Migration Routes Take Them Throughout The Galaxies

The Purrgil from Ahsoka episode 3 and Ahsoka in her space suit

The purrgil are closely hinted to be a really historic power throughout the identified galaxy in numerous items of Star Wars media, however the Ahsoka sequence seems to recommend that they could not even be from the galaxy. It is a idea new to live-action Star Wars, however there have been species from completely different galaxies in Star Wars publishing earlier than.The void between galaxies is extremely huge, so the facility of hyperspace, with the data of a vacation spot, permits the purrgil to move via this house safely.

The principle hazard of touring between galaxies is getting misplaced in what Star Wars calls the ‘intergalactic void’, and Ahsoka is deciding to belief the instincts of the purrgil for her course as a substitute of the particular map. This isn’t solely a intelligent and really Pressure-attuned approach of fixing her downside, however trusting the instincts of animals above expertise epitomizes the Jedi.This idea is in-tune with George Lucas’s beliefs for Star Wars, as seen with the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi defeating a technologically superior Empire.

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Morgan Elsbeth’s Star Map Was Based mostly On Historic Purrgil Migration RoutesBaylan Skoll leaps at Ahsoka Tano in Ahsoka episode 4

Upon paying shut consideration to the design of Morgan Elsbeth’s star map, and the tip credit of Ahsoka, which depict parts of the map in larger, stylized element, it is clear the purrgil have straight influenced its creation. Glyphs of the purrgil seem on the projections from the map, and the purrgil glyphs appear to be following a route which ends up in the vacation spot, one other galaxy– which Ahsoka noticed whereas dueling Baylan Skoll in episode 4. Purrgil are additionally ceaselessly seen within the skies above Seatos, which is the very particular web site of a henge the place the map can be utilized. Seatos is within the Denab system, which seems to be the particular vacation spot the purrgil use as a place to begin on their hyperspace bounce to the separate galaxy, which could even be their residence.

All of those particulars collectively make it clear that intergalactic journey, which has long-eluded the residents of the Star Wars galaxy, is feasible via the purrgil. Proper beneath the noses of space-farers, and inside their legends of outdated, the purrgil maintain the important thing to leaping via the intergalactic void safely, counting on their pure migration patterns. That is going to be extremely useful for Ahsoka Tano as she ventures into the unknown with solely her Jedi droid Huyang, trying to find her lacking apprentice Sabine Wren, her misplaced good friend Ezra Bridger, and the menacing Grand Admiral Thrawn as Ahsoka expenses in the direction of its climax.

Ahsoka releases new episodes Tuesdays at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET on Disney+.

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