Joker’s True Nemesis Has Always Been This Gotham Hero

Joker’s True Nemesis Has Always Been This Gotham Hero


  • Regardless of Batman being thought-about the Joker’s biggest adversary, Harley Quinn proves to be his true archenemy.
  • Harley Quinn accepts her function because the Joker’s biggest enemy and acknowledges that even Batman cannot cease him like she did.
  • Harley Quinn’s journey and skill to beat the Joker’s abuse solidify her as the one individual to ever overcome the villain, surpassing Batman.

Warning! Comprises spoilers for Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder #2!Batman may go down in historical past because the Joker’s biggest adversary, however one Gotham hero has earned the suitable to name themselves the villain’s true archenemy. An examination of the previous reveals which hero makes a a lot better nemesis for Joker.

The Joker has been round for almost so long as Batman and because the day he appeared in Gotham, the 2 have been at one another’s throats. Batman has been vexed by quite a few threats, some sturdy sufficient to degree complete planets. However on the finish of the day, it is at all times the Harlequin of Hate that really haunts the Darkish Knight. Regardless of what number of instances Batman stops one of many Joker’s fiendish plots or throws him in Arkham Asylum, the cackling villain at all times comes again for one more jaunt to torment his beloved antagonist.

Harley Quinn Accepts Her Function because the Joker’s Biggest Enemy

In Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder #2’s story “Origin Tales for Dummies” by Kelly Thompson and Annie Wu, Harley has kidnapped the magical hero Zatanna so she will be able to purge the Joker from Harley’s origin for good. Regardless of Zatanna’s reticence, she agrees and provides Harley Quinn a brand new origin: Batman’s. Sadly, Harley Quinn’s new origin would not do a lot to cease others from mentioning the Joker when discussing her. Zatanna offers Harley just a few different origins equivalent to Superman’s, Marvel Lady’s, and Inexperienced Lantern’s. However none of them cease individuals from mentioning the Joker. Although initially upset she will be able to’t purge her ex from her origin story, Harley reframes her ideas. Harley decides she already has the most effective origin attainable, as a result of she beat the one villain that even Batman cannot cease, saying her existence is proof that even the Joker has limits.

Most comedian followers agree that Batman is completely the Joker’s nemesis. However that minimizes Harley Quinn and the journey she’s been on within the three many years since her debut. She might need began out as Joker’s girlfriend, however as time went on, Harley acknowledged how toxic Joker actually was earlier than leaving him for good. Harley lived with the Joker’s abuse for years earlier than seizing her autonomy and strolling her personal path. The Joker is perhaps intrinsically linked to Harley Quinn’s origin story, however Harley’s shift in perspective confirms she’s the one individual to ever overcome the Joker.

Harley Quinn Has a Higher Antagonistic Relationship with Joker Than Batman


Batman might need fought the Joker a whole bunch of instances, however Harley Quinn has spent way more time by the villain’s facet. She noticed the monster he was up shut and nonetheless managed to stroll away to inform the story. Did Harley make errors alongside the best way? Positive. However after all of the torments she suffered, Harley received out and started strolling the trail of a hero. In contrast to Batman, Harley Quinn was in a position to overcome the worst of what Joker may do to somebody and thrive. Followers can see extra of Harley understand the energy she has over the Joker in Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder #2, on sale now.

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