How Old Each Disney Princess Is (Including Frozen’s Anna & Elsa)

How Old Each Disney Princess Is (Including Frozen’s Anna & Elsa)


  • Disney princesses, regardless of their younger ages, usually face harmful and mature conditions involving highly effective magic and vengeful villains.
  • Lots of Disney’s most well-known princesses are literally youngsters, nonetheless of their teenage years after they embark on their adventures.
  • The ages of Disney princesses have sparked controversy as they usually get married or rule kingdoms at younger ages, which may be seen as problematic when examined by means of a contemporary lens.

Disney princesses, together with Frozen‘s Elsa and Anna, get entangled in all varieties of harmful conditions regardless of how outdated a lot of them truly are, and the ages of Disney princesses may shock many viewers members. Lots of the issues these princesses face are additionally very mature, regarding highly effective magic and vengeful villains, they usually usually find yourself marrying a prince or ruling a rustic by the film’s finish. A lot of the princesses in Disney’s most well-known tales are literally quite younger, nonetheless youngsters when their adventures happen.

Walt Disney Footage made historical past in 1937 when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs debuted. Since then, the studio has produced over 100 animated movies, however it continues to be finest identified for its tales starring feminine characters who’re both born as, or later grow to be, princesses. The factors for changing into an official Disney princess have modified over time, however what all of them have in frequent (apart from being both born or married into royalty) is an animal sidekick and a coming-of-age story.

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How Outdated Are Elsa & Anna In Frozen?

Characters like Mulan and Moana are a part of the official Disney princess lineup, regardless of technically not being princesses, however Frozen‘s Elsa and Anna aren’t. Though they had been born royal, have songs of their very own, and had been each queens at one level, Elsa and Anna aren’t thought of a part of the Disney princess franchise as Frozen is its personal Disney franchise as an alternative.

How outdated are Elsa and Anna in Frozen? Within the first Frozen film, Elsa’s age was 21, whereas Anna was 18. Contemplating Frozen revolved round Elsa’s coronation, it is refreshing to see that Arendelle waited till she was a extra applicable age to obtain the queen title. Frozen II occurred after a 3-year time bounce, with Elsa now 24 and Anna 21. The Frozen films appear to be one of many few animated Disney franchises to contemplate 21 a great age to rule. Maybe a part of the reasoning behind conserving the Frozen franchise separate from that of the Disney princesses is due to this age distinction since Elsa and Anna are significantly older than the common princess.

Snow White’s Age In Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Disney's Snow White clasping hands together

The primary Disney princess, Snow White was solely 14 years outdated when she needed to face off in opposition to the Evil Queen. She wasn’t even sufficiently old to be put within the place of ruling a rustic, however the Depraved Queen was decided to finish her life as a result of she was jealous of Snow White’s magnificence. Snow White spent an undetermined period of time residing within the woods, hiding from her stepmother, after which ended up married to the one that helped to avoid wasting her life. It is a very turbulent time for a younger teenager, and definitely a darker story for a kid than the viewers might need actually thought of.

There have been many live-action variations of this story, two of which got here out in 2012. Mirror Mirror, a family-friendly musical interpretation, starred Lily Collins, who was 23 years outdated on the film’s launch. The far more mature film adaptation, Snow White and the Huntsman starred Kristen Stewart, who was 22 years outdated on the time. Each of those actresses had been aged up fairly a bit to inform the quite darkish story, a pattern which can be persevering with with Disney’s newest Snow White remake, set to return out in 2024. Its star, Rachel Zegler, can be over 21 by the point it comes out.

Cinderella’s Age In Cinderella

Cinderella's dress transformation

The second Disney princess in Disney’s animated films, Cinderella was a couple of years older than Snow White. She’s technically an grownup, however residing as an worker of her stepmother greater than as a member of the household. Cinderella was 19 years outdated in her authentic film, in between the ages of her two merciless stepsisters, each of whom had been fixated on discovering a husband. As a result of Cinderella’s film was set within the 1800s, it does make sense that her stepsisters can be obsessive about discovering a husband at their ages. They had been on the age to start out their very own family, regardless of it being Cinderella who did a lot of the work to take care of their way of life.

