How to Unlock Every Character in Halls of Torment

How to Unlock Every Character in Halls of Torment

The playable characters in Halls of Torment can all be unlocked in a wide range of quests and every quest requires one thing totally different.

In Halls of Torment, gamers will management considered one of seven characters, which might all be unlocked all through the sport. Whereas gamers will all begin with the Swordsman, they’ll be capable to discover a totally different character that they take pleasure in, and that fits their fashion one of the best. These characters will be capable to advance and acquire new talents and gadgets every run on this rogue-lite ARPG.

Halls of Torment is a brand new roguelite recreation meant to resemble related video games from the late 90s. Like most roguelites, gamers will start every run from the start, creating a brand new model of a personality every time. This and the variations between every playable character’s stats and traits will make each run distinctive and let gamers determine the course of every run.

All Unlockable Characters in Halls of Torment

Playing with the Swordsman in Halls of Torment

The seven playable characters in Halls of Torment all resemble totally different courses and have totally different base stats. Every character is listed under, together with what quest they are often earned by means of and what the necessities are. The Story Quest Line unlocked by every character can be listed under.

Every character could be geared up with totally different gadgets and traits that contribute to how gamers navigate them by means of every run. Gamers can even summon characters in Halls of Torment and use them in every run.


Chapter Title

Quest Title

Quest Requirement

Story Quest Line


N/A – Beginning Hero



Path of the Sword


Chapter I: Haunted Caverns

The Lich

Kill the Lich

Unholy Campaign


Chapter I: Haunted Caverns

Cavern Survivor I

Survive till there are solely 26 minutes left

Swift as an Arrow


Chapter II: Ember Grounds

Ember Dominator I

Kill 1000 enemies in a single go to to the Ember Grounds

Scorched Earth


Chapter II: Ember Grounds

Wyrm Queen

Defeat the Wyrm Queen

Demonic Pact

Protect Maiden

Chapter III: Forgotten Viaduct

Wraith Horseman

Defeat the Wraith Horseman

Regular Protect


Chapter III: Forgotten Viaduct

Viaduct Dominator III

Kill 10,000 enemies in a single go to to the Forgotten Viaduct

Lightning Storm

There are three principal chapters within the recreation, all through which these characters will probably be unlocked. As soon as unlocked, these characters can be utilized within the beforehand talked about class-based Story Quests to unlock upgrades and earn extra XP. Every accomplished quest provides a worldwide XP bonus of 0.5%, permitting gamers to progress every character in Halls of Torment extra rapidly.

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