How To Beat Nere & Recruit Elder Brithvar In Baldur’s Gate 3

How To Beat Nere & Recruit Elder Brithvar In Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a number of areas to discover, together with the Myconid Colony, the place you’ll come throughout a few quests centered round a drow named Nere. He’s behind fairly a number of issues within the colony, and the 2 quests centered round him will embody Ship Nere’s Head and Free True Soul Nere.

Each of those will correlate to one another and be introduced in Act One whereas exploring the Underdark. The Free True Soul Nere quest will seemingly provoke the primary one. Whereas exploring, the celebration will hear a few True Soul trapped in a cave-in. This can start the primary quest, and the second might be picked up alongside the way in which by talking with the Sovereign.

How To Start Free True Soul Nere

As soon as reaching Grymforge, you’ll hear phrase of the trapped True Soul within the cave. Discovering out about this may add it to the checklist of obtainable facet quests. From there, head off to free the True Soul. Whereas heading towards the cave-in, a Duergar named Elder Brithvar will try and take cash from the celebration with the assistance of one other Duergar.

They’re in search of cash that’s owed to them by Nere. Work to guarantee them that you just additionally despise Nere and are extra on their facet. After doing so efficiently, they’ll supply an extra goal involving killing Nere and splitting his cash in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Rolling a profitable persuasion test whereas speaking to Elder Brithvar can even rating you a bigger share of the income obtained from Nere, so it is price giving a shot.

Even you probably have not determined who to facet with, it is best to play alongside for now to make issues simpler. In any other case, this confrontation can go south shortly. Following that, proceed onto the cave the place Sergeant Thrinn and gnomes might be ready and instruct the group to seek out Philomeen and her Runepowder to assist free Nere.

It is price noting that as a result of it is not explicitly said, Nere is ready to be rescued and may succumb to the toxic gasoline within the cave-in if not saved in time. So watch out resting in Baldur’s Gate 3, as this may sluggish issues down. Rescuing Nere ought to be a high precedence as soon as the search begins.

Collect Explosives From Philomeen

Philomeen in Baldur's Gate 3

For individuals who are fortunate sufficient to have Smokepowder Bombs available, this may be resolved a lot sooner as two of those can clear the cave-in; simply make sure to warn the close by gnomes, who could or could not take heed to the warning, in any other case injuring them may cause some pressure with the Duergar. If the celebration has no Smokepowder Bombs or does not wish to waste them, another choice exists. Elder Brithvar seemingly talked about that somebody ran by with a barrel below their arm. That may be Philomeen, and he or she is the one who must be tracked down for explosives.

To seek out Philomeens hiding spot, head again towards the docks to seek out a few Duergar tossing our bodies into the water. Persuade them to go away so the lock on the double doorways close by might be picked. As soon as inside, a button on the far proper nook of the wall will open up a secret door. Observe the trail alongside and up the steps earlier than heading proper till you attain one other pair of enormous double doorways. Lockpick these doorways as effectively. Philomeen might be inside, able to set off some explosives, however converse together with her and calm her in order that she is going to hand over the Runepowder.

She might be killed right here if you happen to need, however it is not essential. Nonetheless, those that do want to kill her achieve this in a manner that will not probably homicide everybody. Refusing to let her go will trigger her to set off the explosives, blowing everybody up. As a substitute, the higher possibility is to settle for the deal after which go into turn-based mode to complete her off. Doing it this fashion will enable the celebration to gather any loot and never threat their lives. With the Runepowder, pyou are one step nearer to releasing Nere.

If in case you have the intention of siding in opposition to Nere, do away with the Scrying Eye at this level that Elder Brithvar requested to care for. Nonetheless, do it away from the Duergar, in any other case, they won’t be happy.

Rescue Nere From The Cave-In

Nere in Baldur's Gate 3

Now it is time to head again and rescue Nere, who’s hopefully nonetheless alive and never already lifeless from the toxic gasses. After reaching the rubble, you possibly can join minds with Nere, however finally, it is time to get him out of there. Set the Runepowder on the rubble and lightweight it by means of no matter spell is on the market. The Burning Palms Spell ought to work high quality to free Nere, who will instantly start showcasing what a beautiful particular person he’s, a few of which gamers could have already witnessed in the event that they bothered connecting minds with him earlier. As soon as he is killed the poor gnome, it is time to determine whether or not to facet with Nere.

Aspect With Nere or Kill Him

Elder Brithvar holding a knife to Nere in Baldur's Gate 3-1

Given his outright cruelty, most will most likely choose to kill Nere. If Elder Brithvar’s earlier supply was accepted, the supply nonetheless stands, and Nere might be killed with Elder Brithvar’s assist. This can full the Free Tree Soul Nere quest, and gamers can loot his physique. For individuals who spoke with the Sovereign and commenced the Ship Nere’s Head quest, now could be the time to select up his head. Nere ought to have an Illithid parasite on him, so seize that. Moreover, gold is to be obtained from the deal made earlier in Baldur’s Gate 3.

For individuals who rejected Elder Brithvar’s supply earlier, prepare for a struggle since you’ll be combating Nere and all the Duergar, making for a way more difficult struggle for no cause.

For individuals who would quite facet with evil and help Nere, this may imply combating Elder Brithvar and all his companions. After that struggle, Nere will try and kill the gnomes, which he might be persuaded of, but when it is already gone this far, he would possibly as effectively let it occur. If you fail to persuade him, he’ll out you for being a traitor, so it is best to not make enemies throughout. In any other case, not solely will the celebration have handled the Elder Brithvar struggle, however they will should struggle Nere and Duergar anyway, and there is not any win. Nonetheless, killing Baldur’s Gate 3‘s gnomes won’t free them, and that related quest won’t be fulfilled.

If Elder Brithvar wasn’t interacted with or rejected and this feature is chosen, the celebration must struggle all of the Duergar, regardless.

As soon as all is alleged and carried out, gamers will obtain rewards, together with the Illithid parasite. It is only a distinction between taking it off Nere’s lifeless physique or him handing it over on the finish of every little thing. As with every little thing in Baldur’s Gate 3, selections are necessary, and each choice can have an effect on many issues in a while, so take into consideration the choices you make as you go and the way they might change different features of the sport, both for the higher or worse.

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