How to Find (& Use) Soul Coins in Baldur’s Gate 3

How to Find (& Use) Soul Coins in Baldur’s Gate 3

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The creatures of Avernus, the primary layer of the 9 Hells, use a Soul Coin as their main forex in Baldur’s Gate 3, crafted from those that discover themselves breaking their infernal contracts. You would possibly come throughout this unusual cash as you discover the totally different quests and places seen within the sport’s story Acts. This uncommon merchandise has a singular function tied to one among your potential companions linked to the Hells.

A Soul Coin is price 10 Gold Items and would not weigh something when included in your stock, making it an merchandise that almost all adventurers contemplate ineffective. Nevertheless, studying “Soul Coin: A Treatise” sheds extra gentle on these objects, offering particulars about their origin. With a excessive sufficient Arcana ability examine together with your character, you may additionally learn the way the devils of Avernus use this merchandise.

How To Discover Each Soul Coin

There are 14 Soul Cash in Baldur’s Gate 3 to seek out, making it an extremely uncommon memento of the 9 Hells that nearly acts as a collectible. The simplest one to gather comes from saving the NPC Nadira from a Bugbear murderer exterior the Emerald Grove. You encounter this Tiefling as they’re wanting via a microscope earlier than being attacked, and obtain the Coin by passing a Deception examine in a dialog after the battle.

You should not have to save lots of Nadira from the Bugbear to gather the Soul Coin; you may as well loot it from her useless physique or pickpocket her at any level to get the merchandise.

The opposite Soul Cash will not be discovered as Quest Gadgets however as regular objects present in tombs or different dungeon places. To find all of the Soul Cash in Baldur’s Gate 3, take a look at these locations:

Soul Coin



Soul Coin #1

Dank Crypt

Contained in the room on the finish of the dungeon with the large sarcophagus to the south.

Soul Coin #2

West of the Crypt inside an area with a big statue and the Entombed Acolyte our bodies.

Soul Coin #3

Alongside the Amulet of Misplaced Voices discovered after you loot Wither’s sarcophagus within the room behind the statue as soon as your occasion defeats the undead acolytes.

Soul Coin #4

Moonrise Towers

If in case you have Karlach in your occasion, converse to the Bugbear NPC Lann Tarv, who tells three unhappy tales about trapped souls. For every one you hear via, they gives you a Soul Coin that retains every being.

Soul Coin #5

Soul Coin #6

Soul Coin #7

Decrease Metropolis, Philgrave’s Mansion

Through the quest to seek out Thrumbo in Act 3, go to this location and lockpick a stone door to the west of the home. The Soul Coin lies on a desk filled with physique components on the east finish of the higher home guarded by ghoul enemies.

Soul Coin #8

The Home of Hope

The house of the satan Raphael has a hidden protected previous a trapped portray within the cambion’s bed room, guarded by the hostile NPC Haarlep. Disarm the lure and lockpick the protected to seek out the Soul Coin inside.

Soul Coin #9

Toll Collector’s Home

South of the Risen Street Waypoint, seek for the Toll Collector’s home, which hosts a Soul Coin on the highest flooring balcony.

Soul Coin #10

Reithwin City Tollhouse

Beneath the Tollhouse, you’ll discover a southern path resulting in the docks under. Passing a Notion examine right here reveals a button that opens up a secret room, which has the Soul Coin on a close-by desk.

Soul Coin #11

Peartree Home

As you observe the “Homicide Goal: Frank” quest indicator to find different targets for assassination, you’ll simply choose up a Soul Coin from the home mailbox from this mark.

Soul Coin #12

Going to the basement of the Peartree home reveals two Soul Cash hidden in a strongbox you’ll be able to choose open.

Soul Coin #13

The official description for a Soul Coin reads, “Unusual, incomprehensible whispers emanate from this coin, pervading your thoughts with rage and despair.” Whereas this may increasingly trigger you to fret, contemplating how different objects are identified to trigger unfavorable results in your character in Baldur’s Gate 3, this ominous message would not do something. There are additionally no described actions past these of a traditional merchandise.

How To Use Soul Cash

Baldur's Gate 3 Karlach About to Use Soul Coin to Gain Infernal Fury Ability

More often than not, the one factor to do with Soul Cash are to listen to the unusual sound they make when thrown on the bottom, however the companion Karlach can activate a particular capability when consuming this merchandise. Once you recruit the Tiefling Barbarian in Baldur’s Gate 3, she will be able to acquire a situation known as Infernal Fury that spends a single Soul Coin. Nevertheless, this solely prompts when she rages or is under 25% of her whole well being.

As soon as Infernal Fury begins, Karlach positive aspects an extra 1d4 of Hearth harm to her assaults except she exits a rage or is knocked unconscious. This may occasionally not look like lots of further harm, however each little little bit of attacking energy may imply the distinction in a very tough battle. Early conflicts in Act 1 particularly may use this impact since each you and your foes seemingly have a lot decrease well being right here in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Those that observe Karlach’s quests could fear that dampening the results of her Infernal Engine would possibly forestall the Soul Coin impact from activating because of this. Fortunately, the outcomes of those missions don’t change how Soul Cash work together with Karlach.

Since Soul Cash are consumed everytime you activate Infernal Fury, you solely have a restricted variety of makes use of, even if in case you have gathered each piece of this unusual forex. The very best occasion compositions in Baldur’s Gate 3 can help Karlach with out counting on Infernal Fury. Be sure that to stockpile your Soul Cash and reserve their consumption to solely conditions the place the additional harm would assist essentially the most.

Once you discover and use Soul Cash in Baldur’s Gate 3, be mindful what number of you’ve at your disposal in comparison with Karlach’s situation throughout a battle to get the most effective out of those infernal items of cash.

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