Jujutsu Kaisen’s Big Three Families & Their Cursed Techniques

Jujutsu Kaisen’s Culling Recreation has been beneath means for some time, bringing with it vicious dying matches and self-realizations for the Jujutsu Sorcerers concerned. Protagonist Itadori Yuji and Fushiguro Megumi, two first-year college students at Jujutsu Excessive, have been participating within the video games however initially joined the brutal occasion with a shared purpose: to free Gojo from the Jail Realm.

Itadori and Fushiguro hope to seek out the Angel, an incarcerated sorcerer utilizing the physique of Hana Kurusu as a vessel. The scholars search the Angel’s cursed method, the one one identified to have the ability to deactivate the Jail Realm and consequently free their beloved mentor, Gojo Satoru. Nevertheless, foreshadowing within the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and anime suggests Gojo might be able to escape his entrapment with out the assistance of some other sorcerers.

Gojo has been sealed inside an inescapable realm since Chapter 90 of Jujutsu Kaisen, trapped by the traditional sorcerer Kenjaku whose purpose is to create a brand new age of Jujutsu parallel to the Heian Interval. To do that, Kenjaku entered Binding Vow’s with numerous cursed spirits and historic sorcerers, unleashing them within the Culling Video games to create a “battle royale” and produce sufficient cursed power for him to merge with Tengen.

Nevertheless, Kenjaku needed to defend himself from the one sorcerer who may cease him: Gojo Satoru. To do that, Kenjaku possessed the corpse of Gojo’s finest good friend, Geto Suguru. The smart sorcerer selected to inhabit Geto as a result of his highly effective Cursed Spirit Manipulation method, however utilizing the alias of Gojo’s closest one actually shocked the strongest sorcerer right into a state of submission. Whereas Gojo was confused, Kenjaku efficiently trapped him in Shibuya, conserving him out of the way in which ever since.

Other than the Angel’s cursed method, there have been two different methods Gojo could possibly be free of the Jail Realm: the cursed weapon The Inverted Spear of Heaven, which Gojo destroyed whereas going through off with Toji Fushiguro, and Miguel’s Black Rope, equally destroyed by Gojo. Although, one fan principle suggests Gojo will escape the Jail Realm by sacrificing considered one of his eyes and in flip, his Six Eyes method.

This principle stems from foreshadowing seen within the three Jujutsu Kaisen anime openings. Within the first, Gojo is proven lifting his blindfold and revealing solely his left eye. The second opening begins with a black cat (an animal generally related to unhealthy luck) that appears again solely with its left eye. On this similar opening, Gojo is proven together with his proper eye lined by daylight, as soon as once more revealing solely his left.

Even within the cell recreation, Phantom Parade, the opening has a sequence wherein Gojo slowly seems to be up. When he seems to be again on the viewers, glass shatters particularly over his left eye. Following this hefty foreshadowing, there are numerous scenes and panels wherein Gojo is seen solely revealing his left eye, including extra suspicion to this principle.

Gojo’s distinctive Six Eyes method allowed him to grasp and use Limitless with full management. It is usually the one factor that makes Gojo an enemy to Kenjaku. Up to now, Kenjaku misplaced twice to sorcerers of the Six Eyes, failing to defeat them even after killing the earlier person lower than a month after their start. The person was in a position to reincarnate into one other physique, rendering the traditional sorcerer’s efforts ineffective.

The Jail Realm seems to have a fixation with eyes, designed to be a dice with six faces just like a die block, with a special variety of eyes on every face. It really works although the creation of a Binding Vow with its person, and as soon as there’s a sufferer, their solely route of escape with out being opened from the skin can be suicide. It is not far-fetched to recommend Gojo may escape the realm by making a vow of his personal and sacrificing considered one of his eyes.

Giving up an eye fixed could also be an ample sacrifice on par with the sufferer’s dying, because the Six Eyes method is the supply of a lot of Gojo’s energy. This is able to be an immense sacrifice to make and would make him abundantly much less overpowered, so in principle it could possibly be sufficient of a loss for the Jail Realm to launch him.

Gege Akutami is famend for his foreshadowing all through Jujutsu Kaisen, so it is unlikely the imagery round Gojo’s left eye is a coincidence. What this implies precisely is but to be revealed, but when Gojo Satoru does sacrifice an eye fixed and lose his Six Eyes method, it is probably he wouldn’t be sturdy sufficient to defeat Sukuna. How Gojo escapes the Jail Realm will undoubtedly be a turning level for your entire plot.

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