Imagine A Pokémon Game Based On Ken Sugimori’s Original Art

Imagine A Pokémon Game Based On Ken Sugimori’s Original Art

Think about a world wherein somebody took Ken Sugimori’s unique Pokémon artwork and introduced it to life with animation. After which, on this fantastic idyll, somebody took inspiration from this fanart, and developed a 3D Pokémon recreation based mostly on it. And simply to make certain, this developer would have already constructed an engine for creating Pokémon-inspired video games. Clearly we will’t dwell on this world, as a result of Nintendo would miserably crush it, however simply think about.

If I had been imagining such a factor, the concept probably planted in my mind by GamesRadar, I’d start with the extraordinary fanart of pokeyugami, who would create lovable animations exhibiting how the earliest Pokémon video games would look had been they 3D and based mostly on the artwork of unique Pokémon TCG card designer, Ken Sugimori. In my head, it could look one thing like this:

Or perhaps like this:

What I’d then do, purely speculatively after all, is choose studio Yanako RPGs to see these clips, which might be impressed by them to develop a full recreation based mostly on the idea. I’d select Yanako RPGs, as a result of it could be the developer behind MonMae, an open supply engine that permits anybody to make their very own monster-collecting recreation, which can be creating a recreation throughout the engine, Dokimon. I imply, that title would clearly be far too on-the-nose and get a developer sued into the solar, nevertheless it’s simply what my creativeness got here up with within the second. I’d positively keep in mind to give you one thing multiple letter off a multi-billion franchise earlier than I launched such a recreation for God’s sake.

In my thoughts, it will get declared with a tweet like this:

The sport could be created utilizing the identical watercolor artwork, but in addition implement concepts from the more moderen Pokémon video games, in addition to being impressed by Pokémon Black & White 2.

Positive, it’d be pretty if any of this might really occur, however given Nintendo’s status for releasing its rabid authorized hounds at anybody who even appears to be like at them humorous (thus illegally reflecting their copyrighted artworks of their eyeballs), it must stay my fantasy.


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