Lies Of P’s Weapon Customization Sure Is Something Special

Lies Of P’s Weapon Customization Sure Is Something Special

Lies of P, that gothic Bloodborne-esque Soulslike about Pinocchio beating the springs out of demented puppets, is formally out on Home windows, PlayStation, and Xbox. Since duo developer Neowiz Video games and Round8 Studio’s action-RPG takes loads of inspiration from FromSoftware video games, the going will completely get powerful whereas making your manner by its nightmarish rendition of Belle Époque-era France. However one cool facet about Pinocchio souls that’ll support in your journey is weapon customization, which is so deep and so nuanced that I hope different Soulslikes pay attention to what’s being carried out right here.

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Loosely based mostly on the 1883 kids’s fairy story The Adventures of Pinocchio, Lies of P is a brutal Soulslike requiring persistence, dexterity, and persistence. As you discover the once-prosperous world of Krat, now beset by a puppet frenzy that’s killed most people and a petrification illness that’s turning the remaining individuals into monsters, you’ll come throughout an assortment of weapons with a wide range of strikes and stats. There are axes, batons, daggers, scythes (my private fave), swords, tridents, and extra; it may be dizzying trying to find the right match that matches each your character construct and most well-liked playstyle. Fortunately, you’re by no means actually locked into anybody particular weapon sort as long as you reap the benefits of the in-game customization choices to create your personal piece of killing tools.

Break your Lies of P weapons in half, who cares?

Early on, after you beat the noticed blade-wielding Mad Donkey, you’ll decide up the Enigma Meeting Software. This merchandise unlocks the “weapon assemble” characteristic, which lets you break most armaments into two elements—blade and deal with—with the intention to MacGyver them again collectively once more. It won’t sound that particular at first, particularly because you gained’t have a complete lot of weapons to start with, however this distinctive characteristic provides tons of depth to your build-crafting.

Say you’re honing the Motivity stat, an attribute corresponding to one thing like Power in Darkish Souls, however you’ve received a rapier that facilities across the Method (this sport’s Dexterity-like stat). As an alternative of giving up the weapon, significantly because it’s early-game one, you could possibly simply snap the complete factor in half. The blade determines the harm your weapon will do whereas the deal with dictates each its moveset and stat scaling. So, you could possibly take the blade of the rapier and duct-tape it to a deal with that pairs higher with the stats you’re specializing in and increase, drawback solved. You’ve now received a weapon that matches your present construct.

It doesn’t cease there, although. In conventional Darkish Souls style, you possibly can purchase particular weapons by giving a sure vendor boss souls (right here known as Ergo). Whilst you can’t disassemble these armaments into their disparate elements, you possibly can nonetheless tweak them to match no matter stats you’ve pumped all of your Ergo into. Because of cranks, improve supplies you purchase or discover on the planet, any weapon may be modded to have your most well-liked stat scaling.

Lies of P

Take the Puppet Ripper, a scythe that has been carrying me by the mid-to-late sport. It’s a particular weapon, so you possibly can’t break it in half, and scales with the Method stat, an attribute I’ve poured most of my Ergo into. If I have been specializing in, say, Motivity as an alternative, I might use a Motivity crank to modify the stat scaling of the weapon to higher pair with what I’m going for. I didn’t want to do this since I’m already constructing out a Tech character; nevertheless, regardless that the Puppet Ripper is a Tech weapon, I used to be in a position to additional improve its Tech stat scaling through the use of a Method crank. Now, I get an extra harm improve due to the Method crank and my excessive Method stat.

However even earlier than I received the Puppet Ripper, which didn’t grace my arms till a bit over the midway mark, I spent loads of time tinkering with my weapons. I’d snatch up any and all armaments I might—in chests, on corpses, off distributors, you identify it—simply to see what the moveset was, how the stat scaling in comparison with what I used to be at present utilizing, and if there was any manner I might mix what I discovered with what I already needed to make one thing you wouldn’t discover within the sport usually.

That’s the fantastic thing about Lies of P’s weapon customization: You’ll be able to create one thing that’s uniquely you. Whereas the particular boss weapons are immutable, you possibly can combine and match items from the a number of dozen normal ones to unlock a whole bunch of melding potentialities. You need an enormous nice sword hooked up to a tiny dagger deal with for quicker assault patterns? No drawback. You’re on the lookout for a baton that offers electrical harm? You’ll be able to prepare dinner that proper up, no recipe required. Or perhaps you simply actually like that shovel however hate the deal with it’s related to. Simply break the factor in two, stick that shovel head onto a deal with you want, and there you go.

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This weapon customization system is without doubt one of the coolest parts that separates Lies of P from its contemporaries and inspirations. By composing most weapons of two extremely tweakable elements, you’re in a position to actually fine-tune your character construct with out sacrificing your fave playstyle.You’ll be able to respec your character about two-thirds of the best way into the sport in case your stats aren’t to your liking, however that’s nearly an afterthought when you possibly can simply alter your tools to higher match what you’ve received happening. You’ll be able to retain your weapon’s velocity, for instance, whereas becoming right into a energy construct and vice-versa. So, significantly, overlook about it. Play Lies of P the way you need as a result of you possibly can mildew it to suit you.


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