The story of Cinderella has had fairly probably probably the most remakes out of any princess, however Disney’s 2015 adaptation adopted the unique story the closest. The film starred Lily James within the title function, who was 26 years outdated when the movie first got here out. In that live-action remake, nevertheless, Cinderella’s age wasn’t made a significant a part of the story, simply because it is not within the animated model.

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Aurora’s Age In Sleeping Magnificence

Aurora and Prince Phillip dancing in the animated Sleeping Beauty

Aurora was 16 years outdated in Sleeping Magnificence, and much too younger to be cursed to sleep eternally. Like a lot of Grimm’s authentic fairy tales, which impressed the Disney variations, Aurora’s story was initially a lot darker, particularly when contemplating her age. Aurora spent most of her life as a Disney princess sheltered from anybody and something that would hurt her. Her household even despatched her to stay with fairies within the woods to stop her from pricking her finger on a spinning wheel. She was nonetheless comparatively younger when Maleficent’s curse got here to fruition and her household’s whole kingdom was put beneath the affect of a sleeping curse.

Maleficent, which retold her story from the villain’s perspective, truly solid an actress of the identical age to play Aurora: Elle Fanning was 16 the yr Maleficent premiered. Although the live-action film took a unique route for the story of Sleeping Magnificence, it did seize the innocence of Aurora in a method that was akin to the animated film.

Ariel’s Age In The Little Mermaid

Ariel with a crashing wave in The Little Mermaid

When The Little Mermaid debuted in 1989, Ariel was the Disney princess meant to embody curiosity. Ariel’s age is not the very first thing folks keep in mind in regards to the character; as an alternative, they keep in mind how her naive view of the world and her want to comply with her goals had been practically shattered by Ursula the Sea Witch. The Disney princess Ariel was 16 years outdated when she left her father’s kingdom to satisfy her real love within the human world. That was an enormous step for a teen and one that will have her seen as a teenage runaway in trendy society.

The 2023 The Little Mermaid remake stars Halle Bailey, who was 23 years outdated on the film’s launch, and makes Ariel 18 as an alternative. Whereas the live-action film gave Ariel extra company and her want to get to the floor was fueled by her curiosity in regards to the human world, not simply her falling for a prince, a lot of the story remained the identical of a younger girl tricked into giving up her voice to gas another person’s revenge plot. Ariel, in each tales, was a dreamer who simply wished to be free to discover her goals, and that is one thing any 16-year-old can determine with,

Belle’s Age In Magnificence and the Beast

Belle in Beauty and the Beast

Disney princess Belle had components of each Ariel and Cinderella’s character, and coincidentally, her age fell in between the 2 as properly. She was a dreamer and simply as curious as Ariel, and prepared to offer folks the advantage of the doubt that others did not belief. Like Cinderella, she felt the strain of caring for the remainder of her household, although in her case, it was her absent-minded father.

Belle was 17 years outdated in Great thing about the Beast. Her age is generally becoming for her character since she had a stability of minor aspiration and grownup duty, hinting at her coming-of-age story. Belle being 17, nevertheless, may get the viewers questioning about how huge of an age hole there was between her and her prince since he was cursed years earlier than they met, The lead actress in Disney’s live-action remake, Emma Watson, was 10 years older on the time, at 27.

Jasmine’s Age In Aladdin

Jasmine petting Rajah in Aladdin

Jasmine was solely 15 years outdated when royal suitors fought for her hand in Aladdin. Realizing Jasmine’s age places a decidedly unsavory spin on her storyline within the authentic animated film. At the very least the Disney princesses that got here earlier than her had been falling in love on their very own, not being pushed into relationships by her father. It additionally makes the scene wherein Jasmine flirts with Jafar in an effort to distract him from Aladdin all of the extra distasteful. Jafar was the advisor to her father, and comparable in age, making his curiosity in Jasmine decidedly creepy.

