Marvel Just Revealed A Huge Avengers Endgame Retcon

Marvel Just Revealed A Huge Avengers Endgame Retcon

Warning: This put up incorporates SPOILERS for Secret Invasion episode 5Marvel’s Secret Invasion simply retconned the top of Avengers: Endgame for a surprising twist that modifications every part for Nick Fury and the Avengers. Episode 5 sees Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury reveal the reality of the Harvest, not as Gravik’s plan to create the Tremendous-Skrulls, however as Fury’s personal betrayal of the Avengers within the aftermath of the Battle of Earth. At the same time as Earth’s mightiest defenders have been choosing up the items from Iron Man’s loss of life, Fury was considering of learn how to secretly profit from the battle.

In Avengers: Endgame, Fury is notably absent for the ultimate battle, although that was all the time logical given his lack of superpowers and his place as extra of a strategist. He presumably helped name in Captain Marvel for her to take down Thanos’ ship because the tide was turning towards the Avengers, however his solely look of be aware got here at Tony Stark’s funeral. That look was considerably complicated, given Fury had seemingly tried to protect the key of his faked loss of life in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Secret Invasion would possibly clarify why Fury selected to interrupt his cowl, and it is loads darker than him merely desirous to be there for Stark’s memorial.

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How Secret Invasion Modifications Avengers: Endgame

Secret Invasion provides an intriguing post-credits scenes to Avengers: Endgame that MCU followers by no means obtained to noticed, following on from teases established by the Harm Management story arc of Marvel’s Section 3 and past. Beginning with Spider-Man: Homecoming, the MCU started to discover the thought of harmful tech falling into the mistaken arms after the Avengers’ missions on Earth; the thought of them leaving their DNA behind to be “harvested” escalates that massively. It could possibly be that Fury was cleansing up, however the truth that he does not destory the DNA when it is collected suggests his plan is extra nefarious.

Nick Fury explains that he despatched a Skrull squad, led by Gravik, into the aftermath of the Battle of Earth to retrieve Avenger DNA – together with that of Carol Danvers – which appears like the final word needle in a haystack scenario, however I assume Skrulls are simply actually good spies. Fury claimed that a lot of the Avengers had bled throughout the closing battle, however Captain Marvel did not, even when Thanos hit her with the Energy Stone. Tony Stark’s funeral scene reveals only a few of the Avengers even have accidents from the Battle of Earth, and Danvers’ face is unmarked. The thought of her bleeding is a brand new retcon to Endgame.

Why Nick Fury Secretly Harvests The Avengers DNA

Secret Invasion Nick Fury Avengers DNA

Secret Invasion episode 5 successfully reveals that Nick Fury had a contingency plan for the Avengers – or at the least was making an attempt to develop one – simply as Batman creates one for his fellow Justice League members in DC’s universe. Fury revealed in The Avengers that he was a deeply paranoid man having secretly developed Section 2 weaponry in response to Thor’s arrival on Earth. In that respect, he and Tony Stark have been very comparable: Stark had created the Hulkbuster as a contingency for Bruce Banner, regardless of their shut relationship. Fury taking the chance of the Battle of Earth to probably work on a contingency for the surviving Avengers, or to develop his personal organic weapon really suits with established logic within the MCU.

If the thought of Fury utilizing the Avengers’ DNA to create his personal weapon sounds somewhat farfetched, contemplate the title he gave the mission – the “Harvest” – which inherently suggests benefiting. Fury had a plan that he needed to hold secret from even the Avengers, and it finally led to Gravik’s personal Tremendous-Skrulls plan. His duplicitous nature ought to come as no shock, although – this was a person who counted Alexander Pierce as his mentor, and who rose by means of the ranks of the Hydra-infiltrated SHIELD. A few of that was certain to stay.

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Nick Fury Avengers Contingency Is Actual (And It Modifications His Endgame Look)

Avengers DNA Secret Invasion

Whereas Fury sat out Endgame‘s closing battle, his look at Tony Stark’s funeral felt proper, given their shut working relationship. However Secret Invasion appears to retcon that call, as an alternative making Fury’s time on Earth after the Battle of Earth a part of his plan for the Avengers DNA. It is delicate, however Secret Invasion additionally confirms that extra work was achieved on this so-called Avengers contingency than simply the “Harvest”. The vial containing the DNA is the primary trace – they’re not particular person samples, they have been developed into regardless of the liquid is in Fury’s possession. It appears the DNA has already been weaponized, which fills within the gaps of what Fury was doing instantly after Endgame‘s ending.

Secret Invasion completes Fury’s Avengers insult by having him say they’re an pointless crutch and are not pretty much as good as he’s at defending the Earth, as a result of they have not been by means of what he has. That is clearly the present’s contingency for explaining why the Avengers aren’t turning up for a world-ending menace, but it surely does not fairly work: the Avengers all went by means of trauma – it is kind of the superhero origin factor, in any case – and Fury centering his personal experiences is probably disastrous. There is not any doable approach he may face down a Tremendous-Skrull just because he is put his eye-patch on and has an almighty chip on his shoulder. Fury wants the Avengers, whether or not he cares to acknowledge it or not.

Secret Invasion’s Twist Confirms Rhodey Wasn’t A Skrull In Endgame

Nick Fury and Rhodey in Secret Invasion

The much less apparent revelation from Nick Fury’s “Harvest” plan is that of Rhodey’s Skrull origin. Kevin Feige had beforehand teased the concept that Don Cheadle’s Conflict Machine had been a Skrull longer than anybody had guessed, but when Rhodey was a Skrull on the Battle of Earth, his blood would have given him away. Not solely wouldn’t it have been purple, however it might have failed the testing stage of Fury’s DNA harvesting plan. As a substitute, plainly if Skrodey changed Rhodey earlier than Secret Invasion, it was much more not too long ago.

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