Juggernaut’s Friendship with a Founding X-Men Hero Gives New Meaning To Their Darkest Moment

Juggernaut’s Friendship with a Founding X-Men Hero Gives New Meaning To Their Darkest Moment


  • The Juggernaut and Jean Gray have each dedicated genocide, which varieties a darkish connection between them.
  • Jean gives help and endorsement to Juggernaut, recognizing his redemption and progress.
  • Marvel Comics has the chance to discover the shared ache and redemption of those characters as their friendship develops.

The Juggernaut has not too long ago discovered redemption in X-Males lore, which isn’t too dissimilar to the redemption discovered by a founding X-Man a few years prior. And their new-found friendship is redefined by the unspeakable acts of heinous atrocities dedicated by each of their respective pasts.

Juggernaut’s new buddy and ally within the X-Males is Jean Gray, one thing that was highlighted throughout the newest Hellfire Gala. Earlier than the chaos and the bloodshed ensued (courtesy of Nimrod and Orchis), the Juggernaut was voted onto the official X-Males lineup for that yr. Upon accepting this honor with a broad smile on his face, Cain Marko seemed over at Jean Gray, and the 2 shared a real second of mutual happiness.

Not solely that, however Jean gives Juggernaut help and endorsement main as much as the ultimate vote, saying he’s come a good distance since his vicious debut, and that – if he gained – he’d have earned his spot on the right X-Males squad with out query. These are the tell-tale indicators of a budding friendship, although the curious sudden help on Jean’s half could not have been as unprompted because it initially appeared. In reality, it’s all too attainable that Jean was talking simply as a lot about herself when complimenting the Juggernaut’s redemption as she was about Marko.

Jean Gray & The Juggernaut Have Each Dedicated Genocide

X-Males #135 by Chris Claremont and John Byrne & New Excalibur #15 by Frank Tieri and Jim Calafiore

When Jean Gray was possessed by the Phoenix Power and have become the villainous and cosmically highly effective Darkish Phoenix, she went on a rampage throughout the galaxy that resulted in her consuming a life-giving star. That star acted because the solar for the D’bari’s homeworld, and with out it, that total race was completely obliterated.

Juggernaut killing an entire village.

Equally, when Cain Marko first turned the Juggernaut, Cyttorak put him to the check to see if he was actually worthy of being the demon-king’s avatar on Earth. So, Cyttorak tells the Juggernaut to decimate a complete village crammed with males, girls, and youngsters. The Juggernaut killed each one in every of them with out hesitation, successfully wiping a complete tradition off the face of the Earth.

X-Males Comics Want To Discover Jean Gray & Juggernaut’s Darkish Connection

Juggernaut and Jean Grey.

Each Jean Gray and the Juggernaut dedicated genocide once they had been crammed with cosmic energy, and each have accomplished all the pieces they’ll to make up for that, regardless of figuring out they’ll by no means actually be capable of. Jean was possessed by the Phoenix, who merely needed to revive itself to full energy with the power of a star, whereas the Juggernaut was possessed by the essence of a malevolent deity with a bloodlust matched by nothing else in existence. Neither ought to should shoulder the whole weight of those actions themselves, as they weren’t fully in management once they occurred. However, they each know that they had been the reason for a stage of ache and struggling no different ‘villain-turned-hero’ has been liable for, whatever the particulars surrounding their particular person experiences. And now, Marvel Comics has a superb alternative to discover this facet of each X-Males members, permitting them to delve into their shared ache as their blossoming friendship continues to bloom.

Even when Marvel Comics decides to maneuver previous these ugly truths and shameful histories, simply the actual fact alone that each Jean Gray and the Juggernaut have skilled the identical stage of disgrace and want for redemption following their respective acts of genocide provides this newfound friendship a a lot darker which means in X-Males lore.

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