Disney’s 2019 live-action remake rightly determined that Jasmine’s actress mustn’t stay that younger and solid Naomi Scott, who was 26 years outdated on the time of launch. In fact, the live-action remake additionally gave Jasmine much more say in her future, permitting her to grow to be the chief of her folks as an alternative of her future husband, altering her story for the higher in additional methods than one.

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Pocahontas’ Age In Pocahontas

Pocahontas with the colorful leaves

Pocahontas was 18 years outdated for her film, which is definitely probably older than the actual historic determine was when she met John Smith. There are loads of liberties taken with the narrative within the Disney film in comparison with the precise historical past of Pocahontas’ life, however getting old her up might be one of many higher selections for story the film wished to inform. A girl falling in love with a captivating and empathic soldier is not a tough story to swallow, however a baby doing the identical would not have labored as properly.

Pocahontas is among the few basic Disney princess movies to not but have introduced a live-action remake. The unique composer, Alan Menken, has stated (by way of Digital Spy) that it is the one film seemingly to not get remade as a result of controversial content material and legacy of the unique.

Mulan’s Age In Mulan

Mulan and Mushu on the steps of the temple in Mulan

Mulan was 16 years outdated when she left to hitch the military in her father’s place. Disney’s 2020 remake solid Yifei Liu, who was 33 years outdated when the film premiered. This is among the largest age gaps between the unique character and their live-action Disney remake counterpart, however it is sensible contemplating how the story offers with the cruel realities of conflict.

It additionally is sensible provided that each the animated film and the live-action remake are impressed by a folks story that would have already taken liberties with the story of Mulan. Mulan’s household has been looking for her a husband for a while, so getting old her up as an alternative of leaving her mom attempting to create a child-bride of Mulan is the higher alternative. It is also extra plausible to have a full-grown girl who has extra power and ability than a teen embed herself within the military.

Giselle’s Age In Enchanted

Amy Adams looking off into the distance in Enchanted.

By far the oldest Disney princess, Enchanted (and Disenchanted‘s) Giselle meets all the identical standards however is noteworthy for showing in each live-action and animated type in her personal film. Her age isn’t formally specified, however it’s assumed to be round 30, and Amy Adams was 33 when the film premiered in 2007.

It is attention-grabbing that Giselle was one of many oldest Disney princesses as a result of she was additionally one of the naive in her authentic look. Whereas different princesses, like Ariel and Belle, had been extra trusting than they need to have been, Giselle took the cake in that regard. She did not see the likelihood for evil, and even one thing so simple as jealousy or selfishness, in somebody till she’d already been damage by it. She did no matter she wished with out fascinated about the way it affected others. At the very least Belle fearful about her father and Jasmine regarded for ulterior motives.

Tiana’s Age In The Princess and the Frog

Princess Tiana holding Prince Naveen in The Princess And The Frog

Tiana is one other one of many oldest Disney princesses, although that is the case at solely 19. Though her story resulted in romance like most different Disney princesses, her principal prize all through the film was furthering her profession by opening a restaurant. Tiana was additionally one of many few princesses who married into royalty, having no royal lineage herself.

In contrast to loads of the opposite Disney princesses, Tiana’s age truly was on par along with her storyline within the film. Within the Jazz Age, instances had been robust, and he or she was a younger grownup attempting to assist herself whereas nonetheless following her goals. Her goals had been grounded in her actuality, and he or she wasn’t as naive to the world as different Disney princesses had been. Tiana actually marked the purpose at which the ages of Disney princesses started to extra precisely mirror their characters.

