Luffy’s Most Controversial Zoro Moment Will Be One Piece Season 2’s Coolest Fight Scene

Luffy’s Most Controversial Zoro Moment Will Be One Piece Season 2’s Coolest Fight Scene

Warning: Spoilers forward for the One Piece anime!


  • Luffy and Zoro can have a battle in One Piece season 2, however it’s all a misunderstanding and can make for an entertaining battle sequence.
  • Luffy vs. Zoro may very well be the most effective battle scene of the season, with their contrasting skills and robust characters.
  • The strain between Luffy and Zoro provides an fascinating dynamic to their relationship and makes their battle much more compelling.

With Luffy (Iñaki Godoy) and the Straw Hat Pirates headed to the Grand Line, One Piece season 2 guarantees to carry extra thrilling anime scenes to live-action — although one interplay with Zoro (Mackenyu) will likely be Luffy’s most controversial second of the approaching episodes. Luffy spends the vast majority of One Piece season 1 touring the East Blue and welcoming different misfits to his newly fashioned pirate crew. Zoro is the primary companion he meets on this journey, and the pirate murderer ultimately turns into his First Mate.

With Luffy sporting the best bounty within the East Blue on the ending of One Piece season 1, season 2 is bound to problem all the Straw Hat Pirates — and Zoro most of all. Given his sword-fighting abilities, Zoro is commonly tasked with defending the opposite members of the crew. Anybody who makes an attempt to gather Luffy’s bounty might want to get by each of them. Nevertheless, it is not an enemy who will pose essentially the most fascinating opposition to Zoro within the live-action One Piece‘s subsequent outing; it is Luffy.

Luffy Will Combat Zoro In One Piece Season 2 (Based mostly On The Anime)

Given Luffy and Zoro each are fiercely loyal to their pals, it is onerous to think about these characters butting heads. Nevertheless, if Netflix’s One Piece sticks to the anime’s script, Luffy and Zoro will battle in season 2. Those that have fallen for the live-action duo’s friendship needn’t fear. Though Luffy and Zoro briefly spar within the subsequent chapter of One Piece, all of it comes right down to a misunderstanding. Within the Whisky Peak Arc of the One Piece anime, the Straw Hat Pirates understand the seemingly welcoming city the place they’ve docked is not pleasant in any case. In reality, it is stuffed with bounty hunters who’d like to get their palms on Luffy.

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Luffy is the final to understand that Whisky Peak is stuffed with enemies, and he initially believes that Zoro is attacking harmless townspeople for no purpose. Fast to react, Luffy jumps at Zoro earlier than he can clarify himself. Each hot-headed characters interact in a fast battle, which is entertaining and fascinating. Even after the Baroque Works brokers try and battle the pirates themselves, Luffy and Zoro inform them to again off. It is clear the 2 are itching to check out their skills on one another. Even when Luffy’s mistrust of Zoro proves controversial in One Piece season 2, their match is certain to make a compelling battle sequence.

Luffy Vs. Zoro Can Be One Piece Season 2’s Greatest Combat Scene

Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro in Netflix's One Piece live-action show

Though the promise of the Grand Line means the Straw Hat Pirates will face extra intimidating villain characters in One Piece season 2, Luffy vs. Zoro may very well be the following outing’s greatest battle. For one, each characters are extraordinarily robust, providing loads to marvel at in the event that they select to pit their skills towards each other. Zoro would not have a lot expertise combating a Satan Fruit eater like Luffy, and Luffy is not one to spar with swords. They’re an fascinating match, and it will be enjoyable to see how they fare towards one another.

Whereas viewers could take situation with Luffy’s fast assumption that Zoro is attacking townspeople, it’s going to even be fascinating to see how this spat impacts their relationship. Enemies pose the most important threats to the Straw Hat Pirates, however the endearing friendships among the many crew are the rationale Netflix’s live-action One Piece is so common. Tensions between Luffy and Zoro might make this season 2 battle much more fascinating, digging additional into the dynamic between the 2 characters.

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