How to Beat Parade Master (Boss Fight)

How to Beat Parade Master (Boss Fight)

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Beating the Parade Grasp boss in Lies of P generally is a daunting job. That is the sport’s first boss battle, representing a serious issue leap in comparison with odd opponents scattered throughout the beginning space. Parade Grasp is the chief of the carnival-like efficiency you may have seen all through the Plaza in Krat. It’s a large mechanical robotic with a cage affixed to its again and a big prime hat, which performs an essential position throughout the battle. Its fight mechanics, life bar, and common harm output are very totally different from the lowly mechanical topics roaming the areas that result in Lodge Krat.

This implies going through it for the primary time might be overwhelming, particularly if heading into the encounter ill-prepared. There are a couple of secure and helpful methods to make use of when battling the Parade Grasp that will simply be sufficient to provide the edge to beat this primary and difficult boss battle. Nonetheless, this can be a troublesome battle, so there could also be a couple of makes an attempt in line earlier than with the ability to prime the opponents. As it’s not attainable to respec in Lies of P forward of this battle, you’ll have to research the boss’ strikes and perceive the right way to react to them as an alternative of adjusting your stats.

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Parade Grasp Boss Combat – Section 1

The Parade Grasp’s boss battle in Lies of P has two distinct phases. The primary a part of the battle sees the opponent act usually, utilizing its fists in battle and infrequently throwing its physique at you. A transfer to look out for is his gap-closer. Parade Grasp gently leans in earlier than thrusting himself towards your path. One of the best motion right here is dodging sideways to keep away from its charging assault. This assault is commonly adopted by a punch with its left arm that may strike your proper aspect. You possibly can both dodge once more or attempt to block the assault. Parade Grasp telegraphs most of its strikes within the battle.

Parade Grasp is susceptible to electrical harm, so use that to your full benefit. Making use of the Electrical Blitz Abrasive in your weapons is without doubt one of the greatest methods of accelerating your harm output throughout this battle. The Wandering Service provider vendor simply outdoors the boss area sells the merchandise.

The boss will carry the arm it’s going to use to strike, so be able to dodge or block. Certainly one of Parade Grasp’s most harmful strikes is when it raises each arms and glows purple. This is named a Fury Assault in Lies of P. If you’re too near the opponent, you can not dodge the assault, because it requires you to be utterly out of its whole hitbox. To utterly keep away from this Fury Assault, you will want to execute a wonderfully timed block known as a Good Guard. This generally is a tough stunt to tug off, however it’s well worth the coaching.

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One other transfer that isn’t so widespread throughout the first part of the Parade Grasp battle is when the boss will dash towards the character, leap, and stomach slam the ground – and probably your character. This assault needs to be dodged each time attainable. Between these assaults, it would be best to land some strikes and safely transfer away to get able to dodge or block. The key to the primary boss battle in Lies of P (and most more durable battles) is being aggressive and understanding when to step again. Hesitating to assault is nearly at all times the important thing to failure within the recreation.

As soon as Parade Grasp’s HP is round half, it’s going to provoke Section 2. This can be triggered earlier than reaching half of its HP, and, every so often, it might even be triggered nicely past reaching half. This will differ relying in your harm output and the way rapidly (or slowly) you drain the boss’ HP.

Parade Grasp Boss Combat – Section 2

The Krat Festival's location with the Parade Master in Lies of P standing alone in the middle of the area with a cage strapped to its back.

Section 2 will probably be initiated in a really seen method, because the Parade Grasp will rip the cage from its again and slam it towards the ground. Instantly after this, the boss will rip its prime hat off from its head. Whereas it’s doing this complete animation sequence in Lies of P, you’ll be able to and will land a number of strikes towards it. The character’s torso will turn out to be engulfed in flames, marking the total transition into the second part of the boss battle. Section 2 will see Parade Grasp change most of its moveset seen within the first portion of the battle, shifting to a extra aggressive stance.

Certainly one of its customary and most notable assaults is a sequence of three strikes with its newly acquired hat mace. Parade Grasp will transfer towards you whereas placing, so you must take into account blocking as an alternative of dodging – chances are you’ll not make it out of the hitbox in time. Section 2 of the boss battle additionally has a gap-closer that sees the boss in Lies of P sidestep and strike you with two assaults. Certainly one of its most annoying assaults is just not even a directed assault, per se. Parade Grasp will slam the ground with its mace, and you can be hit in case you are too shut.

This can be a swift transfer that doesn’t have an excessive amount of telegraphing, so it may be a nuisance and really harmful in case you are on the verge of dying. When Parade Grasp lifts the mace excessive up within the air, be able to dodge away as it’s going to slam the ground very laborious. It hits so laborious that the mace will get caught within the floor for a couple of seconds – a window that needs to be used to strike it for those who might keep away from the hit. Section 2’s Fury Assault is strictly the identical, however the boss will glow purple to point the hazard.

For those who discover there isn’t any time to flee it altogether, be prepared to aim a Good Guard. Parade Grasp will retain a couple of of its talents from Section 1, such because the leap and stomach slam. It might take a couple of tries to grasp dodging and parrying, however understanding the opponent’s moveset and the right way to react to every event will provide you with the higher hand. That’s when you’ll finally beat Parade Grasp, the primary boss battle in Lies of P.

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