Rapunzel’s Age In Tangled

Rapunzel holding her frying pan in Tangled

Rapunzel was 18 years outdated in Tangled, one of many few Disney princess films wherein the love curiosity, nevertheless briefly, dies. (Rapunzel and Eugene even have the largest identified romance age hole, at 8 years). Rapunzel had the distinctive mix of youthful exuberance and knowledge that loads of Disney princesses shared, however she additionally seemingly went backward when it comes to being naive. Rapunzel being naive to the methods of the world, nevertheless, had an in-universe rationalization that a lot of the different Disney princesses did not have.

The Tangled film’s Rapunzel typically acted younger than her precise age on account of spending her complete life locked away in a tower. She led a particularly sheltered life and nonetheless managed to show herself loads of helpful abilities and hold an open thoughts. Her falling in love with the primary man she met may not be everybody’s cup of tea, however it’s one of many first paths in life she’s allowed to decide on for herself, so it is arduous to fault her for that.

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Merida’s Age In Courageous

Merida smiling and looking off into the distance in Brave

One of many Disney Pixar princesses, Merida’s story moved away from having a love curiosity when she determined she wished to problem her suitors for the consideration of her personal hand. She wished her freedom and her independence, to not be married off to a nobleman. Merida was solely 16 years outdated in Courageous, so it made sense why she had no actual curiosity in getting married anytime quickly.

Merida’s dad and mom wanting to search out her a husband, nevertheless, truly additionally made sense. It wasn’t unusual even up by means of the 1800s for royalty to rearrange marriages for prince and princesses of their infancy. Merida truly had one thing of a late begin since her dad and mom waited till she was a teen to aim to rearrange her marriage for her.

Moana’s Age In Moana

Moana staring at the sky and smiling on the ocean

Moana was additionally 16 years outdated when she, like lots of the different princesses, disobeyed her dad and mom to do what she thought was proper. Her journey was in some ways one of the horrifying of all of the princesses, as she needed to face a robust deity with the assistance of an uncooperative demigod.

Moana’s journey at 16 may look like one of the grownup since she jumped into a ship and started crusing throughout the ocean, however it’s additionally reflective of her mindset as a rebellious teenager since she does that with out truly realizing how you can sail at first. Maui needed to educate her, and it is a signal of her rising maturity that she requested him for assist, and that she was prepared to take the journey in any respect.

Raya’s Age In Raya And The Final Dragon

Raya in the rain in Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya and the Final Dragon challenges Disney tropes proper and left, one among which is the truth that Raya, like her most up-to-date predecessors, by no means had a love curiosity. For a lot of the movie, the heroine was 18 years outdated. That’s on par with lots of the different current Disney princess additions, however when fascinated about what occurred in between the film’s present-day and its flashbacks, it makes Raya’s story a little bit darker.

The primary few scenes of the film had been flashbacks exhibiting her at a youthful age, probably 10-12. The world then primarily encounters its model of an apocalypse, leaving Raya with out her guardian and having to make the most of no matter abilities she needed to survive. That is fairly heavy for a 12-year-old, so it is no surprise that Raya trusted nobody and was prepared to struggle for a method to assist her world heal.

Why The Disney Princess Ages Make Their Romances Problematic

A blended image features Disney's animated princesses: Ariel of The Little Mermaid, Jasmine of Aladdin, and Belle of Beauty and the Beast

As a result of most animated Disney films are supposed to be family-friendly, not one of the princesses or romances are overtly sexualized, however it’s nonetheless alarming that the majority of Disney’s feminine leads get married and must rule kingdoms whereas they’re nonetheless minors. It may be scandalous to study that these characters had been getting married as younger as 14 years outdated, particularly when trying again at Disney princess classics like Snow White and Sleeping Magnificence.

It’s value noting that the Disney princess ages are from the supply materials, and the princesses’ character designs are deliberately not childlike, however the studio should not have to attract 14-year-old characters that seem like they’re of their twenties simply to keep away from the looks of inappropriate underaged relationships. Luckily, the Disney princess system has modified in most up-to-date films, and the brand new custom is to age the characters into maturity or take away the romance plot altogether in favor of different varieties of love, as with Courageous, Frozen, Moana, and Raya.

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